Why are introverts often misunderstood?

Why are introverts often misunderstood?

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Why are introverts often misunderstood?

People known as introverts are those who do not easily express their feelings and views publically or show their reaction and arguments publically more often. They keep silence, and do not speak much to the strangers and not make new friends easily.

They like to live alone or in a company of very few people. They feel comfortable alone and most preferably company with fewer people or none.

They love the privacy and keep their secrets with them, they do not want to expose themselves to the people publically most often.

They love to keep themselves busy in their own business or interests. They love to think deep, talk less but significant, they love to listen very carefully attentively, they are sometimes more sensitive and emotional about things and subjects they deeply concerned about.

These are the reasons, that people who are extrovert, interacting too much with others, feel, and think about introverts are proud, egoist, and reserve kind of people.

The world is full of all kinds of people, so we do not judge anybody who is not found with the traits we have or enjoying all the time.

People in this world have different types, different physical, mental and psychological levels. Introverts are great people, I am one of that kind, they are kind and more generous and loving than others, but they do not show off it.

You will find them as finest people on earth than anybody else you have ever met in your life if you dare to understand and go deeper with them.

They love their privacy most; they do not want to talk about their personal and internal matters, publically.

They love intense and deep people, not boasting, outrageous and extrovert people and activities. They love the peaceful and calm environment.

They do not make much effort to convince you about anything if you want to understand them you need to be much sensitive and good observer of their behavior, silent expressions, and activities.

This is the glimpse of what an introvert normally is, people do not want to spend much time and attention to understand and prepare them to deal with introverts. They do not catch you; you have to catch them first.

They do not open instantly; they take time to communicate with you if you are new to them, and even in the case, you know them for a long time.

So these are just beautiful characteristics of an introvert, they do not try to convince you if you misunderstood them. They are not expert about telling about them, you need to get closer and be more sensitive and receptive to interact and understand to them.

They are so open and communicative with the people who trust them, or they trust you. They are shy and hesitate to share their deeper feelings, love, hatred, or anger. However, they have the strongest of all of them.

they seem moody, not responding and rude but they are not in most of the cases, you judge them by the traits you are familiar with, they have different, so this confusion arises that they are rude or unfriendly people.

Therefore, it may help you to understand them; they are the most beautiful people on earth, with a lot of love and sincerity. They are very loyal and truthful, and great lovers and human beings most of the times.

Why are introverts often misunderstood?

Being an introvert is not a wrong thing it is a boon in disguise, I thank existence that I have received a lot of insight and discovered many secrets of life being an introvert for a very long time. 

Most of the thinkers, poets, writers, and creative people of all walks of life found introvert and deeply involved in their creativity and given most profound treasure of inventions, literature, art, and music and every other form of creativity. 

All the saints and sages happened to any tribe were deep introverts and meditators. It is an art to connect to yourself, if you really interested in something deeply, it will help you tremendously, all the human virtues reside inside of us, so introverts are more accessible to all of them because they are more focused inside than outside world. 

They are deeply rooted in their own nature, you will rarely find them dual faced, they are what they are inside and out. They are not capable to deceive and cheat people easily. 

So enjoy if you are an introvert, this the best thing happened to you, get the best out of it. 

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