How to live a Healthy and Happy life

How to live a Healthy and Happy life

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How to Live a Healthy and Happy life

Hello Lovers of Life, (Do you Really Love Yourself?)

I have discovered many things in the quest for better living.  In the search of How to Live a Healthy and Happy life, I have found that Conscious and healthy ways of living are the only way to achieve it.

Its process includes questioning and inquiring about everything we are connected or involved in, then contemplating, experimenting and learning from everyone and everything.

Our life is a continuous process of exploring and learning new things. Only alive beings are growing, changing and expanding, it never happens to deads. 

How to Live a Healthy and Happy life
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How to start exploring, about yourself?

The method I have used for this is inquiring, researching, experimenting and learning new things. I started it from a comprehensive health check-up of my entire body.

Our body is the door to our existence and we know very little about it. We don’t have any idea about how this most sophisticated and complex machine i.e. our body works.

My Health diagnostic reports given me sufficient hints about my current health status, I have learned that what are the potential threats growing inside me. The check-up enabled me, to know what problems are growing inside my body. 

Have you ever asked you How to Live Healthy and Happy life? We never asked this question to ourselves until we caught by unfortunate diseases or loss of health due to our ignorance and unhealthy practices.

You can make any change in your life when you know about the problem, if you are not aware of it, you cannot do anything about it, and ignorance is not bliss. We suffer because we are ignorant or avoiding things appearing and informing us in different ways.

So every accomplishment starts with knowing the facts and status of what you are now, and when you have sufficient data and facts, you can plan and create a strategy to remove threats and build what you have ever dreamed about.

And it is true about every aspect of your life, whether it is a goal of holistic living, building a healthy and happy life, or achieving any other goal. 

I have accepted the things revealed through my comprehensive health checkup and prepared myself for the necessary changes in my habits, routine, eating habits, foods in the most beneficial and scientific way.

This is the proper way I have discovered for me to grow and expand upon all the possible dimensions of life. It has been practiced by me and worked well and it will work for everyone.

Your health is the most important aspect of your life. Your physical and mental health decides what you can do in your lives and how much you can enjoy, what you have now.  

How to live a Healthy and Happy life

The process of Transformation 

It starts by checking the status of your physical and mental health, after knowing and doing the necessary changes, you enabled yourself to heal and help yourself. It will help you to overcome all the complications, and hurdles in the growth and fulfillment of life.

The goal is to live happy, healthy life abundantly, consciously and joyously.

Do things which are most important for your healthy and happy living, and do not follow anybody blindly, experiment and learn from every genuine and trustworthy source, and always follow your intuition.

It will be possible that these things may prepare you all to become more curious and responsible towards your own life and it starts by taking care of your body and mind

If you understand it properly, it will prepare you, to ask, to know and discover yourselves and to create the life of your dreams and answer for your quest for How to live Healthy and happy life. 

This will help you to meet, the goals of holistic living and fulfilled life and a uniform harmonious growth in every walk of life.

We all have lots of stories of hurts and failures, and a lot of tragic and unfortunate events and losses, due to our unconscious and unhealthy ways of living. 

Your experience and current status tell about what kind of people, thoughts, habits, interests, influences, and circumstances you are associated with now and in the past.

But after going through all kinds of losses, difficulties and challenges you can recover and rejuvenate yourself by freeing yourself from all the bullshit, you are carrying with you now and had in the past.

You need to make a promise to yourself that, you will not allow anyone and anything, that can harm your body and mind in any way, from this point forward, and it starts with you. If you do not do it for yourself, you cannot make it for anyone else.

How to live a Healthy and Happy life

If you are ready to know and to accept all the mistakes, sick habits and activities, associations which made your life miserable, then you have great chances to make your life more juicy and beautiful.

This will be possible only by recognizing and accepting the problems inside your body and mind, you must check it by the impact of all your habits, associations and activities you are doing round the clock. You are the biggest friend and enemy of yourself. 

You need to free yourself from the grip of all of it, which does not serve you any more to keep you in the right direction and towards the goal of happy and healthy living.

If you made these changes totally, honestly and sincerely you can see that you have totally changed your life and experience, you can see the difference in you that what you are now and were before.  

It is great to be lived, survived and grown in so many difficult environments and with a variety of people in your surroundings. It’s also great to have to smile, still on your face and trust in life and all gifts it has given to you and greatness and divinity of human spirits.

How to live a Healthy and Happy life

What do you need to make it a reality in your life, How to Live Healthy and Happy life?

You must prepare yourselves for greater endeavors and to create outstanding results for you. your life is continuous experimentation and learning through a lot of trial and errors to attain and deliver the best from you. 

Why is it so?  The answer is as simple as the question is; it needs a total change in ways of seeing and doing things in the first place.  And only those who are ready, to transform will be capable of making it a reality in their own life.

We all dream about it, for a better, greater & fulfilled life. But there are always only a few in millions that can make it a reality. You can be one of them who can make it possible anytime. 

It starts and depends on you totally. What is your attitude towards your own life and being? What are you doing to your body-mind 24X7/365?

Your life is what you put in it, knowingly / unknowingly, intentionally / unintentionally, consciously / unconsciously. It creates the final outcome of it. 

The input decides and creates the output. A simple rule of life, if you are getting wrong results, you are not doing things in the right way, you must check and change your approach towards your living, thinking and doing everything. Then you can witness it, you get what you want, just learn about yourself first. 

How to live a Healthy and Happy life


These are the factors, responsible for all the problems and losses you have in the course of your life, and the unconscious and unhealthy way of living is the main cause of it.

You are one single organism the body-mind-spirit if any wrong happened/done with any of the others are also affected at the same moment and lose their essence and strength and get sick and degraded.

Your all layers are deeply connected with your being and into the existence, you are not separate from anything in this whole universe. Be aware of it and check what is going on with you. 

How to live a Healthy and Happy life

The key to Blissful life 

If you want better things to happen to your life, you must make space for good people and healthy things/habits/practices.  And it starts with eating good, natural, fresh and healthy nutritional foods.

If your body is free from toxins and malnutrition, you will do better things in life, to do and achieve everything in your life, you need a good healthy body and a sound mind.

You must adapt and accept a healthy and conscious way of living, and get rid of all non-essentials in your life. This includes – change in attitudes, thoughts, habits, activities, routines, desires, associations (physical, mental spiritual).

You should free yourselves of everything deceased, outdated and destructive, by throwing it out and replacing with life positive, healthy and nourishing foods, activities and associations.

It is a necessity, without freeing yourselves from ugly, suffocating and degrading garbage, you are carrying and consuming round the clock, in terms of food, habits, association, thoughts, you will never get healthy, fulfilled and blissful life.

Always remember the right things are right, even nobody is caring about it, and the wrong things are wrong, even everybody is doing it. People prefer alcohol over juices, cola over coconut water, So if you are doing so, it’s time to awake and change it. if you want to live longer, disease-free, Healthy and happy life. 

We need to check this out in ourselves and must do the necessary actions to free from all of it. As an example salad is 1000% times better than McDonald fries and burger, whether you can see it or not. 

If you do not apply these necessary changes, will not uplift and grow in higher planes of your existence and will never be able to grow in developed and more peaceful and pleasant space of your being.

But if you want to live as best in all species as human beings, you must be ready to learn and practice, the essentials of life and, to make compulsory changes in you without any exception and excuses.

How to live a Healthy and Happy life

The transformation happened to them who are prepared and devoted to it

So, Dear friends, be ready for a total makeover and transformation of your life in body, mind, and spirit by changing your attitudes to life and all the physical and mental habits/activities.

If you want to grow and acquire higher state of conscious and healthy living before you die, you must think and do in the right direction, at the right time before things get more complicated and incurable.

You must care about it, if you do not hear the call of your life, will suffer from unrecoverable losses.

If you think that you are living a healthy and better life, but you are mistaking most of the times. How ignorant and unaware you are of your physical, mental and spiritual status?

You know nothing about its healthy or diseased state. Do you know how it is now? Take a comprehensive health checkup to know it., then you can do the necessary corrective actions to transform your body mind and health status.  

We didn’t learn and perhaps forget that life is a constant search for excellence and a necessity to upgrade, to advance and learn new things and ways for better living and fulfillment.

Hope you will get, what is really good for you, by thinking, searching, experimenting, and learning from all discussed here, you can help yourself by doing the right things, in the right directions, consciously, honestly, lovingly and regularly.

How to live a Healthy and Happy life

Always remember it’s your life, you should value it, and be always ready to give it the best you can. It will return to a thousand fold back to you. And it starts with caring for your body and mind. 

Stay connected and read the posts about the valuable life-changing activities and methods. I have applied for the long course of my life. You may get benefit by thinking, researching and applying them as per your requirements and a need for a positive and healthy change.

Your life will be better as much consciously and carefully, lovingly you behave and treat it, this is the secret of How to Live Healthy and Happy Life.

So, be ready for a good, conscious living, it leads you towards the road to excellence and ultimate bliss. Wish you a Happy & Healthy and Conscious life.

Lovingly yours


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