Learning and experiencing

Learning and experiencing

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Learning and experiencing

We came here to learn and perform

We all are stranger here, and we need to explore and learn,

we need to know about ourselves and everything around us,

this is the place to materialize all the things,

we are looking for inside-outside, 

to grow and fulfill ourselves.

Learning and experiencing

We need to learn, how can we make things better?

We can do it by questioning, researching,

exploring, experimenting and experiencing,

the process involved, to do, to learn, to grow and to expand,

in all the possible dimensions of our life given to us.

Learning and experiencing

Learning never ends, be a learner always

Be a learner always, because life is growing, 

life is continuous learning, it never ends,

everything here has multiple dimensions,

we have to explore all of them, if possible,

as per our evolutionary requirements.

Learning and experiencing

Get the experience from your own actions

Experience comes from actions, 

these actions can be of others,

as well as ours, 

when we perform actions,

we may make mistakes, 

we may create success stories,

this is all about learning and get experience.

Learning and experiencing

… and from others too

We have to learn from everyone’s experience,

because life is short and uncertain,

and we all have limited time and resources,

we need to look at and observe others,

 and learn from their experience too.

Learning and experiencing

Your own experience is most valuable for your growth 

Experience and learning made by,

our own actions, mistakes, and observation,

it has the highest value in our growth and development,

this makes us wiser, intelligent,

rich, and content than others,

who never had them. 

Learning and experiencing

Observation is the best way to learn

So always remember,

the best tools in this world, 

to learn anything is, observation and experience,

it doesn’t matter, who had it, just learn from it,

but the best things are your own experiences.

Learning and experiencing

We have a vast treasure of experienced people,

in every walk of life, good, bad and divine,

we can learn from the experience of all of them, 

including ours, keep learning and experiencing.


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