Knowing yourself

Knowing yourself

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Knowing yourself

I don’t know about most of the things here, is true.

What I assume and pretend as I know is given by others,

by family, by society and by all other sources.

Knowing yourself

My knowledge comes from my exploration,

research, experiments, observations

and actions I have done and still do.

I have an infinite thirst for learning and knowing more,

that’s why I am here for,

I am always ready to learn more,

and am receptive to all available to me.

Knowing yourself

Learning and knowing is infinite in nature,

as much you know about anything you will find that,

a lot is unknown to you,

and what you knew is nothing,

in comparison to you ignorant about.

Knowing yourself

The wise people ever happened to the earth

told that knowing yourself will give you that 

understanding and insight that you will know 

everything ever exists here.



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