Who are you, and what are you doing here?

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Who are you, and what are you doing here?

There are only 2 types of people in this world, living and living dead, see what kind you are, and what you have chosen to be?

The first variety is busy in creating and enhancing all the possible dimensions of life in every way possible, with their creativity and love.

They may be called as cultivators, gardeners, inventors and protectors of life and most sensitive and sensible beings on the planet. They are the most conscious and aware beings in this universe.

They always taking risks and putting their lives in all kind of dangers, threats, and challenges to discover the solutions to enhance life and its experiences on earth.

They work upon all the living things, to raise their creativity, productivity, and enhanced life. They choose even death in service of humanity and excellence of life on this planet every single time.

They are the real living entities on this planet, including plant and animal kingdom, they are rare kind in this world especially in the human race.

They are very few among us around 0.001% out of more than 7 billion existing here in human skin on earth and increasing more every day.

Who are you, and what are you doing here?

The Real Gems 

They are the most important and most precious and scarce resource on earth.

This variety works on the level of mind, body, spirit, and in the area of consciousness, heart, and feelings, awareness, wisdom, and healthy way of living. They are working on refining the quality of expression of the human spirit in all possible creative forms.

Some of them are Master of Yogic Sciences, Spiritual practices, evolved as Mystics, Spiritual Seekers. Others are doing creative writing, dance, music, painting, sculpture,  life science, and technology for the evolution of humanity and noble causes, wealth creation for creating qualitative and creative life.

They are Innovative Architecture of life, spirit sciences, scientific and conscious ways of living and every possible aspect of enriching and enhancing life and its experience on earth.

Who are you, and what are you doing here?

The worst lot among us 

The rest of the population is of another kind mostly exists as living dead, is in production and service of dead things, death, and deadly things.

Their only goal is to produce and generate an enormous amount of money by all means. they know only one sign of growth that is the accumulation of money. So they can get power, positions of this ugly, inhumane matrix called society by all means and corrupting and creating a mess for civilizations,  on the basis of borders, countries, caste, religions, races, and all anti-humanity activities, thoughts, and things.

They don’t have any understanding of anything, they are abusing and destroying themselves and everything in mind, body spirit by all means in every possible way.

They do not spare anyone and anything comes across their way, they are the reason and mostly responsible for all miseries, conflicts, violence and every inhumane and ugly thing in this world.

This variety run societies, parliaments, governments, corporations, banks, religious systems, legal systems, trade and commerce, and finance, and all so-called big and influential things on the material plane of this world.

They are mostly responsible for all kinds of crimes, conflicts, illegal and unethical exploitation of resources and the human race.

They are busy in creating and developing violence, inequality, perversions, disasters, degradation of the environment, human souls, ecosystems, integrity and innumerable things on the list.

Who are you, and what are you doing here?

People in service of it have all the wealth and prosperity in terms of money, properties, egos, luxuries, and empty souls and highly diseased body and mind and totally absent spirit.

They give this world a lot which looks great, have great visual appeal but on the cost of the degraded human soul and criminally sucked and exploited natural resources and much degraded and highly diseased state of mind and body of human beings.

All people involved in this variety are responsible for all the ugly and degraded things in this world along with the boost of flashy superficial growth and empowerment of societies and people of the world.

This all is based on corruption, competition, unethical and inhumane, inappropriate measures and practices. It’s a matrix of false promises of unnatural growth and prosperity, which make us more ruined degraded and retarded creatures.

Here you are a slave to the system, you cannot escape from it, it gives you the promise of more degraded heights as human and superficial material growth.

It makes you more empty and valueless and turns you into a beast, who lives only on blood sucking success and, to make everything its fuel to get more mileage and to make the heap of stupid things which have no productivity and significance in human growth.

What do you prefer to be your way of life?

Look sympathetically at yourself and take a deep breath and choose what do you want for yourself. What are you feeding to yourself, in terms of food, thoughts, activities, and associations you have engaged with round the clock?

Which way is more humane, alive, juicy and fulfilling, what sets you free? What makes you the greatest version of yourself? What gives more dignity, creativity, and freedom to your soul? Do that only.

Think my dears, which type of entity you want to be here on this planet earth, I am not condemning or criticizing anything, I am just showing the picture of our world’s reality and how we can exist and take part in the course of our living.

Take your time, think wisely and set you free.


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