What do you Know about yourself? 

What do you Know about yourself?  You know only what you have assumed and pretend about you, and what others have told, taught and imposed upon you,  from your beginning, from your birth, without your permission, and your ability to understand and justify it. You are just carrying the things, thoughts and values, given to you, by family, society, friends, faith and your environment you were born or lived, without knowing it, what it is? Did you ever question anything in your life? Did you ever search, checked the things you are believing and doing all the time, what impact[…]

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The Master or A Slave?

We all are born to become a master of ourselves and the life given to us not the slave of our inventions, this is an existential gift and truth about us. This is the true purpose, I have discovered in my long journey of life. However, the reality is different from it. We born and live as a slave and die as a slave. Our whole system of living, the society, civilizations, formed to make us slave. And we accepted and applied it and allowed them to use and abuse us and to confine ourselves to live and destined to[…]

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