Is it possible to be single for your entire life?

Is it possible to be single for your entire life?

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Is it possible to be single for your entire life?

Nothing wrong to make a living being single and alone, I am turning to 50, enjoyed my whole life alone, single, it was a joy, and still a celebration. I am living totally alone for the last 25 years. I have been never in any relationship and never married or have an affair.

People are feeling alone and unsatisfied with themselves so they cling to search for a partner to fulfill them and you are in trouble then. The other is also looking for one to fulfill him or her.

As per my understanding, two hollow empty buckets cannot fill each other, they create more frustration and critical situation by blaming each other for their miserable condition.

To give someone something you need to be affluent and abundant in something only a filled bucket pour anything to others, so look at yourself and ask yourself are you contented?

I am full of joy, laughter, and fun all my life, I joined people to share it with them, so they loved, adored and respected me all the time, I have helped them to live better even my life was chaotic.

Is it possible to be single for your entire life?

If you are self-contented there is no problem in living alone and single whole life. If you are feeling wanting to someone and searching for something to fulfill yourself then you are inviting troubles for you, nobody here to entertain and fulfill you, everyone here is to fulfill and entertain themselves.

Therefore, if you are not fulfilled already or contended with yourself, you cannot live alone, single or in the company of others, happily, joyous and at peace whole life.

It is ridiculous to mortgage your freedom and will to live freely to have the company of someone who rules and dictate your life, in return you are getting some facilities and comforts from them and makes you a slave or dependent on them.

If it is happening in love or a deep understanding of each other it is the best thing you can have, if not it will create conflicts and hell for both of you.

Nothing wrong in living with others, in relationships, if, it is built on mutual respect and understanding, love must be base of it, not the need to fetch something from other, it must not be a deal or bargain to get something by surrendering and compromising your soul and freedom.

If your relationships are standing to exploit and consuming others to feed your needs and demands, it will make big trouble for you all. The other will not spare you, he/she will do the same in return.

Nobody wants to be used and exploited by others. If you are not ready to give, do not ask anything from others, respect others and always ready to offer what you have.

If people in your life and around you accept and enjoy it, you will get good friends, partners and will enjoy the company of all of them.

Is it possible to be single for your entire life?

It depends on the type you are, I am an introvert from the beginning, lived alone from childhood even living with my family, I am a keen observer, thinker, and experimenter throughout my life, so I need much space and time to do it alone.

I have a lot of inquiries about myself, life, events happening around me and a thirst to know the truth about everything concerned in my life and our world.

It increased as I grow more and deeper about everything including myself. So I always need more time to live alone with myself, to explore, discover and experiment.

I love my company most, in spite of it, I have very good friends always, very kind, and loving people deeply connected to me, my whole life.

I do not feel a longing for others, if I do not talk, meet, or communicate with others for a very long time it does not disturb my peace. I am happy alone all the time, if I have my food, internet connection, books, and music, I need not anybody to keep me happy and joyous.

The very fact of life is that we came here alone, we live here alone, in spite of a lot of people around us, and we die alone. It is our forte and it is our destiny always. We have the illusion of togetherness and companionship, yes it looks like that from outside, inside deep we all are alone and single.

Living alone makes you intelligent, courageous and self-dependent, it is a boon in disguise, all the thinkers, philosophers, sages, seers, great writers, poets, creative people of all time lived alone and spent a larger portion of their life discovering and creating themselves alone away from the crowd.

Is it possible to be single for your entire life?

It is the best thing happen to you if you dare to stand and live alone on your own. It makes you very strong and confident. You can be always a good guide, friend, and leader for others and to yourself.

Living alone does not make you not to interact or make relationships with others, actually, it gives you more power and freedom to give others your best unconditionally at your ease.

You are not clinging to anyone and anything, you are living freely and respecting others freedom too. You do not force others to accept or entertain you and you can expect the same from others always.

You can move anywhere anytime, you do not carry much burden and belongings with you. You can live the life of your dreams; it is only possible with living alone and single, uncompromisingly, unhesitant.

If you are capable to live alone, you can live anywhere in the world happily, joyously with anyone, it gives a new perspective on life and leads towards ultimate freedom. You cannot be chained in restrictions, dead beliefs and mundane things of this world, you become a freed soul.

I never found that living alone and single obstruct my growth in any way. Nothing wrong in living with others, with your family, partners, if it is helping you and them to grow and give enough space and freedom to explore inside you and outside in the world.

If it is a compulsion and restricts you to do, that is most important for your growth and flowering than it is better to live alone and single.

I think all the associations are good if they lead you towards your goal of living happily, healthy and joyous if anything restricts you or creating hindrance to it worth removing from your life.

So in my opinion and understanding of life till now living alone and single is not bad in any way, but it is better to have good friends and people who love you and care about you.

You can join them, they can join you often or as and when you all feel to be together to make things happen and stay closer, to laugh, drink, dance and spent some quality time together.

It all can go hand to hand, if you have learned the art of living alone and single happily, it increases your worth, confidence and demand among others. They always look for your presence and participation with them in any event of their life.

So enjoy being single and alone it is a boon in disguise 😀

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