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Intelligence is the most powerful tool for personal growth,

and this is an indispensable tool,

for knowing about ourselves and everything in this world.


Intelligence and wisdom come through,

inquiry, search, exploration, and observation,

more we do it more chances we have to get it.


There are several means available to us to develop it,

they are studying, contemplating and listening and

learning from wise people around us and humanity had in the past.


Without intelligence, we are a slave,

we are bound to live in a dead circle of things and patterns,

which family, society, traditions, governments,

dead religions created to rule, slave and command over us.


Only intelligent people have created something new,

vibrant and out of this world, which made our life grow and flower,

the whole evolution and all creativity depend upon creative intelligence.


So we must learn to enhance and acquire it, as much as possible,

because only intelligent people of the world have a capability,

to take everything to the next level,

and towards the highest level of development of individuals,

societies and the world at large.


Our whole evolution and development is the result of,

intelligent masters and creative geniuses.

All our scientists, poets, painters, spiritual masters,

are the result of evolution, transformation,

and growth of human consciousness,

and human intelligence from the very beginning.

intelligence is asking right questions





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  1. thanks, ankita. all our inner and external growth in thousand of years happened due to the development of human intelligence, it is the most precious asset we have, the development we have seen in last 250 years, it has not happened in last 2500 years. All our creations, arts, science, architecture, music and every beautiful virtue of human race define and created by the intelligence of our masters of every walk of life.

  2. I appreciate you wrote on this…
    intelligence is the only thing which can’t cheat us… in fact help us….

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