What do you Know about yourself? 

What do you Know about yourself? 

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What do you know about yourself? 

You know only what you have assumed and pretend about you, and what others have told, taught and imposed upon you,  from your beginning, from your birth, without your permission, and your ability to understand and justify it.

You are just carrying the things, thoughts and values, given to you, from family, society, friends, faith and your environment you were born or lived, without knowing it, what it is?

what do you know about yourself

Did you ever question anything in your life? Did you ever search, checked the things you are believing and doing all the time, what impact they have made upon you? Did they make you a more intelligent and alive person or degraded slave of the system and things you know nothing about? 

Did you ask yourself why are your life is so miserable and complicated? What made you so insane and disturbed? Why are you not capable of living in peace and harmony? 

What do you Know about yourself?

The reason behind it, why it is so? 

I found that your unconscious way of living,  stupidity, and ignorance are the only reason for all the miseries, troubles, dissatisfaction, insanity, and blocked growth in your life.

I am a keen observer of everything from the very beginning and I have questioned everything in my life, I have observed hundreds and thousands of people in my life in the last 36 years including my self. 

You must look and see yourselves closely, unprejudiced, to find all the elements which are responsible for it. You certainly find that your ignorance and unconscious way of living is mostly responsible for it.

Every Change starts in your life from recognizing and understanding the root cause of the problem you have, without diagnosis no proper and permanent cure is ever possible for any disease.

So to change this unfortunate course of your life, you must know and learn the way, methods and practices of living consciously and abundantly.

What do you Know about yourself?

How can you change this unfortunate course of your life? 

Know your Truth, know your real self, this is the most important task you have in your life, everything comes after it, without discovering it no growth will ever be possible for you in any dimension of your life.

This is the alchemy of total transformation towards what you really are? It leads you towards, you are born here for, your ultimate goal, it will decide your fate and your rewards, discover it, know your truth, and live it.

Make a promise to yourself that you are the creator of your own destiny and you always have the ability, courage, and will to change the total course of your life.

You need to move towards a totally healthy and conscious way of living.

So maximizing the benefit, start from now looking at your body and mind. Monitor all the activities from going to sleep to awake in the morning to all day around till again going to sleep.

What do you Know about yourself?

if you really love yourself and your life, ask these question to you

Do it carefully and consciously, see and ask yourself these questions sincerely, honestly.

  • How many of them or all (all the physical, mental activities) is worth doing?
  • What impact and influence they are producing on your body and mind?
  • Does it have any worth towards holistic living and good health and well-being of you?
  • Do they enable you to be a more creative and better human being?
  • Do they are sucking and abusing you?
  • Do they giving you vitality and creative satisfaction or making you more miserable, retarded and degraded than ever before?
  • What the cost you are paying to own them, physically, mentally, financially, spiritually in all aspects of your life, assess and count honestly?
  • Do they worth keep continuing, what you are getting through all the associations and engagements you have, habits, family, likes, friends, relationships, job, business, things, thoughts, possessions, etc?

 What do you Know about yourself?

Monitor and evaluate your every thought, action, and habit round the clock

  • How effective, and beneficial, motivating, fulfilling, enriching, and affordable they all to you?
  • Are they improving your level of physical, mental, spiritual health and total well-being?
  • Are they enhance or degrade your life as a whole or problem and curse for you?
  • Are they making you more strengthen, expanding and rich in every aspect of your life?
  • Are they make you more confident, divine and conscious?


  • shrinking your mind, body and every aspect of your being and made the ugliest creature in this world and degraded you at the possible lowest level of your being.
  • Are you happy and growing in your life? Do you knowing and living your purpose here? 

What do you Know about yourself?

You will get what you need to move forward

Ask these questions honestly, see, and check every thread of your being, consciously, awakened. You will get all the necessary answers you ever asked yourself in the course of your life.

Take your time and do it regularly until you check and learn sufficiently about yourself.

You all are wasting most of your time criticizing and discussing, imitating and following others as gossiping is the central focus of your life.

it takes nowhere to you in any way, you may become a cheap, degraded, useless and stupid copy of someone but you totally lost yourselves.

You are born here to discover and celebrate yourselves with your own intelligence and insight towards every aspect of your life.


The truth about Human beings – You must understand your quest 

All the other creatures, in existence, come with a total inbuilt program of their life, instincts, and activities. They start living their life at that moment when they delivered to this world by their mothers.

They started doing everything from the very moment of their birth. They are, enabled by nature to do everything necessary for their growth and survival, but they cannot grow and do beyond their capacity and limit.

All these life forms are restricted, except human beings, they are bound to live with their instinctive abilities and limitations. They cannot grow beyond it, you never find a dog studying at Howard. 

it’s not the same for us humans, you come with the power to think, discover and know, to ask, to experiment, to learn, to expand our horizons infinitely as much you can with all your capacity and intelligence.

What do you Know about yourself?

How you can enjoy your uniqueness and capabilities given to you

However, one thing is totally different from other life forms in all of us,  that a human baby needs to learn everything in his/her life to become worthy of something or to enjoy owning something.

You need to learn everything and to transform. You constantly needed to do more inquiry, experimenting, learning, and activities to develop your ability and resources to acquire and enjoy them.

You need to explore and discover what is good for you, how to go about it, how to be a master in it. Life is a dynamic force, it is flowing and expanding, it is infinite in nature and scope, and you are the bearer of it. 

It’s all a process of continuous learning and experimenting to discover. You need to learn and acquire excellence and mastery in things belong to you and you have all the potential to grow and expand in it.

It is a responsibility and an unending quest for learning and seeking excellence in everything you are connected and concerned with throughout your life. It starts from when you were in your mother’s womb to the funeral pier.

If you really love your self and your life, You must do these necessary actions and think deeply about these fundamental and most important matters of your life. Know your truth, discover and create yourself. 

Happy exploring and inquiring 😀


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