How to live a healthy and disease free life - III

How to live a healthy and disease free life – III

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How to live a healthy and disease free life – III

Hi, friends,

Welcome to my concluding part of How to live a healthy and disease free life series.

As I have told and discussed in my previous articles that I have taken health checkup of 70000 INR in last 3 and half years to know what is going inside my body?

How to live a healthy and disease free life - III

Why do you need to get Health Checkups?

You cannot know what is your health status from outside of your body. You cannot know what is the status of your vital organs, what complication is growing inside you?

How Healthy or diseased you are or prone to serious health hazards? Are you well nourished or malnourished, nothing can be said from the outside?

You only know anything in this regard and learn through the various health checkups available from renowned Diagnostic Labs all over India and Abroad.

So to know the answer to all these questions as What is the status of your internal organs? What is the level of all the essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and toxicity in your body?

Is there any unnatural growth of harmful substances in your body or deficiency of vital nutrients and growth related necessary elements?

In spite of that I don’t have any specific or serious health problem from then to now, or before in the last 37 years, (excluding few events I have discussed in my previous article).

I just took these tests as a preventive measure and out of my experimentation and curiosity, and it was paid off very well.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - III

How my health checkups helped me to recognize the root cause and minimize a lifelong health problem

I have discovered many shocking facts about my own body and internal organs sick and healthy state. I have taken some specific tests to know more deeply about my body and symptoms I am living with.

The special test reports have given me a shocking revelation about my body and a problem I was suffering from my childhood. I was very easily caught by cold and cough at an early age.

We have taken it normally as I was much sensitive to environmental variables than other kids in the family and surrounding.

I was easily affected by cold foods and drinks if taken in winter or cool weather especially in evening times.

I have chronic cold allergies in winter and dusty environments; it has turned more troublesome when I shifted 18 years ago to the current city the capital of Chhattisgarh state, Raipur.

It is one of the most polluted cities in India. The weather is almost dry round the year, and I have to work and move at least 2 to 3 hours daily in the polluted city environment as per job and business requirements.

Many mornings I wake up and I have suffered from sinus problem in winters, and in summers sneezing and running nose continuously for a few minutes, it turns normal in a few hours.

I was fed up with these frustrating problems many mornings in these seasons.

I need to run coolers to stay at home and office because it is very hot in summer and most of the months around the year.

And it creates allergic reactions due to humidity, dust particles, mold and bacteria in the air, and cool breeze of cooler spreading it more in the room.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - III

I cannot sit in front of the cooler or direct under full speed running a ceiling fan in cold days without covering my head with some clothes, it will raise my Eosinophilia and create sneezing and sinus problems.

It was a terrible experience most of the days, I never took any medicines for it; because all allopathic medicines suppress cold and create coughing problems, and I hate antihistamines.

I always cured it through herbs like turmeric, bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, and Jaggery or honey.

I prepare a Herbal Tea (kaadha) along with these spices and a spoon of clarified Butter (Shuddha Ghee) it gave me instant relief.

What have I Discovered through my Multi-discipline Allergy Test?

And you will feel strange that what I have discovered the reason behind this critical problem haunted me from my childhood till I have taken that (check my food allergy test report hereFood Allergy test.

It has changed the scene of this problem in my body and my life forever.

I have discovered through my test that what elements triggering this problem in my body? I have never imagined before that, what was the reason of that problem in my body? 

But when I knew it, I was shockingly surprised and that opened my eyes totally.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - III

I have learned that how wrong foods and other foods ingredients that are not accepted and digested by your body, and did not support by your immune system can make physical and mental hazards for you. They can keep you in trouble for a lifetime if not diagnosed, checked and cared timely, properly.

I have discovered that through my food allergy test that I am highly allergic to 6 foods listed there; it has more chance that I am allergic to much more but I am not aware of it and that test was not capable to discover all of it.

There are thousands of food materials available in this world and we do not know to whom we are allergic.

Along with this, I have found allergic to mold and dust, some fumes and perfumes, some medicines and drug combinations, allergic to some pets, plants.

It was a very descriptive and comprehensive test and covered more than 350 kinds of allergens in more than 6 categories.

There are around 100 food materials and food ingredients listed in the test list. They test your body and immune system through a blood test against them.

It generates a comprehensive report of allergens measurement in defined units for those listed food materials and other categorized variables.

The report generated after test shows you that for how many of listed items in their categories you are allergic(vegetables, grains, pulses, spices, nuts, fruits, along with dairy products, 9 non-vegetarian foods listed out of thousands of available in this world).

Most of these foods I am eating from the day I was able to start eating and eventually my body has not supported them as I grew up ahead.

And they started triggering and surfacing after a certain age, and am totally ignorant about it till I have taken that test.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - III

I was shocked by the report, but it helped me to recover and minimize the problem 

Hundreds of food items are eaten by most of you in daily meals from childhood to death, but you don’t know about their chemistry and implication on your body-mind.

I have learned that as per the report, I am allergic to Almonds, Tomatoes, Capsicum, Bananas, Oranges and Ground Nuts, it may be more but that test is not capable to trace more than listed in it.

These are the triggers of allergic reactions and all I have suffered from my childhood to that day I received my report. I have stopped consuming all these foods from that very moment I received my report.

I was regularly consuming all of them in sufficient quantity, I was consuming groundnut oil and nuts from childhood, at my home, we were using groundnut oil for all our cooking.

Tomatoes, I was too fond of eating raw tomatoes and in salads and chutneys. Banana and oranges were my favorite fruits because they are not much sweet as other fruits. 

Almonds were the only nut I have consumed a lot before my tests, I have given all stock of Almonds to my friends.

I always like to cook mix vegetables, so capsicum, tomatoes are the compulsory part of my curries. I didn’t aware that I am consuming the cause of my allergic bursts.

I was eating them for the last 42 years and I have stopped suddenly eating them, and from that day I have reduced my chronic sneezing, running nose and sinus problem forever.

It is not gone completely, but there are other factors also responsible for it, lack of exercise, low immunity, dust, and fume allergy, to handle it I am wearing a mask.

When I go outside the city by my bike, it helped me to reduce environmental pollution attack by 95% also. 

I never go outside the city without wearing a mask during driving. It is available online and costs 120 to 350 INR and work for months. It prevents me very well from outside dust and fumes.

I have cured this problem 95% by just stop eating these food items, I don’t eat outside much so there is no chance to eat them anyway.

Even when I visit my mother’s home, she does not mix these food items in recipes during my stay with them, I requested her not to mix them in my food.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - III

What you need to do in this regard

So one thing I want to say to all my friends that you cannot know anything about these things and the root cause of all the physical and mental problems your food habits and routines created for you.

So start it from general checkup and if you are suffering from any specific disorders as I was suffered from allergies, you must learn about it, consult your doctor and take a specific test before it gets too late.

If you do not trace and track the root cause of any problem or ailment causing you problem towards the goal of living a healthy disease free life and having a good healthy body and a peaceful and sound mind.

You need to discover it as early as possible, and these health checkups are the primary tools to know about your body and what happens inside you.

What is Food Intolerance? 

How to live a healthy and disease free life - III

Along with food allergies diagnosis, it is equally important to take a health checkup to know the food intolerance you have. Food intolerance test will help you to know what food your body has less tolerance, so you can avoid those foods in your consumption and prevent yourself to be caught by allergic reactions and Auto Immune diseases

Other things to be taken care of healthy and disease free life

Along with it, you need to check this at a psychological level too, what you are feeding to your mind, what associations you have and what they are producing for you, at the level of your mind and psyche. 

What you think and desire all the time, what you watch, read, discuss, dream and want to become. The associations you have, people in your life, relationships, online activities, forums, groups, films, books.

The influence of people in your family, friends, society, religion, political ideology, personalities, ideas you have, mindsets and thinking patterns and lifestyle you have.

Diagnose deeply everything and you will find the root cause of your happiness and miserable state whatever you are living now, check it now and get control of your life in your own hand.

You need to diagnose and check everything connected to you, you need to take proper diagnostics to know the deeper truth about your body and mind.

You must know, what makes you healthy and what made you sick and diseased. Ignorance is never bliss, it will put you into more and more troubles always. 

So stay awake and know about your body mind and stay healthy and Happy. 


for more information and the final part of this series please read the How to live a healthy and disease free life – iv


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