Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life - I

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – I

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Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life – I

Ask these questions, if you really love yourself and concerned about your life?

This is a very long and descriptive article; I cannot write it in a few words, it is the most popular and widespread disease worldwide. So read it carefully and get benefit from it.

Are you Obsess? Do you know why it has happened to you? How have you contributed to it? How much problem is it created for you and you are not aware of it? And how can you overcome it? 

In my observation, people don’t love themselves; they are doing every kind of harm to their mind and body knowing-unknowingly round the clock. It is all due to their unconscious and sick way of living and treating to themselves.

They do not know how to live a healthy and happy life? They are so unconscious about their own body, mind, and activities; they are highly ignorant and unconscious about their eating and drinking habits and highly toxic lifestyle.

But most of them think what they are doing, round the clock is okay and taking them towards a good status, but one day they find that they are in deep trouble, and they feel shocked, why this happened to them or their loved ones.

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life - I

Know about yourself?

Ask yourself these two questions. What do you prefer and why?

Are you ready to count your calories and from what source you are getting it and in what quantity and quality? Are you ready to learn what kind of food, activities, and things are good for you and keep you away from any kind of health threat and unnecessary losses?


Are you are ready to keep continue with all the sick eating habits, routines, associations you have now and in the recent past? Are you ready to prepare yourself to count and receive bills for prescription of health checkups, hospital visits, medicines and in worst case major surgeries to keep you alive and weak and prone to serious health hazards for your rest of the life?

Chose wisely, your current status can tell you what option you have already chosen knowingly, unknowingly. You have created it by your input of food, thoughts, activities, and associations to your body and mind, and as a result, you received the current output, simple.

You are a product of your environment, belief systems, family’s lifestyle, their religious and social beliefs and traditions. You just have adopted them without inquiring and questioning about them.

This all has passed to you without your consent and understanding about it. Look at your Habits, beliefs, and lifestyle how much of it you have chosen consciously, knowingly and proven good for you? 

Have you ever thought that these practices, habits, beliefs are good or not and do you need them actually? What have they contributed to your physical, mental and spiritual growth?

You are the outcome of practices and suggestions passed and imposed by others, who influenced your life from your birth to the current day. You simply mechanically, unconsciously adopted and accepted all of them.

It has happened due to your unconsciousness and blind belief system, you never inquired and questioned the validity, impact, influence of everything you are doing all the time, and purpose of it for you.

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life - I

I have found many of my friends eating the non-vegetarian food, consuming alcohol, and involved in other unhealthy practices due to their family and cultural background, stupid traditions and customs.

Those things were permitted and practiced in so many stupid names and invalid reasons. They never checked it, questioned it and researched about it.  

I have deep respect for my parents, they have given best of both world to us, but I never followed and applied anything they believed or doing in their life due to their unchecked beliefs and traditional mindset, if it was proven good and healthy I followed it, if not I refused to accept it.

I was the most disobedient child in my home and I refused to accept or follow anything which is not proven good for my physical and mental health in any way.

I have followed them when I was very little and not aware of what they were prescribing, but as I have got understanding and sensed it, I have started questioning all those things. It may seem strange and uncomfortable for you but this is the reality of our life, homes, and society.

And I do not follow any habit or practice of anyone blindly, it doesn’t matter how celebrated, close, respected, famous or great he or she is, or have an influence on my life.

I am here to build myself not to blindly follow others and make myself a stupid and ugliest version of myself or degraded duplicate copy of them.

Nothing happened in this world on its own, everything has a reason here, whether you know and aware of it or not. It’s better to live consciously, than suffering and incurring unrecoverable losses due to blindness and unconscious ways of living.

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life - I

What is Obesity? What are the causes of it and what threats it creates for your life?

Obesity, the biggest health threat to your life, it is One of the most popular and widespread problems among people of all ages; people are carrying too much weight on their body frame and not thinking about it.

Obesity is known as the mother of all diseases, among medical and health researchers. They found the deep connection of obesity with most of the critical and deadly life-threatening diseases found in the people around the world.

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life - I

The medical researchers found so many reasons of obesity among people of all ages around the world. The main reasons found behind obesity in people are as follows –

  1. Eating highly toxic and unhealthy food.
  2. Genetic Disorders (Inherited from Obese parents)
  3. Lack or total absence of Physical Activity or exercising (Become Couch Potatoes)
  4. Long and unnecessary Medications (Side effects of Medications)
  5. Some diseases cause obesity (Side effects of Some critical diseases)
  6. Emotional conditions and stress (Overeating to fulfill the void created by emotional needs)
  7. Incapacity to buy good and Nutritious food (High price of good and nutritional foods)
  8. Hormonal Imbalance
  9. Irregular and unhealthy eating habits ( A lot of food consumption at once, especially junk)

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life - I

Diseases caused by obesity

  1. Heart Attack
  2. Diabetes
  3. Hypertension
  4. A higher level of Cholesterol
  5. Cancer
  6. Gall Stone
  7. Leaky gut and highly damaged digestive system
  8. Arthritis and a good list of known and unknown diseases linked to it. 
  9. Liver Diseases
  10. Cancer Risks
  11. Reproductive disorders


You cannot write in few words about a big fat and wide topic like dangers and threats of obesity to your life, it is in two parts, read them carefully, comment and share and ask anything in this regard if you have any questions, stay healthy and happy. 

To know more about Obesity in clinical and medical terms read the following references





Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life - I

Why am I not obese in my entire life?

I have never been obese in my entire life, am always in my BMI index weight category and shape. And credit goes to my conscious and healthy eating habits from my childhood in spite of being a foodie too.

I never liked eating Junk Foods; deep-fried foods, sweets and oily foods, and ugly horribly dangerous carbonated beverages sold in fancy names and packaging around the world.

I only eat as much as I need to work energetically whole day, as per my calorie requirement. I am very easily put weight on my body if am not aware of what and how much I am eating.

I afraid to visit my home, because when I went there my mother poured all her love into her mouth-watering recipes, I always returned back by putting more weight on me from every home visit. How many of you suffering from this?

I always refused to eat more than I need, she feels strange and asked what happened to me, what’s wrong with the food she prepared? And why I am so stubborn from childhood. Ha ha ha.

A story I have to tell all of you

I have a very interesting story to share with you, maybe many of you have the same experience or witnessed a lot of it in your home and surrounding.

I do not preach people what they do to keep them fit and away from diseases, I am sharing my experience and insight and practices I have done in the long course of my living here on this planet.

If they can take any good hints and lessons from my story it will be good for them.

I always liked to eat salads, raw vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, a lot of lemons and savor fruits, and in snacks my favorite food is south Indian fermented foods, like Idli-Dosa, Gujarati Dhokla or recipes made by my Mother.

I always preferred to eat things made by her at home, I have eaten the most delicious recipes, from my mother, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers.

So it is a long practice to eat every good thing made at home, not outside junk. It doesn’t mean I have never eaten out, but very less, if I had a chance and choice to eat at home I always preferred it. 

I never liked frozen foods, ice creams, bakery foods,  white flour foods like cakes, baked rolls, burgers and all kind of junk sold in fancy names and brand packaging.

I always liked to drink buttermilk, lemon juice, coconut water, and fresh fruit juices. I never eat so much in one sitting, if needed I have taken little meals later.

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life - I

The food you eat create your present and future foundation of body and mind

My mother never served us yesterdays cooked meals and she cooked meals both times as much as possible. She never stored meals in the refrigerator, it is used only to store, milk, milk products and Vegetables and fruits or sweets made by her sometimes.

I am from a Jaina family, we are born vegetarians, and my mother has highest standards of health and hygiene in our family, she maintained it for last 50 years, and I have followed her best practices willingly.

The health status I have now and enjoyed my entire life due to I am blessed with a great mother, she is a wonderful cook and she always cooks the most delicious food with less oil and spices. We have rarely eaten any bakery products or foods made with refined wheat flour (white flour or maida) at our home. 

And it is unfortunate and utterly dangerous that all the bakery products, pizza, burger bread, biscuits, cakes are made from refined wheat flour (maida) which is highly dangerous for your gut health and your digestive system. It has the capacity to damage your digestive system immensely. 

And people are highly addicted to eating these junk in heavy quantity, which is made with refined wheat flour (Maida) harmful chemicals, a lot of refined sugar and unhealthy fats. These foods and ingredients never brought to our home; we never ate them at our home.

Some kind of foods, fruits, and vegetables, which are known for their side effects or allergic properties never brought to our home and kitchen. We always were given good and healthy foods by our parents and it is still continued at our home.  

We never bought anything from unknown and unverified sources, we always checked before purchasing anything and if didn’t find it healthy and suitable for us or below our standard, we never consumed it then and ever again. 

You are what you eat all the time 

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life - I

The lifestyle lessons I have learned from her the First Real Super Woman in my life

My mother’s recipes are great and highly Nutritious from the very beginning, she always told us that always eat fresh, well cooked and well-garnished food with healthy ingredients.

She prepares very tasty and healthy foods with all natural, filtered and nicely cleaned ingredients.

She always maintained the great balance between taste and health quotient in her cooking, she is 68 now and more energetic and healthy than most of the youngsters and elderly people.

She eats less than she can eat in one go and it keeps her so active and fit and this practice keeps obesity at bay forever. This is the most fundamental rule to keep away from obesity, eat less than you can eat at once.

She wakes up at 6 O’ clock every morning, never eats after sunset or 7 O’clock in the evening for the last 25 years. If needed she eats nuts and dry fruits only till 8.30 PM. She always eats in very small quantities.

She hasn’t eaten outside for the last 25 years, except for a few instances. I am not following her schedule of living and eating strictly but adapted a lot from her, I prefer to eat till 8.30 at night if I am going to sleep at 11 PM or later.

She does not eat any processed food from outside mostly, 95% of times, she eats only what she has cooked in her kitchen. She eats a lot of green vegetables, salad, fruits, and nuts.

Even now, she does all the domestic works/chores on her own, she never took help from anyone to do all the chores in our home, and I have adapted all these qualities and habit from her.

Do the choresObesity – The biggest health threat to your life - I

I do every chore at my home; I am living away from my family for the last 20 years and in another city away from my birthplace. I am single and doing all cooking and housekeeping activities alone, along with my professional work, I work at least 14 hours a day. 

I have got her genes and good habits, and attitude, she is very cautious about health and hygiene from the very beginning. She is one of the most conscious, truthful and alert persons I have ever seen in my life.

She does everything knowingly properly, with all in and outs, she does not follow crowd mentality in anything, she has her own understanding and way of living, and so do I.

What I have achieved in my life in this matter or any other matters which has given me fame, recognition, good health, great mental stability, great control over myself, and a great understanding of things and people, established and nourished by her.

What is my attitude?

I always went to the celebration and parties after eating the food my mother cooked for us. She always feels very strange and laughed about my habit and attitude in this regard.

She told me people prepare themselves from morning to get good dinner at parties in the evening and you are going there after taking your dinner.

It may seem insane and people think that I am mad, as my mother thought about me, but it is true and I still follow it.  

Home is the place your foundation is built

You may think why I am telling my own story, this is a hint if you can see and understand that what is the reason and secret behind that, why nobody in my family has ever suffered from obesity in our whole life.

She has given us the best food ever possible, with all the taste and strength we needed, her philosophy of making good recipes by keeping in mind that they must be healthy, tasty and sufficiently nutritious.

She insists to eat all kind of green vegetables and fruits, nuts and healthy foods, fresh and from a good source after washing and cleaning them properly.

She is a daughter of a village farmer, not much academically literate but she has a tremendous understanding of what to eat or not, and how much and when, and in every other aspect of life.

She is just a superwoman and highly intelligent, so I am. Ha Ha Ha, I have taken it to the next level, am writing this article and sharing it with you is a proof of it. 

She is a superbly alert and conscious mother and great human being; she is the source of all learning and inspiration in my life for so many things.

My father always brought the best foods, grains, vegetables, and fruits available in the market in our city; or from outstations, even he has bought it from farmers directly.

We have eaten a lot of fruits and nuts from childhood. We always avoided processed, packaged branded foods in our home and it is still continued.  

This has made the foundation of our life, mind, and body, we have faced most horrible situations and hostile events in our life but survived without any major loss, and still sound and happy physically, mentally.

The Essence of the Story 

The essence of the story is that eating habits, thinking pattern, the lifestyle you have now or in the past keep you healthy and capable to meet all the challenges come across your way.

It will enable you to meet and face every physical, mental challenge you ever encounter in your life and it also keeps you active, fit, balanced, charged and motivated.   

You will overcome all the hurdles and obstacles in life if you have a good strong healthy body and mental resistance, good immunity, and pain bearing capacity.

Be alive eat live foods, natural and healthy 

Obesity – The biggest health threat to your life - I

Your physical and mental endurance is the key to greatness; if you are obese you will miss most of it, it is true for most of the people.

So what I am now is the work and creation of my mother and my dedicated efforts to build myself an as healthy, happy and conscious human being. I have worked a lot on myself and still working continuously to make the greatest version of myself. 

I dedicate both parts of the article to all the loving and caring mother in this world and people who taught us the right way of living and creating best versions of ourselves.

Read the concluding part of the remaining story and this wonderful article, you can get it here


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