What is the truth about human existence?

What is the truth about human existence?

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What is the truth about human existence?

The basic truth about our existence is that we exist inside out, we feel, see, imagine, and express from inside out, our deepest experiences, transformations, and accidents happened inside us, outside we see just the reflection of it.

If we are sad or happy inside it reflects through our eyes and our face. So our existential journey starts with diving deep inside, our essence is there, we need to discover and unveil it from all the hindrance and shadows overpowering and hiding it to come into the light.

You can learn from this piece of truth revealed by the most intelligent person of the 20th century and the most profound enlightened master of our times from this link OSHO.

We all know what science has discovered and presented in front of all of us, a theory of evolution prescribed by Darwin,

According to Darwinian theory, humans have evolved from the apes. Osho stressed on it that Darwin’s theory is showing the partial truth about our existence and evolution.

What is the truth about human existence?

All the evolution of human beings has happened due to the development of our consciousness, it enabled all of us to erect our spine and walk on our feet.

It did not happen to the animal kingdom not even to the apes. Only humans have evolved their consciousness and created everything we are witnessing in our thousands of years of history and modern times.

You are asking this question because you are more aware and conscious than others around you, so you have questions and inquire about your own existence. It is a sign of conscious, evolving and growing human being.

All our sages and enlightened masters knew the truth about our existence, it cannot learn and discover by science because science cannot say and prove anything about which is beyond its reach and understanding.

If you want to learn about matter and things and events visible in this world, including human birth and about our physical body, science may be helpful in this regard to discover to know, but it is failed to know the existential truth and discoveries about us and of the universe.

What is the truth about human existence?

So keep it always in mind that if you want to learn, discover, research about the material plane of our body or our world it is possible with our material science, physics.

If you want to discover and learn and experience about your inner dimensions it is only possible with inner scientists known as Mystics, or Yogis (not the current day Yoga teacher, they are just like another physical trainer/instructors) like Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev or enlightened masters like OSHO, Shri Ram Krishna Paramhansa, Maharishi Raman, Shri Guru Nanak or Sadguru Kabir.

Physics and Material Sciences can say only about the matter and what is visible and can be touched and proved, we are made of tangible and intangible, visible and invisible, the best part of our being is invisible it creates, operates and runs everything in this universe and it cannot be captured and deal with science.

If spirit left the body we are a dead corpse, which cannot do anything on its own because the operating force left it, and science is still not capable to search, discover, and prove anything in this regard. It is still beyond the scope and reach of our science and scientist.

Therefore, we have mystics from India, like Shiva, Buddha, Mahavira, Maharishi Raman, Kabir, Nanak, OSHO, and Now Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, in west George Gurdjieff happened and many more happened in all times of our history around the globe.

You can learn about human existence by entering into your inner realm, we exist from inside out, there is no way to discover and learn anything about it deeper and existential from outside.

Therefore, our sages, Mystics, and Yogis practiced and still practicing the different path of Sadhna and methods of transformation like Yoga and Tantra and Meditation.

Anyone can learn and discover it under a qualified master or Yogi who discovered it for him/her. It takes total surrender and a will to die for it.

There is a number of books on Yoga and Meditation and other spiritual practices to discover our real self or what we can say the existential truth about all of us.

What is the truth about human existence?

If you want to know it by yourself, initiate yourself with any living master like Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and practice it under their guidance and light.

You can read all of the above-mentioned spiritual masters, their books are available online and offline. You can visit Oshoworld.comSadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – The Founder of Isha Foundation, you can find resources, books, music, videos on different existential and mystical topics about our life and existence.

Osho has left a vast treasure of books, audio, and video on almost every topic of our evolution and existence. You can find a lot on the internet and from the above-mentioned sites.

Hope this will help you to dive into your own existence and discover your own truth, thanks.

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