The True Power

The True Power

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The True Power

The True Power lies in how we can use it, what we can create with it, not how much we have possessed.

Power is divine and the most vital, constructive element of our Life. We must meet and use it creatively, productively in various aspects and attributes of our life. It’s a driving force of everything in this world and the Universe.

Power moves everything in this universe, so we always wished for and worshiped power and powerful entities. From the beginning of humanity, people were engaged in worshipping the natural powers, Sun, Moon, Fire, Water, Winds, Earth and other known and unknown celestial influences.

Now we have new avatars of power equations and entities, it’s not as raw and divine as it was at the beginning of humanity. We have more advanced and planned, organized and more deadly/lethal and immensely powerful tools and devices in our hands. We can create more destruction and creation of them for the whole of humanity.

The True Power

Due to the advent and influence of science and technology over life, humans have more power to change anything in their environment positively/negatively.

We have created tools and immensely powerful devices, but we have not developed the processes, methods and intelligence and creative positive people to use them intelligently and in the service of life.

The history of thousands of years of humanity told us this truth. Only a few in billions ever happened to this earth.

They knew the real meaning and proper use of it for the liberation of soul and growth and well-being of all the life forms and elements on earth and in every possible way and for all possible dimensions of life.

Due to this sick and unconscious tendency of thousands of years, it came in belief and become a norm and rule that Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely – Lord Acton.

We need to change this, through our conscious living and making examples of greater and better self-conduct through awareness and consciousness about every aspect of our living and our world.

We have new challenges and a new beginning in our evolution as the human race; we need to learn how to use our power and potentials to create more love, health, vitality, sanity, creativity, peace, harmony, and abundance in our lives and for our environment. This is the biggest quest we have now and ahead.

Power says about itself, from the beginning of life, it has seen that people are engaged in acquiring it in multiple ways, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, material and in every possible dimension to enhance, enrich their Lives and rule and direct themselves and others towards greatest goals and sick interests too.

One most important thing people should remember and learn that Power does not lie in accumulating it; it’s in how we think about it, and what we can create through it.

People are power-hungry from the rise of civilizations and doing everything to acquire it, without knowing and understanding that what they really want to do with it.

The True Power

They think it is somewhere outside them, in money, in politics, in materials, in positions, in possessions of everything. But they all were at the mistake and proven wrong because, without consciousness and creative intelligence, it only creates destruction and perversion of all kinds.

But they are at mistake here, what will you do with money and power if you don’t know how to use it in most constructive and creative ways.

There are chances due to inability or ignorance about how to use the power, people are ruining themselves physically, and mentally in every possible way also everything and everyone they have access. You can see it with all our politicians, billionaires, society icons, look at them closely.

We can see it all around us; all the so-called wealthy and powerful people have most deadly diseases, psychological problems, heart attacks, worst physical conditions, disastrous personal relationships, and all the miserable things you can imagine.

Everyone here is less or more victim of it, due to the unconscious way of living and ignorance about how to use the power of themselves in the growth and development of their own mind-body-spirit.

And we can see it with ourselves and everyone around us. We knew about the nuclear attack on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in the last century and then of Mahabharata around 4000 – 5000 years ago. All our powerful and intelligent people cannot make it possible to use them in the service of life.

We can run all our machinery, plants, devices, industries, and all life support/enhancing systems with these inventions, but we didn’t have heart, and intelligence and consciousness to use them for our growth and well-being and in service of life.

The same is with other dimensions of power; it always lies in utilizing it, not holding alone. If you don’t have insight and intelligence or a pure, well-balanced, defined holistic plan on how to use it for productivity and creativity, it will create more destruction than it can create any good.

We have examples of it in every walk of our life, we have money accumulators, and we have the political systems and super clever politicians, physical and material wealth possessors, brilliant scientists and inventors, artists and painters, writers and poets. But what they are doing with it?

Most of them are using their power and potentials in service of corrupt power and money and anti-life elements.

The True Power They all are busy in accumulating, name, fame, money, and favor from other rich and famous people in powerful positions in society and governments. This is all happening at the cost of degradation and abuse of all life forces existing here.

They are ruining themselves, and everyone and everything around them and accessible to them, physically, mentally, emotionally. They put themselves and all their powers to accumulating more without the understanding of why what and when they can do with or use it for?

The world has more billionaires than ever before, food and buildings, all kinds of possessions, material goods and wealth, all kinds of fancy gadgets and scientific inventions and luxuries but it cannot make our lives better. Is this growth? Do we really develop in any way? Are we Humans?

We have more criminals than before, frauds, scams, murders, rapes, communal violence, and all kinds of heinous inhuman activities around the globe and rise of new unknown diseases every decade.

We don’t have natural, healthy foods? Don’t we have pure clean water? Don’t we have a pollution-free atmosphere? Have we overpopulated earth and also did brutal and insane misuse and destruction of all the natural resources? We are never so miserable than now, why it is so?

Why the scene is so horrible, and frightening because people don’t know how to use their power, they don’t have intelligence, sanity and a good action plan about how to use their power, and for what?

The answer is simple, the power is in blind and incapable hands, and they don’t have the vision, creativity, intelligence, and consciousness. Only conscious and intelligent people can use the power of anything to create every good on this earth.

They can use it in the service of life, its fulfillment, its growth, and enhancement. They are the only hope for this world, we must find and help them to empower and do good things for us. Do we are ready to do this with ourselves, or ready to live as miserable as we are for the rest of our life?

The True Power

At present and most of the times in human history, the power is in hands of people who are in service of death, chaos, blindness, and lust for power, money, land and filthy things. So our situation is like this, living in turmoil, insanity, and sick body-mind- and lost spirit.

Unfortunately, it has always misused and in today’s environment too. Only conscious and sensible people know what it can create or deliver, so they always used it in most constructive and creative ways.

Everyone here is hungry for it because it moves everything in this world, and capable of delivering everything sanely, insanely.

Lust for power about anything is ugly; it leads nowhere and ruins everything beautiful we have. So we must cautious about our desires, motives, and tools available to us and always try to learn their better and creative use before possessing them.

People of the world just want to acquire and accumulate it, without understanding its consequences and side effects.

Power should be in the right hands always, then only it will support and enhance life; otherwise, it will be a curse to the beholder and the things and people come under its influence and reach.

Power in conscious and creative hands is a symbol of life, grace, beauty and fulfillment and gratitude. But in hand of unconscious and sick people, it has always created havoc for humanity.

And it can be accomplished only by learning how to use our physical, mental and spiritual wealth, ancestor’s wisdom and modern science and technology to shift towards a totally new phase of development and growth of human mind-body-spirit.

So one thing I want to say that, to live blissfully, graciously, creatively and on our own terms. We need to acquire it, and to learn how to use it, to get best out of it sufficiently to survive, grow and enrich ourselves and all everything we are surrounded with.

Being capable of acquiring enough Money for our living and to fulfill all our essential needs and to cooperate and coordinate with others in this world is the most important thing I feel. So we need everything as per our need and need to do things effectively, productively and creatively, not more not less.

So I am not in the lust of accumulating tons of money, and not using it for our own good, and for people in our life.

Money and all other things, to whom, we have given power or established as powerful tools, are actually devices to serve us, it should not allow ruling our lives, and all of them are means, not an end in our life.

And this is the same with every aspect of power and things and forces influencing and operating our lives.

We must use it for sake of our own good and for others too, this is the best way to treat it, otherwise, it will become a curse to our lives and will snatch everything from us, and left us ruined and drowned totally.

The True Power

So, we need understanding and Consciousness about anything we want to hold in our life, and then we can get the best out of it. Consciousness is the key, it opens always the best way things can be operated and used.

My viewpoint of being powerful is how intuitive, intelligent and loving you are, and how much you are capable of bringing everything to grow, enhance and enrich your life and of your loved ones and everything and everyone around you.

Being Powerful in creative and noble terms is creating a blissful and enriched life for us and everyone around us, and being powerless means lack of intelligence, love, and creativity and it is the state of living dead.

So The power lies in using it in most creative and constructive ways, not holding or accumulating it.

So be Powerful in a sane way, in nice things and for a sane and fulfilled purposeful creative life.

With love



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