Which is better - yoga or gym?

Which is better – yoga or gym?

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Which is better – yoga or gym?

Both are for different purposes. Generally, people join a gym to keep them in shape, get a more muscular body or for bodybuilding.

Its purpose is superficial, it does not goes deeper into your existence, i.e. beyond the body and help very little to manage and grow inside at the level of mind and spirit.

Yoga is a totally different phenomenon, it is more concerned with your inner well being, mind-body tuning and overall well being. It delivers you physical endurance and fitness, a strong and toned body are by-products of practicing Yoga.

Which is better - yoga or gym?

Even yoga did as just physical exercise it will give you all the benefits, the gym can provide you, it helps you to keep fit, slim, flexible and strong more than the gym.

The gym has a very limited scope and utility, in my opinion, it is restricted highly to the physical level, and we are humans, more than our body, we are spirits embodied in the physical shell, and yoga also takes care of our shell extremely well.

It gives you a boost in the level of body-mind and spirit, yoga is not comparable to anything or any other form of fitness exercises. It contains every benefit you can perceive from any form of exercise to keep you, strong, healthy and fit.

It is a deep science of inner engineering and transformation of your being and to attain overall health and tuned body-mind-spirit.

It helps you to attain a higher level of consciousness, freedom from all kind of physical and mental diseases and stress in a great way. It is capable to take you beyond the level of your physical existence.

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It helps you to develop control over everything in your life, gym only work on your physical level, it needs heavy exercises, tough and strict routines, and diet schedule, and do not help to manage your mind and spirit.

You can learn yoga under any trained instructor and can do it on your own at any suitable time, it doesn’t require any big expenses or membership from any gym.

The gym makes you believe what others think about you, you always looking for others appreciation and acceptance about your figure and physique.

Yoga takes you towards real you, it keeps you closer to your own nature and existence, it is taking to you, your home. This is the most significant difference between yoga and the gym in my view.

If you want to live as others expected you to become, go to the gym, the focus is outside, if you want to know yourself and discover your true self, do Yoga, the focus is inside, choose which serve your purpose best.

If your purpose is just to build your muscle and flaunt it to others, go to the gym, if you are interested in your external and inner transformation, go for yoga, if you want, you can do both.

But always remember what is your purpose and what any of them can deliver to you. Stay healthy and happy. 

The gym works on your surface, andYoga goes deeper to your own existence, its impact and benefits are far deeper and transformational of your total being, not your physical appearance, it may be capable to transform you totally as a human being to superhuman.

Yoga has infinite benefit, the gym is nowhere to what yoga can deliver to you. it is deeper and greater than any holistic living process or methodology, purely scientific and work on all levels of your being.

I personally prefer yoga over the gym, it suits me more than anything, and it is natural and spiritual by nature, it gives you depth and takes you to the higher levels of your existence.

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