Who are you, a Master or a Slave?

Who are you, a Master or a Slave?

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Who are you, a Master or a Slave?

We all are born here to become a master of ourselves and the life given to us not to become a slave of our inventions, this is an existential gift and truth about us.

This is the true purpose, I have discovered in my long journey of life. However, the reality is different from it. We are born and live as a slave and die as a slave.

your whole system of living, the society, civilizations, formed to make you a slave. And you accepted and applied it and allowed them to use and abuse you and to confine you to live and destined to die as a slave.

“You are not born here to live like a slave or to live the expectations of others.”

How stupid and nonsense it is? You are living entities, not any dead machine or any goods produced for the consumption of others.

However, you are not thinking about it and bound to live in miseries, troubles, competitions, conflicts, degradation, perversions, and all kind of shit.

Why are you living so miserable life? Why are others governing and ruling your life? Why do you not have any rights and authority in your own lives?

Family, society, religions, sects, caste, nationality, governments every one of these has all the authority and rights on your life, except you.

How interesting and horrible it is? You are run and operated by your inventions/devices, from ancient times to now. Most of them are now dead, useless, outdated, and lost all their essence thousands of year ago.

They are as dead as a corpse, and you are carrying them on your shoulders and sacrificing everything all that is valuable to you for their sake.

Who are you, a Master or a Slave?

What is these all, (Family, society, religions, sects, caste, nationality, governments and other all old and new inventions) the invention of the human race?

They are tools/devices you have invented to organize and construct you in the most innovative and advanced ways.

To fulfill and grow you to the highest peak of material and spiritual growth. They are outdated, obsolete, and not capable of giving any vitality, fragrance, and quality of your life and to your world.

They are the reason for all the troubles and conflicts you are crowded and flooded with. You need now to free you totally from their sick, ugly and destructive nature and influence over your life.

However, your devices or inventions are ruling over you, operating, and controlling everything including your lives in this world for a long time.

You have surrendered to them without checking and understanding how much you need them.

How useful and productive they are, how to get the best out of them, do they need total transformation and radical change? For a long time, they are not producing anything good for you.

Instead, the reality is that they have corrupted and diseased everything fresh and pure here with their sick influences. Due to most of them are dead, diseased and rotten. They lost all their fragrance and liveliness, once they had.

However, you are blind and senseless; you cannot see and understand anything worthy of attention and alarm to you. You forget that life is a dynamic force, its nature is to flow, grow and expand and change is its most powerful part.

Who are you, a Master or a Slave?

Your life has to drive by change, growth, and expansion in every dimension of your life.

If you deny it; you miss it, and you are bound to suffer and caught by rigidity and become dead.

You lost all you have discovered once and developed you as the best of human spirits and beholder of the greatest wisdom.

You are not the owner of your life, your minds, your will and your actions have ruled, governed and controlled by devices/inventions of humanity.

The devices/inventions you have created to serve you, to comfort you and to live together as a growing tribe are governing and ruling your life.

Where is your freedom and right to live individually?

Why have you given so much authority and power to your devices/inventions in your life? Why do you not trust your true selves and try to discover, what is your real potential? why you are living here, and how can you get best out of you, and how to make it possible for you?

Why is it so?

You never asked these questions to you.

Instead of inquiring about its cause, you are taught to condemn others for all your sufferings and failures and every ugly thing in your lives and surroundings.

You never looked and checked in a long time that, what you have invented and whether they are serving you in the creative and positive way.

How can anyone/anything put you in something, without your consent and readiness to indulge in it?

You should check and keep you aware of their power and influence over your life.

Your sick and outdated thinking pattern, all kinds of harmful habits, prejudices, confinements, caused by your slavery towards all the devices/inventions you have created.

Who are you, a Master or a Slave?

You are the creator of your destiny, whatever the course it is, towards great accomplishments and heights of great understandings or towards retarded miserable living styles and never-ending conflicts and ruins.

Who is responsible for it? Your sick and confined mindsets and unconscious way of living!

You forget about your ancient masters and ancestor’s wisdom and of current times who taught you a way of creatively and consciously living.

This is all about your external environment you are living in as a unit of it. Our existence as an alive human being as an integrated combination of these different entities.

These all have their, own complexities and very well designed structure, architecture, and framework. Their collective functions, characteristics, and contributions enable you as living functional human being.

It is good if they all work, well and tuned in their true potential, then your life is a gift and blessing in all possible ways.

If they are not working well, disturbed and not coordinated, diseased or not treated and nourished well, they will create hell for you, and everything around you.

This is true about our all internal and external devices/inventions.

Who are you, a Master or a Slave?

The primary and visible layer of your being is your body, which is most mystical, miraculous engineering and design of existence.

This works as a host and home of your mind and spirit, they cannot exist nor do anything without it. Nothing is as complex and mystical as your body and its components/organs.

And their role-playing is to make you alive and to exist here as the living organism and best of all species on this planet earth.

You have five senses and mind integrated into it; through them, you interact with the world and fulfill you or deliver anything to others.

You got these senses to think, see, hear, learn, reproduce, taste, smell, research, contemplate, investigate, experiment, experience and learn.

You use all these senses to know, experience and feel about everything. Your mind and body’s sensory organs work together as a team.

These are the inseparable unified entity to explore and invent new things, perspectives and processes, for everything concerned with you, to live better and fulfilled life.

The real purpose of all your Internal and External devices/inventions is to make you productive, creative, to live with good health, joy, abundance, and happiness.

Who are you, a Master or a Slave?

The best output from you is possible only when your five senses ruled and governed by your sixth sense. That is your spiritual understanding and intuition about everyone and everything in this vast and expanding universe and the world you are inhabitants.

Your spirit must be a master of your mind and body’s functions. it should use all the abilities you have to produce the best output and enable you to grow and evolve in the right direction in the right way. However, most of you are not using them in this way.

Your polluted and confined sick mind and its complex critical matrix govern your five senses. It is happening due to inactive sixth sense or absence of governance of spiritual understanding and awareness.

Therefore, the result is that people are the slave of their sensual pleasures and habits and diseased-programmed mind with the above-mentioned environmental factors. (Family, society, religions, sects, caste, nationality, governments, and many others knew and unknown).

The sad and most unfortunate thing about you and your unconscious way of living is that you have never used all the senses for the real purpose they are given to you.

You abused, perverted and destroyed them under the sick influence of your internal and external devices/inventions.

The human beings and all another living organism on this planet highly abused and damaged by your sick internal and external devices/inventions.

You are a slave to the entities created to serve your true purposes. you are not here to be ruled by them for their rigid, inhumane, unjust and unhealthy motives and sick influences.

People of the world are suffering, diseased and victim of every outer influence on their life, due to slavery to their own devices/inventions

They were, created to serve your purpose of living as sane, integrated and evolved human beings and creatively fulfilled people.

Who are you, a Master or a Slave?

The tragedy of the human race is that they empowered their internal and external devices/inventions to dominate and abuse them in every possible way, and feeling helpless after providing all the powers to them.

What a pity for all of you. How embarrassing and unfortunate the scene is. Do you care a little about your burdened and slave-like status?

Do you, really deserve the life you are living now? Who is responsible for this degraded, unfulfilled and destructive living pattern?

The answer is simple, you need to understand and change your attitudes and dependency towards your internal and external environmental factors and let not allow them to rule over you.

Then how can you be able to live your true potential and the life of your dreams?

This can be possible only by freeing you from all internal – external environmental influences and their slavery. You need to be master your own life, by intelligent use all of the components/resources given by existence or created by humanity to live the best way possible here.

Mind and body are the devices or co-operator to the spirit to serve the purpose of your growth and fulfillment. You have to enable you to rule over your devices/inventions and to use their potential and power to create the best versions of you.

This is the only way to live blissfully, integrated and abundant. You need to destroy and get rid of all, which is outdated, obsolete, unproductive and uncreative in every dimension of your life.

Who are you, a Master or a Slave?

You need to restructure, redefine and recreate the total new course of the conscious and awakened way of living. It needs new tools, and methods to empower and develop you. You have only one chance to change the total course of your life. That is to become a master of your world and your own mind – body – spirit.

You always need to discover new ways of thinking, living and doing everything.

Life is a continuous flow of changes and new happenings, you must grow and expand with the abundant flow of life, to reach the peak of every dimension of your life and potentials you have explored and developed. 
Life is a constant, search, inquiry, exploration, experimentation, discovering, and learning new things.

If you do so, all the time, throughout your life, you will always live as ruler and creator of your destiny, and owner of your life and master of all your internal and external devices/inventions and co-operators.

Hope I have said enough about your status and need to transform into a real successor of life’s abundant treasures and the beholder of the title of best among all the species as the human beings.

Have a nice, conscious and growing life. I wish you all to become a master of yourself and everything you belongs to.

Intelligently use all your components, devices/inventions to transform yourself into the greatest version of yourself. Take care and have fun. 😀





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