Social Media Addiction

Social Media Addiction

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Social Media Addiction

A majority of Facebook and other social media platform addicts is busy in posting innumerable posts and quotes of master thinkers, scientists, philosophers, enlightened masters and prominent people of others walks of life.

There are so many reasons for doing so, some are mentioned below –

The positive and creative reasons are –

Social Media Addiction

They are inspired by those words of wisdom or expressions of the great people happened to humanity, and applying those things in their life, and get benefited by it.

They have found something significant in these quotes, messages, and content related to their own understanding, life experience or inquiry towards that subject the content is about.

They have something related to it, what they are posting or expressing their own in reference to the message or content of masters, prominent people of all times.

The Negative and non-creative reasons are –

Social Media AddictionThey have found nothing and don’t have any connection with the content. They are just posting it
because it looks impressive and a lot of people liked and commented on it. Social Media Addiction

They want to prove themselves, higher than they actually are, to be popular by posting others piece of wisdom and valuable expressions.

And to increase their post/page views, to collect likes and comments to feed their ego and inferiority. Pretending that they are wiser than they are and trying to prove so, to their audience/members/visitors of posts and pages.

They have nothing to say of their own, they are living as parasites and using others words of wisdom for their own sick interests and boosting their ego.

This is my observation as participant and user of multiple social media platforms, be a creator of content and ideas, not the mere consumer and imitator or useless copy paste master.

It will lead us nowhere, we are wasting/investing our life’s most precious time/energy on these things, and we must be conscious and aware of our mental attitudes and what they are producing for us.

Social Media AddictionWe must ask ourselves, does it have any worth and contribution to our own growth and development as a responsible human being an inhabitant of this beautiful planet earth.

Think about it. Be wise, be honest and be creative, don’t fool yourself, be real and be authentic.



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