Why people love lies more than truth?

Why people love lies more than truth?

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Why people love lies more than truth?

Why people love lies more than truth? You all are witnessing it, your entire life. Your families, parents, books, teachers, preachers, everyone teaching you from a very early age you should tell the truth.

it’s another thing none of them following their own teachings and commandments.

My experience with Truth

I was always feeling strange from my childhood, whenever I told the truth, it has given me lots of problems, I didn’t understand, what’s wrong with me? As I grow I understand that it was not my fault at all. 

I was a simple innocent child, do not understand the games people play from their early age up to the end of their life, I was not good in telling lies, I was never been clever and cunning and it is continued till now. 

As I grew older, I was feeling very strange, people are deceiving and telling lies with each other shamelessly, even to the people they are showing and boasting they love them truly and to their good friends too. 

I never find it is much useful for me because I never needed it, 99% times, and I find that people who are telling lies get more troubles than people telling truth always. It’s a matter of personal preferences. 

Why people love lies more than truth?

What Peoples attitude towards Truth Sayers

Yes, there are thousands of incidents where people were killed, hanged and crucified but they were not killed because they told the truth, they have been killed by the sick and ugly people who cannot accept and digest the truth. They cannot afford to see a man among them who is filled with light and outshining than them.

People who dared to tell the truth always killed/poisoned by the people of the world and these people awarded and honored those people who established and promoted their lies to fulfill their sick and ugly ambitions. 

These people feel offended by the people who told the truth to them and do not ready to change and compromise with the truth they have revealed. 

When Galileo discovered that earth moves around the sun, he told it to the people, but it was difficult for the blind and prejudiced church and priest of that place. It was against their scriptures because it was established according to those stupid scriptures that the sun moves around the earth.  

They threatened the Galileo to change his sentence about his discovery or ready to die because they cannot allow anyone to say against their scriptures, it was their holy book and have verses of their holy people.

Galileo laughed, he told to the stupid priests, and blind follower mob,  if you don’t like my statement it’s okay. But one thing you must remember that earth and the sun have nothing to do with your scriptures and lies wrote there, they exist and function according to universal law.  

I think you may be got an idea Why people love lies more than the truth because they are comfortable with their own established lies. And it is suicidal and the biggest hurdle in the growth of consciousness in them. 

Why people love lies more than truth?

 Some facts about  our life and Society 

I think you have got a hint about your life and your world, the reality is totally different from what you have taught from your childhood, your parents, teachers, preachers, telling lies to you and each other most of the time, intentionally, and unintentionally.

They are doing it to fulfill their vested interests and many times due to their fears, compulsions, blindness, and ignorance, The funniest part is that even they do not know they are believing in lies because they never checked anything. 

Your minds are filled with innumerable lies, and the sad thing about it, you have nourished them as precious assets, without checking and inquiring about them.

You never allowed by society, family and so-called powerful and religious people to check about them, their relevance and authenticity, you are forced and prepared to blindly believe and follow them. 

People are talking about the truth always, but when they encounter with one, feel offended, trying to avoid or shut it up. So why you are, the people of the world are full of hypocrisy and living a miserable life.

Your mind and soul are covered and enveloped by uncountable layers of imposed lies by you and by the family, religion, system, and society.

You are wasting your life to increase and protect them, your ego nourished by it, and you have degraded yourselves to the worst level. You are the slaves of your belief systems and imposed lies from generation to generation, it has created havoc on the surface of the earth, you must understand it now.

Why people love lies more than truth?

The Problem with you

You are so deceptive and cruel to yourselves. You never loved yourselves; you love only the lies that boost your egos and fallacy you are flooded with.

Why are you so afraid of the truth? Why are you not interested in listening and allowing it to appear in front of you, to penetrate into you, to shed away all the darkness you have inside-outside in one go?

Why you feel offended by it? The answer is simple, a man filled with only lies and deception feels offended by any truth. If you love and embrace the truth, it transforms you instantly. 

When you will grow and realize that all the misery and troubles you have due to your own ignorance and unconscious way of living. You do not think and accepting the truth about anything and everything concerned to you.

Is there any hope for you, if you are living like walking dead, the answer is a big NO.

You can continue living like this and keep deceiving yourselves infinitely. In that case, you have no hope of living with light. Growth depends upon how open and receptive you are, and ready to inspect and inquire everything imposed and connected to you. 

Why people love lies more than truth?

What do you need to do? 

If you really love yourselves, want to change and live a conscious and fulfilled life.

You must allow yourselves to know and discover all the lies planted/imposed on your mind by you and by the family, religion, system, and society and from any other direct or indirect sources. 

To get rid of all that bullshit you need to learn the conscious and true ways of living, a holistic approach towards a happy, healthy conscious and fulfilled life. You need to question and inquire about everything to know the truth about everything you are living with or connected to. 

You need to realize and understand that what you are filled and engaged with, you strongly need to see and check every layer of your being.

You need to check the content and the true face of everything you were taught, imposed and believed, its impact, influence on your mind, body and spirit and level of life it created for you.

What I have done in this regard

I have done it always with me and freed myself totally because I am always seeking truth in everything. I belong and dealing with it and ready to pay everything for it. Truth and love are only things, I want to be possessed by.

If you want to hold and get essentials in your life, you must prepare yourself to discover non-essential around and inside you. So it is necessary to get rid of non-essential, be kind to yourself, be your own light, and let it be so.

I have done it from an early age, and still doing it every day. We do not need to live and fill ourselves with non-essential and nonsense. This is the only way to be sane, sincere and worthy of what we are born here for. Keep distance from fallacy and propaganda, that polluted your environment, your mind, and your society. 

To make your life a celebration a tuned and growing event, abundant in health, wealth, and happiness, You need to know, learn and change yourselves radically, totally.

There are people here to help you to create and deliver it to you, you need to be ready, receptive and adaptive to the needful always. If you are not ready to receive, it can never be given to you.

Life brings everything to you if you are ready to listen to it rightly and applying all, it is conveying to you in magnificent ways and forms.

We all are making mistakes, it’s good to accept, recognize and correct them before it will be too late to do anything about them. Some things happened in life cannot be reversed or reconstructed.

 Why people love lies more than truth?

Have a Healthy, Happy and great life, be ready for it. You need to create everything you want in your life, nothing is here ready-made, only lies are ready-made. 

Truth needs to be discovered by you inside and outside, and about everything you are surrounded and dealing with. So, be truthful to yourself, and to the others who matter most in your life. 

Take care, love, and joy all the way.



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