Isha Yoga Center

Isha Yoga Center – The Door to the divine

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Isha Yoga Center – The Door to the divine

Isha Yoga Center – The Door to the divine, The wonderful sacred place created by a Yogi, Mystic, and realized Master Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev at foothills of Velliangiri Mountains, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Velliangiri Mountains are the oldest mountain range in Southern part of India and known as Kailash of South.

Sadhguru says – Hundreds of realized masters, yogis, and spiritual seekers stayed and did their sadhana here for thousands of years.

It is said that Adiyogi Lord Shiva stayed here for some time on these hills, so it is as divine and filled with grace as The great Kailash Mountains, known as the abode of Lord Shiva for thousands of Years. 

Velliangiri Mountains
The Kailash of South, Velliangiri Mountains, a sacred place for yogis, mystics, and seeker of life’s mystery.
Sadhguru speaks about the Velliangiri Mountains, the Kailash of the South and of the reverberance that these peaks have absorbed from the innumerable sages and seers including the Adiyogi himself, who walked these hills.

My visit to IYC – this is the new beginning and a totally new phase of my life

This is the place I was searching, my whole life, I finally found my refuge. I wish I will stay here for as long as possible, I can stay here forever, I recently visited this sacred place, due to a deep longing in me,  it has taken me here on March 15, 2019.

I stayed here at Coimbatore city,  due to my desired accommodation at Center was not available for that period. I visited and stayed here the whole day, all 7 days, from morning to evening and went back to my hotel room daily.

I was deeply connected with the Sadhguru and this place last year through attending the Maha Shivratri Festival 2018 online web stream. This grand magnificent festival is organized by the Isha Foundation every year for many decades.

It starts at the evening of Mahashivratri at 6 PM and lasts till the next morning to 6 AM. You must stay awake here during the whole festival and can attend the program in person by visiting the place or can watch it at your home on your Smartphone or PC/Laptop, you need to register to attend it physically or virtually.

ISHA YOGA CENTER – The Door to the Divine

First of all, It is a place for people, who want to transform themselves, It is not a tourist destination, it is a place for seekers, explorers, Yogi’s and devotees and ordinary simple human beings who want to pour and surrender their heart and soul at the feet of the divine, The Sadhguru, The Adi Yogi, and Adi Shakti.

Entrance, IYC
The beautiful Entrance of Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore.

It is a sacred place highly energized and consecrated, one of the most powerful alive places in current times for transforming human beings, it is a great gift to humanity and people who want to receive the touch and taste of divinity in real, it is made for all of us by Sadhguru and Isha Foundation.

Things to remember

Do not go there with keeping your messy mind and all crap it has, keep it aside as you enter into any sacred place by removing your shoes.

Do the same with your mind, when you are here. Go there with full of love, curiosity, and gratitude, you will find something you have experienced ever anywhere in your entire life.

Do not trust my words, just do as I mentioned above and try to stay there as much time you can, at all sacred places inside the campus.

Isha Foundation is established by a realized mystic, spiritual guide, enlightened master and yogi Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and it is run, administer and served entirely by its devoted volunteers, it has many centers around the globe.


Thanks, Sadhguru for giving us the gift of graceful and highly empowered consecrated life transforming spaces.

If you visited and stayed there, surrendering yourself at the feet of ADIYOGI and ADISHAKTI, you will find that something has happened to you and your life.

Here something is magical and miraculous, you will feel more stable, quiet and balanced after staying here and even returning to your own place.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
A Yogi, Mystic, Realized Master – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder of Isha Foundation, India & many parts of the globe.

I have achieved a great sense of balance and fulfillment, just staying at all the consecrated places here, you will feel that you are healed and energized.

You will feel something undefinable healed and nourished your being and you feel connected with higher dimensions of life and you feel better and centered towards yourself, aligned and more stable.

A deep urge to rise, to awake emerges in you. If you are open and receptive enough to absorb the energies available here, you will be no more what you were before entering here. 

Now, I feel enabled and capable to handle situations and people more pleasantly, patiently, I am feeling less disturbed by outer influences, and people now, even when I have not done any sadhna or anything special, I just visited this sacred place, stayed there and it happened to me.

Here you may pray and make offerings in name of your loved ones and for yourself to receive the grace and blessings of Shiva and Shakti. You will find a great amount of change in everything after staying and absorbing grace. 

It is my personal experience being a visitor and staying here. just fall at the feet of the divine, everything will be taken care. You need to live consciously, awakened and meditatively to feel and absorb the grace and energy available here.

You must be enough ready and equipped to receive grace, and it needs purity in your heart, surrender to the divine and prompt committed attitude towards what is required to do in the right direction, in the right way and at the right time.

My next step after staying here –

I am planning and preparing myself for more deeper and profound experiences and total transformation at the level of body-mind and spiritual wellbeing.

Now I am feeling more inner centered and planning to participate in Sadhnapada, the 7 months residential life-changing program organized by Isha Foundation for individuals to learn and practice intense Sadhna, Hatha yoga and other spiritual processes under the guidance of trained masters here at Isha Yoga Center.

It is a great and rarest opportunity and chance to transform totally into something you can not imagine ever, I wish I will be there, I have applied for it, to take part in it.

The 7 months program for total transformation at IYC

I am hopeful that I will be there attending this program starting from July 2019 to the day of Mahashivratri Festival next year in 2020.

I have booked my visit to participate in the Inner Engineering Total program (Inner Engineering with Shambhavi Mahamudra) next month at IYC. I want to learn many things here, one of my dreams is to become a Hatha yoga Teacher, and practitioner of other inner disciplines performed and taught here.

Inner Engineering Total program is a minimum qualification to enter into Sadhnapada 2019 Program along with your commitment and dedication towards totally involving yourself to get best out of this amazing and rare, precious opportunity and a blessing from Sadhguru.

Do you want to become a volunteer at IYC? –

If you want to join as a volunteer at IYC to experience the culture and life here, you must attend the Inner Engineering program available at many major cities in India and abroad. You can find all the schedules and places it is available, with fees and duration.

If you didn’t attend Inner Engineering Total program or any higher level program, you will not be illegible to take part in any of the residential activities, or as an Isha Volunteer., as I learned and observed from other visitors and participants.

After attending Inner Engineering and other higher programs, you can apply for volunteering at IYC, you can find an online form to apply for it, they will respond as per the vacancy and requirements they have.

Different Places and their significance at Isha Yoga Center

The Beautiful Entrance – Great design and symbolism

The wonderful entrance gate to the center is magical and spectacular, when you enter here, you will get mesmerized by the beauty of the place, long coconut trees beside the walking passage.

A beautiful hut/information counter, to get information about, programs, and the different activities, different locations in and around the center.

Pathway to IYC entrance
The beautiful Pathway to enter into IYC campus

When you entered the IYC main entrance, you will pass through a beautiful pathway, it leads you towards the counter of depositing your footwear and valuables like mobiles, camera, and other stuff.

Please remember, Photography and wearing shoes are not allowed into the shrine areas inside the campus, there are places you can off your footwear and enter and visit different places inside the campus. Photography and mobile are prohibited inside the campus for visitors.

So keep it in mind and submit your footwear, mobile, and camera to the counters and get a token so you can collect all that you have deposited there during your visit. Please follow the instructions and obey the norms as guided and instructed by loving volunteers and attendants at all the places here.

To learn more about IYC

The Teerthakunds – The alchemic healing through charged water pond
Sadhguru says – Essentially, Suryakund and Chandrakund are energy pools that melt away karmic blocks, and that allows you to experience Dhyanalinga.

These are two wonderful places created at IYC for all the devotees and seekers of life, Suryakund is made for Men and The Chandrakund made for Women.

The Suryakund at IYC, Consecrated energized water bodies for wellbeing.

As per Sadguru – Taking a dip in these energized water bodies straightens out pranic imbalances, enhancing physiological and psychological wellbeing as well as heightening spiritual receptivity.

So one must take a dip here before visiting Dhyanlinga and Devi Temple to become more purified,  receptive and ready to receive the vibes and energies available here to absorb.

I have taken daily a dip all 7 days during my visit to IYC, it is a very calm and pleasant experience to take a dip into energized pleasant cold water, it gives a boost and freshness to receive the grace to the highly energized Dhanlingam and Devi Temple.

After taking a dip at Suryakund, you must take aarti at Naga Shrine created just above the lower steps of Surykund at the center. (You can see it in the above picture, red cloth wrapped to the Naga Shrine

You can move inside the campus after taking a dip at Suryakund or Chandrakund as they are made for men and women as per the nature and qualities of masculine and feminine energies, you can visit Dhyanlingam and Devi Temple, they are at the back side of these Teerthkunds.

The Dhyanlinga Temple – Tool to take you inwards

The Dhyanlinga is the gateway to liberation, the sacred meditation space created by great mystic and realized master Sadhguru, according to him this is the place that was the dream of many enlightened masters happened in past many hundred years.

The Dhyanlingam
Dhyanlingam, The most powerful DhyanLinga in the world at IYC
Just sitting silently for a few minutes within the sphere of Dhyanalinga is enough to make even those unaware of meditation experience a state of deep meditativeness. – Sadhguru

Sadhguru says it was the dream of his Guru, and yogis and siddhas of this land for the last 2000 years, many people tried to create it before, but not succeeded.

It is wonderfully designed and created consecrated place, it is unique, and maintained by trained volunteers man and woman both in a cycle, this is the first time in the history of mankind that man and woman both involved and allowed in it by Sadhguru.

The architecture and design of the whole campus are phenomenal, it is done with great precision and ancient wisdom and built according to architectural science of creating consecrated places in Bharat for thousands of years.

Dhyanlingam, one of its kind in the whole world, highly energized and consecrated.

Sadhguru says by the grace of divine and blessings of his guru, it has accomplished through him, it is the only one of its kind in the world, it has consecrated and energized all 7chakras at the peak, it is alive and capable to last for many thousands of years.

I have visited daily during my stay here and meditated into this wonderful space, it is magical and unparallel. I do not know anything about spirituality and meditation, but sitting here eyes closed, keep you calm and relaxed.

It was a great experience, being here, I need more physical and spiritual alignment and cleansing at the level of body and mind to align me with it and receive the higher and deeper vibrations and energies it holds, to unfold the real essence of mine. 

I am preparing myself towards it so I can make best out of it, to embrace its essence and evolve and expand my access towards my inner space and ability to get deeper experiences.

If someone is performing yogic practices and attended some of the programs run by Isha foundation and Isha Yoga Center may be capable to experience a deeper meditative state.

I have booked my space to attend inner engineering program scheduled in the next month and to experience deeper experience here.

One who is looking for real inner experiences must learn from these people and must visit and stay at least one week here to feel the grace and deep energy this place holds and touch you deeply.

This is a genuine and authentic place for exploring and knowing about your own reality and truth and enhance your way of living and perception.

You must book and confirm the accommodations before coming here from Isha Website if you want to stay inside the campus and experience the vibes and magnetic effect of this wonderful sacred space during your stay here.

You can learn more about this magnificent sacred space Dhyanlinga

The Linga Bhairvi Devi Temple – Dedicated to Mother Goddess

The Devi temple known as Linga Bhairvi Devi Temple, Devi is representing the divine feminine aspect of existence and cosmic energy. In India, devi is known as the supreme entity who governs, performs and control all the activities happening in-universe. 

Maa Linga Bhairavi Temple
Maa Linga Bhairavi Temple, IYC

It is created and consecrated by Sadhguru with special spiritual processes and prana pratishtha, it is the most vibrant and alive energy form of the divine feminine in the world now. Sadguru says it has consecrated and energized 3.5 chakras of divine energies in Linga shape.

“Those who earn the Grace of Bhairavi neither have to live in concern or fear of life or death, of poverty or of failure. All that human beings consider as wellbeing will be theirs, if only they earn the Grace of Bhairavi. – Sadhguru”

You can learn more about this magnificent sacred space Maa Linga Bhairvi Temple

I have visited daily to Maa Ling Bhairvi Temple during my stay here, it is so magical and very powerful, it is created in very specific design and shape, you can learn the whole story of its creation and consecration by Sadguru.

One must stay here and sit in front of the mother goddess, you can offer flowers and Deepa Jyoti to her, you also can offer and collect prasadam from here as blessings of Mother goddess, the divine feminine.

This sacred place is solely maintained and governed by the team of female bramhacharinis of the ashram, it is precisely designed in a specific order and in alignment and sync of other consecrated spaces here.

Sadguru says – all these sacred spaces are connected with each other and designed in such a way that they enhancing the energies and vibes of each other in tremendously powerful ways. You can feel it if you are open to receive and staying and spending some time here.

112 Feet Adi Yogi Statue – The magnificent Adiyogi 
Adiyogi is here to liberate you from disease, discomfort, and poverty – above all, from the very process of life and death. – Sadhguru

It is the most magnificent statue of Lord Shiva bust, it is so beautiful and amazing. The grace and divinity it holds are beyond expression.

 112 feet Adiyogi statue
112 feet Adiyogi statue, at IYC, magnificent, majestic.

The saptarishi mandap created at the bottom of it is amazing, Saptarishis (Seven Sages) are the first disciples of Adiyogi, Adiyogi taught them and initiated them into yogic practices, and they learned, practiced and have sown its seeds across the globe.

Here at bottom of Adiyogi Statue, you can make offerings at consecrated shivling established here. The whole place has very magnetic and divine vibrations and it is a beautiful opportunity and experience to stay here, it is so magical in the mornings and the evening time.

I have attended the recitation of Shiva strotas by young and very talented Isha school students at saptarishi mandap at the adiyogi statue is phenomenal, it takes you to the ancient times, at the times of Vedic culture where spiritual practices are done by sages and seers. 

The whole Isha yoga center is created with the wisdom of our spiritual masters, and the science of creating consecrated places in ancient India, as per the Agam Shastra.

It holds the divinity of our ancient spiritual wisdom and cultural essence, it is a blessing to visit and stay at this place, the mornings and evenings are wonderful here,  you must stay at these times and take part in the activities done here. 

You can learn more about this magnificent sacred space Adiyogi 112 feet statue 

Other Consecrated spaces at IYC –

The above mentioned consecrated spaces can be visited by anyone visiting IYC, there are many more sacred spaces here.  But people enrolled in specific programs run at IYC, can visit or stay there during their sadhna and yoga practices. They are –

Spanda Hall
Spanda Hall, the architectural marvel, Meditation Hall at IYC

Spanda HallAs you go into higher levels of meditation, you come to a state of Spanda – intense, unmanifest energy – before you literally recreate yourself. – Sadhguru

This hall is created for residential Isha Yoga Programs and celebrations happening at IYC.

adiyogi Aalyam
Adiyogi Aalyam – A consecrated space for Hathyoga Training and other residential Programs at IYC

Adiyogi AalyamThe Adiyogi Alayam is specially consecrated to allow one to experience Hatha Yoga and other yogic practices in their full depth and dimension. – Sadhguru

Final Words

Just stay there as an empty vessel, you will return with greatly touched and healed by the grace and transformational energy and effect of this sacred place.

I feel very blessed and fortunate that I planned and visited this divine place and stayed here for a short time. I am going to stay here for a very long time, as a part of the residential program and as a volunteer for different projects and activities run at IYC. 

I wish I will be here for a longer period,  it is something very extraordinary in nature and experience, my wish may fulfill with the blessings and grace of Sadhguru, Adiyogi and Maa Lingha Bhairvi.

The beauty of this place is its simplicity and indefinable grace it has. I wholeheartedly thanks to Sadhguru for creating such an amazing sacred space for inner transformation and healing.


All the links related to various websites and activities of IYC

Along with these consecrated spaces, there is Isha shoppee, here you can buy wonderful things for health, the happiness of body, mind and spiritual wellbeing, these shops are located inside the campus, as one besides the shoes and mobile submission counter at the entrance of the campus and another besides the pepper vine eatery inside the campus.

You can buy artifacts, herbal yogic medicines, organic clothing, yoga mats, organic healthy foods, Rudraksha Mala, Adiyogi Miniature statues, Sadhguru Books, audio, video DVD’s, consecrated devices for well being, prosperity and overall growth, you can also buy all these merchandises online at Isha shoppee. (They prefer cash transactions instead of paying through cards or other electronic means)

The food at Isha Yoga Center

One most important mention is the eatery inside the campus, you can get very delicious and healthy food at a very reasonable price, it is tasty, healthy and affordable for everyone at Pepper vine Eatery.

pepper vine eatery
Pepper Vine Eatery – a part of Isha Campus, wholesome food, delicious snacks, juices, cakes.

The Pepper Vine Eatery is situated inside the campus, it opens from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm every day. You can get fresh fruit juices, milk, tea, coffee, and snacks during its working hours. You can eat eggless cakes and other great delicious and healthy foods here.

You can find another eatery at the entrance of Isha Yoga Center, just at the starting of the pathway to Adiyogi Statue, at the opposite side of the Entrance gate of IYC. It is also a good place to eat delicious foods, juices at a reasonable price and of good quality.

There is an ATM available along with this Eatery,  here they accept cash only,  you cannot pay for anything by cards or electronic payments. 

You can get useful information if you are planning to visit the Center Visitors Information
You can learn about the Isha Yoga Center.

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*Note – For more information call or mail to IYC, and visit IYC website links, thanks 

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