Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – II

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – II

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Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – II

You are mainly responsible for every good and bad happened to you

I have shared some truths and facts about the causes and problems of obesity in my previous article Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – I.

The concluding and final part are here, check it guys and get benefit from it. I am sharing my observations, thoughts, experiences, and experiments I have done so far to keep me fit, in shape, alive and energetic, you can also learn and apply all of it.

Check it out that how can you live better and overcome this problem or keep yourself away to be caught by it.

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – II

 Why are people obese? 

Obesity, The biggest health threat to your life, learn to live better and do good to yourself.

Your life and health matters are solely your concerns, primarily, if you do not care about it, you have to pay a heavy price for it, or may incur irrecoverable losses and disability for a lifetime. 

Your eating habits are massively responsible for obesity, no one can put on weight by inhaling air and drinking plain water. It happens due to the consumption of wrong food and in unnecessary quantity and wrong timings and in the wrong way.

I have never seen a person who has right eating habits, healthy routines and got obese ever. It is directly connected to your calorie intake, check, from what kind of foods you are getting it and how much of it you are burning daily?

Even I have seen that the children of highly obese parents did not receive the problem if they didn’t follow the wrong eating and living practices of their parents and never lived as a couch potato.

It is all dependent on what you are doing to yourself. It has not totally dependent on genes and heredity and it is almost controllable and reducible to a normal level as another healthy human being.

As I have seen People who are obese, as their parents or one of them because they have the same living and eating pattern, mindsets, and routines. 

They are eating all kind of junk, unhealthy fats, addicted to highly sweetened drinks and foods (Alcoholic, non-alcoholic), addicted to watching TV for hours and do not do any exercises at all. 

They eat oiler, spicy Junk foods and in the quantity higher than they actually needed to live healthy and happy as other people who are not obese.

Count your calories, you are taking round the clock, and check how much of it you are capable to burn and from what source you are getting it.

Obesity and extra body weight are massively resulted in eating more than required and from the wrong foods and drinking habits. People eat like maniacs and sick and slave of their eating patterns and habits.

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – II

Why are people so unconscious about their body and weight? 

If you eat the wrong kind of food and in inadequate or over quantity both make you sick and cause under-nutrition or over nutrition. Life is all about creating balance in everything concerned with your growth and healthy body-mind.  

People are habituated of eating heavy oily, spicy junk and calorie filled food and drinks, without caring about it that what impact they are creating on their body and mind.

Studies show that people are highly addicted to junk foods, carbonated beverages, packaged highly processed foods, found mostly obese and troubled with many deadly diseases even at a very young age.

All the excess calories are taken by the people, stores in their body and create a layer of ugly fat on their body and internal organs, arteries, and veins, and give them innumerable diseases and sometimes serious life threats.

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – II

If you ignore what your body needs, you bound to suffer a lot

I cannot understand how people live with that weight. Do they lose their ability to sense that what they have done to themselves? If I caught with a little weight increase, I instantly feel uncomfortable and I can’t bear to have that fat on my body.

I don’t figure out why people do not feel uncomfortable with excess weight? They do not care about what they are eating, they do not exercise, walk or do any physical exertion to keep them fit and away from sickness and obesity.

So be careful about your body, what it needs, give it what it actually needs. Eat good and nutritious food, eat natural and organic foods preferably, eat nuts and fruits instead of junk and sweets.

People say that eating good foods, fruits, nuts, and Organic food is expensive. Okay, what do you think how much your life is valuable for you and your loved ones? They do not see the fact that it is always cheaper and better than visiting doctors, paying hospital bills and suffering whole life. 

Good thing comes to little more cost and cheap food alternatives cost you a lot in a longer run, even with a disability for life or end of your life. What do you prefer? If you do not do good to yourself, you cannot be able to do it with anyone. Everything in your life starts and end with you. 

If you want to save some money and want to escape from your responsibility towards your body and mind, you will pay heavy medical bills and meet life threats greater than you have saved through this conspiracy against yourself.   

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – II

Nothing is more valuable in this world than a healthy body and sound mind, every virtue, success, and joy of your life depends upon it. If you still think that it does not worth caring, be ready to pay for more even with your life.   

I have seen people are escaping from eating good and healthy foods and they chose cheap and unhealthy foods in place of it. For the sake of their sick taste buds and thinking they are clever and saved money. 

They eventually pay a lot at once for their medical bills or even sometimes they will not get a chance to recover due to their permanent disability or sudden and unfortunate death.

People who are obese, face problem in every act, they can’t breathe easily, walk easily, do not go up and climb on the stairs. They are unable to run and cannot do much physical exertion, they exhaust more easily than any other person who is not obese.

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – II

I feel very uncomfortable by putting weight on my body, it’s very easy for me to gain weight because for last 23 years I have reduced a lot of physical activity due to change in my work and professions?

And this is the case with most of the people nowadays, people who don’t work outside in the field and have back office or sitting job or work which has less physical activity, than sports or Travelling.

Always check that are you in your weight category according to BMI? And it is even more important to do physical activities even you are on your BMI scale, it keeps you fit and alive, more strong and healthy.

You must take care of it in the first place, and try to live a life which keeps you fit and active, energetic and in shape, so you will not need to worry about it.

What am I doing in this regard? 

I was mainly working in the field of IT and Education most of the period in the last 22 years, now am doing blogging and web designing, my work and environment allow me to sit in front of computers for very long hours.

I used to walk an hour daily, I always involved in some kind of physical activity and exercises, always conscious about my weight and fitness from childhood.

At present, I spent at least 8 to 10 hours in front of my computer screen sitting on my office chair. So I am more cautious about eating foods and exercising more than ever before. 

For more than 20 years I  don’t have a TV at my home and I do not read newspapers. I cannot afford to consume bullshit of any kind, including junk food, unhealthy drinks, and a company of self-destructors.

I do not consume any kind of junk information, thoughts and ugly manipulated information and advertisements spread all over the media and communication channels. I never fall and involved in any stupid and unproductive and senseless debates and activities and group of people. 

I love to live alone, in my own company, with nature, reading and learning creative and productive stuff, engaging myself with like-minded people, sharing my experience and learning from them. I don’t have time to waste on any bullshit and unproductive and non-creative activity and people.

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – II

I eat only what is required to maintain my energy level and nutritional level in my body. Mostly nuts, whole grains, fermented foods, fruits, and green tea.

I do not allow myself to eat refined sugar, fast food junk, and deep-fried foods and snacks.

For the last 3 and half years I have not eaten anything outside, except 3 or 4 incidents and I have eaten only south Indian fermented food, no deep fried snacks, and ugly carbonated beverages. I drink RO water; eat only organic grains and pulses, dry fruits and nuts.

In summer I eat 2 to 3 lemons per day, normal days I eat at least one, it keeps me cool and fresh all along the day, I drink enough water whole day, stored in the copper vessel.

I drink three glass of water after waking up in the morning it may be normal or Luke warm water. The first glass of water with organic, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon juice and a spoon of organic honey. The next with Cinnamon and honey and the last is plain water.

I eat regularly, homemade fermented brown rice and organic pulses base Dosa-Idli Batter; I am vegetarian by birth and vegan for the last 4 years. I do not eat white sugar for the last 4 years and never eaten more than 3 Tea Spoon ever before in a whole day.

I use Organic Jaggery and Honey as sweeteners, I don’t consume dairy products for more than 4 years, I drink only organic green tea and Organic Coffee. I make a chocolate drink with organic cacao powder.

I eat organic chia and flax seeds daily in my diet. I eat a lot of seasonal fruits; I drink at least 3 to 5 glass of water as per my body requirement. I do not drink water outside, as much possible, if needed I use mineral water for consumption.

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – II

I am enjoying the best food available in this world with a lot of taste and full of health 

So I am not dieting and enjoying the best lot of food and food ingredients available in this world. I eat for healthy living not only to satisfy my taste buds. I am a foodie and like to eat a variety of healthy foods, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Good things cost a lot, good body and health need more care than anything. Do expense on good food, not in fashion and useless fancy gadgets, grooming parlors, deodorants, and creams, they make you addicted and sick and have great side effects on your body and mind. 

If you eat and live healthy way, you will never need them, your body and face automatically say about your healthy body and mind. Real Beauty, glow, and joy comes from inside out, you can’t impose them. 

And nothing is more important than your healthy body and mind. You cannot enjoy your car, flat or buildings, gadgets or jewelry or money in your bank accounts. 

If you do not have a strong, healthy and balanced body and mind. What will you do with all these things, in the absence of good health and a sound mind? 

In my view your body and minds health are the most important tasks and things to be taken care, make it a priority, all else depend upon it.

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – II

What would you prefer between, Healthy body-mind or Hospital and Medical Bills?

Choose between good and healthy foods and lifestyle or doctors and medical bills, the choice is always yours. I have chosen a life free from diseases, medicines and medical bills. What is your take on this matter?

I do not want to die as everyone die in this world, I do not want to die on a deathbed, taking prescriptions and deprived of all the goodies of life.

In my 50 years of life, I have not seen anybody in my whole family and around my surrounding and in my environment that anyone did not die of diseases.

I have not seen anyone dying naturally and healthy, I definitely not choose this kind of end for myself, what you decided for you? It’s in my hand that how can I live here and how will I die?

I do not want to eat things which take me to do expense more on the cures, medicines, and drugs and keep me sick and troubled, lethargic my whole life and in insane conditions physically, mentally.

So at the end of the story I want to say to my dear friends, the quality of your life depends on the body and mind you have, keep it right by eating the right food and doing right things all the time, stay fit and alive.

My suggestions to all my friends who wish to live a healthy and happy life and do not want to live on medicines and prescription drugs, the rest of their life.

If you do not want to suffer from the danger of untimely death due to serious health problems caused by obesity and other sicknesses, they must follow a healthy routine and nutritious diet along with sufficient physical activity and exercises. 

Stay Healthy, Happy and Blessed.



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  1. It’s always better to be fit. Being obese is not just only means by physical it also affects our mental health. We become stress and also affect our social life by being bullied. I can’t blame them because people really love to eat.

    1. Dear Aryan, you said correctly, obesity is the root cause of many deadly diseases people are suffering around the globe, there is nothing wrong in eating, but people must understand what they are putting into there mouth, it must be healthy and nutritious and free from any threat.

      There are a lot of good and nutritious tasty foods and recipes available to keep you happy, healthy and away from any kind of health problems, and enjoy great natural and highly nutritious fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and other food items, full of taste and health and vitality.

      As a conscious human being, we must make intelligent choices, to keep us alive, healthy happy and strong.

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

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