How to live healthy and disease free life - IV

How to live a healthy and disease free life – IV

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How to live a healthy and disease free life – IV

Welcome to my final part of How to live a healthy and disease free life series.

As I have told and discussed in my previous articles that I have taken health checkup of 70000 INR in last 3 and half years to know what is going inside my body?

As in my previous article, I have also told and all the nutritional experts of the world recommending this basic fundamental of eating and having balance and nutritional diet as per your body’s status and requirement.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - IV

Eating Much or less is not good, eating the right thing and in the right quantity works well

Maybe you can say that you are eating a lot whole day, it made you overweight and obese too, how can you be malnourished, you may be, eating much and junk cannot make you healthy and nourished.

Proper nutrition is related to right and balanced diet, eating plenty of food, which rarely has nutritional value in it, does not keep you fit and healthy. 

People who are addicted to eating junk foods, processed foods, at home and eating outside, most of the times, have the maximum possibility of being malnourished and nutrient deficient.

People who do not have a good digestive system and a healthy gut, suffering from IBS and other stomach related diseases have chances of malnourishment even after they are eating good food. 

Stomach and gut disorders prevent absorption of nutrients from the food you eat.

So this is multi-tier, multifaceted and multi-layered problem, you need a suitable health check-up as per your requirement. So always know what is right food for you and how much you need to eat them?

How to live a healthy and disease free life - IV

Take a comprehensive health checkup, It will help you to know and check and confirm that your body and its organs are functioning well.

It will assure you that you are taking a good amount of nutrients and they are properly absorbed by your gut and intestine area and send to your bloodstreams for the proper functioning of your body, the most complex organic machine in this world.

The other physical and mental health problems created by the suppression of emotions and unsurfaced stress on body and mind.

It may be the case that you are not doing any of the abuses to your body, but it does not ensure and confirm that you are not caught by critical illnesses and diseases.

Most of the time people found with drinking, smoking and eating junk food, found seriously ill, toxins are not collected from only outside environment they are coming from consumption of wrong and unhealthy food.

Your mental conditions, toxic emotions, a sick pattern of thinking,  suppression of emotional shocks, depression and psychic health problems cause more serious problems than outside junk and toxins received.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - IV

You may produce more amount of toxins inside you with your inner sickness, which was created by your suppression of emotions (impact of unsurfaced desires, anger, love, dreams, mishappenings on body and mind), wrong thinking pattern, failures, wrong influences, and associations in your life.

You are psychosomatic, Mind and body both at once, there is no boundary between them. It is proven that anyone can be found with malnutrition and overnutrition and deficiencies and excessiveness of vitamins, minerals, and important nutrients in your body.

Balancing and caring about all these factors is the key to a happy, healthy and growing life, how many of you actually are aware of it, and doing anything in this regard and caring about it? 

It doesn’t matter in what environment you are living and what eating and living habits you have and what social and financial status you have. It may happen to anyone, and believe me and check by yourself, how true it is?

Life needs balance and you are obsessed and filled with an imbalance in everything in your life. This causes all the physical and mental complications in your body and mind. And only through balancing and nourishing your body-mind you can attain peace and goal of living blissfully.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - IV

Check these things with yourself if you are suffering from any kind of physical or mental illness 

  • Do you know about the status of inner health of all your vital organs?
  • Do you have information about vitamins, minerals, nutrients and toxic elements status in your body?
  • Do you know what impact your eating/drinking/smoking/thinking habits producing on your body and mind?
  • Do you know what the causes of your physical and mental problems are?
  • Are you taking good nutritious food to keep you healthy and free from ailments?
  • Are you suppressing your emotions, desires, shocks or failures? 
  • Are you in the wrong company of things, people, influences and habits? 

How to live a healthy and disease free life - IV

People are having diseases due to unhealthy living practices and suppressed emotions and sick psychic conditions

Watch for these symptoms on your body and mind – deprived of sleep, or caught by sleepiness all the time, are you feeling tired, or having some problems, and symptoms of diabetes, obesity, low breathing. 

Are you feeling tiredness, mental instability, mood swings, low self-esteem, feeling drained, fatigued, negative feelings and attitudes of failure, violence, impatient, and restlessness?

You may be feeling sick and disturbed and have more than one symptom on your body-mind, and you may be aware of it or not or acknowledged them.

You probably say that the circumstances, people, this and that are responsible for these horrific conditions and symptoms in your life and health status.

It may be true to certain extent, but medical science and other health experts who analyzed and diagnosed thousands of people in different environments, cultures, having different physical, mental and economic status, age groups and genders.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - IV

The researchers and scientists discovered that the root cause of most of these symptoms is malnutrition, deficiencies, unhealthy habits, unmonitored emotional, physical practices.

These things are responsible for keeping you healthy if taken care of them properly or make you utterly sick and abnormal if ignored and neglected.

So how can you check this, what is the current status of your body and mind, its Wellness/Malnutrition state? How much you are efficient and deficient in terms of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, proteins, and other vital necessary ingredients.

What are the things responsible for the proper functioning of all your vital organs that contributing in the most influential way to keep you healthy, happy and high? 

There is no way to check these properties from outside, from outside you only can see and observe the above-mentioned symptoms you are suffering from.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - IV

How much psychologically healthy or sick you are? How much have you suppressed your emotions, frustration, problems, failures, pains, and desires? This is also the most important thing to know about yourself. 

To know more about it in detail and real-time, you need to get a health checkup and take some diagnostics to get a report of what is happening inside of the most sophisticated and complex machinery in this world, i.e. your body and your supermind.

After these different diagnostic reports and checkups, you can determine with the help of a health expert what is causing to your body and mind to be diseased or stealing your joy and vitality. 

I have invested 900000 INR in last three years on discovering and experimenting on my health, I have taken different health checkups and repeat checkups of worth 70000 INR to know the progress of growth in my corrective decisions about my health and longevity.

I have totally changed my lifestyle, eating, and all other habits, associations and got tremendously positive and healthy results related to the growth and health of my body-mind.

Your body is your only tool to get everything in your life, all the happiness, achievements and accomplishments depend upon your healthy body-mind status.

This must be the prime concern in your life, if you ignore or neglect it, you are going to lose everything you have, in terms of money, health, relationships, and joy.

You must care about your body and mind, and keep it healthy, and free from all kind of diseases, abuse, and disorders, physical mental both.

So it is advised, it doesn’t matter how fit and fine you look from outside or feel or caught by critical diseases and symptoms at your body and mind. You must take frequent medical checks to ensure and confirm what really going on inside you.

And at around the globe, there are many sophisticated and reputed health diagnostic labs are available to get a normal standard body check up and for other advanced levels critical diagnostic programs.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - IV

Cure and revival start from knowing your current physical-mental status if you have correct and efficient data about your body and mind, your routines, habits, actions and its impact on your personal, professional life around the clock.

The cure and revival depend upon the correctness of data about all above-mentioned matters if diagnostics and data are not correct the cure will be not as effective as it can be.

You must know the root cause of all your physical and mental problems caused by under or over nutrition and other physical and psychological variables responsible for it. 

There are multiple tests are available from different health diagnostic labs around the globe, check what is available in your region and get a comprehensive health checkup. 

If you have diagnosed previously with any symptom of disease take a regular checkup to know the status and improvements. 

In India, there are many Pathology and diagnostic labs such as Thyrocare, Dr. Lal Ptholab, Metropolis, SRL Diagnostics are at the national level and many are state and regional level.

I have taken tests from Thyrocare, Dr. Lal Pathlabs and Metropolis, these are the most trusted brands for routine and critical health checkups.

So dear friends the final words in this wonderful How to live a healthy and disease free life series, health is the most precious thing and only wealth you can have with you in this life or another life.

So care most about it, invest in yourself first then in gold and other stuff, if you do not have a healthy body and sound mind, all the material and physical wealth, gadgets will not give you any joy, and peace of mind in any way.

Your healthy body-mind is the biggest and most precious assets you can ever have, take care of it most.

Stay healthy and happy, stay blessed.

Ask questions, comment, and share. Tell your physical and mental problems, share your stories and experience and tell us about what topics would you like to read here more.

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