How to live a healthy and disease free life - II

How to live a healthy and disease free life – II

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How to live a healthy and disease free life – II

Hello, friends,

As I have discussed and described my experimentation and results I have got due to my exploration and experiments in quest of healthy and happy living in my previous post How to live a healthy and disease free life – I.

The concluding part of the post is here to make you more aware and informed about your own health, body, and mind. 

Our Life is a journey to explore, experiment, experience, learn and correct our mistakes

As I have mentioned in my previous post and analysis I have done about my health status, through various health checkups in the last three years. We can always learn from our mistakes and of others and grow better always.

 I have spent About INR 70,000.00 just to ensure what is going inside my body, and what is the health status of all my internal organs and health-related different measures and parameters concerned to them.

 I don’t have any health problem from then to now, or before in the last 37 years. (Excluding a few events mentioned in this real and interesting story ahead).

But through my diagnostic reports and checkups, I have discovered many shocking facts about my own body and nutrients level and some other factors. 

 How to live a healthy and disease free life - II

You must know the status of your health, get health checkups of your body

You cannot know about your inner body status and the condition of your internal vital organs from outside. Your lives major health issues depend on these status and specific conditions. And you can learn it only by taking regular health checkups, there is no other way to know it.

I was always so conscious and alert about my health (excluding few events and activities I have done in my life due to my ignorance and unawareness towards their impact on my body and mind in long run) and did every possible thing to keep me alive, healthy and fit.

Everyone makes mistakes so I have made a lot earlier as well and I have paid for it well, but awaken early and changed my attitudes and habits timely, so I am safe and sound now.

Consciousness is the key to live healthy and happy always

You can overcome from any of your habits and wrongs you have done to yourself under any influence, associations if you are conscious and aware of it. You can change anything in your life, If you take care of it timely, sincerely and very honestly.

It takes a lot of time and patience to recover, and sometimes it has left some signs and impact of it on your body and mind, which stays longer with you, don’t worry just carry on ahead and do not do it again.  

It is a very strange phenomenon that you may be conscious and unconscious both at once, regarding many things about yourselves and people, facts and truths in your life and environment.

You can see it through this example – people are so much affectionate and caring about their own pets, i.e. dogs, cats, birds but at the same time they are killing and eating other animals, like pork, cow, goats, sheep, cocks, turkey,  buffaloes and all kind of others and sea animals.

This is the proof and truth about all of us, you are aware and conscious of some things and a lot unaware and unconscious about a lot of things at the same time.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - II

It’s strange that you are kind and human to someone and some things and unkind and utterly inhumane to many others at the same time due to your unconsciousness and blindness towards other things and matters.  

The difference between a miserable person and a blissful wise man is the degree of awareness and level of consciousness they have. It makes someone Buddha and someone the ugliest beast on this earth, what would you like to be, the choice is always yours.

Our pattern of conscious living and thinking is the cause of all the blissful and healthy state of our body and mind and its absence creates pain and suffering in our life.

The purpose of life is to become more sincere, aware and conscious about yourselves and everything connected to you in your life and environment. 

The Events in My life I have Taken Health treatments in the last 37 years

In last 37 years of my life, I never visited doctors or taken any medicines for any sickness, excluding a few incidents, they are as –  7 years ago I had an operation for my appendicitis removal, it was sudden, and unexpectedly happened.

Another event was, I went to an eye specialist due to my eyesight degeneration, it has been caused by due to my age and more to my extensive exposure to computer screens for very long hours, I have been working with computers for last 23 years at least 8 hours a day.

Last was, I went to a dentist to remove one of my rotten teeth at the same year, it was happened due to my habit of chewing betel leaves (people of India know what it is) from childhood and smoking for last many years.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - II

Unhealthy habits and routines cause all kind of diseases and harms to your body mind 

These are the only events in my life when I went to get any treatment or medicines for my health problems. All these events happened in my life due to some of my unhealthy habits and unconscious lifestyle in that period of my life. Other minor cough and colds I have managed through my kitchens spices and herbs.

My early graying of hairs was caused by my habit of smoking for long years and eating nutrient deficient foods. It has happened due to that I have been living for more than the last 20 years alone and away from my home.

It caused me this problem, you are not getting sufficiently nutritional food outside as you are eating when you are at home and cooked by your mothers, sisters, and wives.

It was the reason I have some nutrient deficiencies in my test reports taken in the last 3 years. You are getting wholesome food at your homes, the traditional natural food prepared at your home is best for your health.

Here, I am talking about homes where healthy and nutritional cooking and eating is the priority in serving dishes to all the family members and the guests. My mother is the best cook, you can read about it here.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - II

What you have to keep in mind before eating or buying junk?

We all have habits of eating outside, at the restaurants, fast food junctions, from street side spicy food vendors. One thing you must remember that the food you eat outside is highly processed, not fresh most of the time and not hygienic and nutritious.

Most of the times it is highly toxic and without any nutritional value, due to high processing and heating and frying many times, it turns them dead and nutritionless as pure junk.

You must search, inquire by yourselves on Google or check food packets before buying anything you eat or serving it to your family and friends. You must check before to eat drink and consume any food products and other food ingredients purchased from the market or online.

You must not consume them without knowing about their good and bad effects on your health, body, and mind, why you would buy diseases and health problems by paying for unhealthy and junk foods. If you are doing it knowingly and willingly, then you need serious psychic and medical treatment. 

You must not consume them at any cost if they are unhealthy and containing or made from material and ingredients, which made them toxic and harmful for your consumption. You must not be the slaves of your taste buds, it will lead you towards very serious health problems and deadly incurable diseases.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - II

Your ignorance and negligence cost you a lot in the long run

It is unfortunate and sad that people of the world know everything about all the harmful packaged, branded and processed foods, drinks available in the market. They are consuming it blindly, unconsciously and paying thousands of bucks on health treatments, drugs, and hospitals after getting sick from their consumption.

I feel very strange by seeing how idiot and blind people are? They are purchasing diseases and all kind of physical and mental problems by eating an enormous amount of junk and making themselves slave of their taste buds and suffer a lot in an unimaginable way.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - II

Food Manufacturers and Vendors Selling it for their Profits, not for your health

The hotel, Restaurants and food vendors not caring about your health and nutrition level of the foods they are selling. Their ultimate motive is to sell as much they can and how can they make you visit more and more to consume the rubbish they are selling in the name of the delicious food, to make more profits.

It is true in the case of 95% of them, especially with so-called big brands. They are glamorizing their foods with attractive commercials and to make people addict to consume more their highly toxic and processed food, drinks. They are using utterly harmful chemicals and ingredients which seduce you and make you slave of their products.

Foods sold by International Food Chains and Junk Food Parlors is highly toxic and dangerous for health.  The internet is filled with the medical experts report on all the multinational brands and products they sell, the process, the ingredients they are using to make these so-called famous foods.

They are exposed, their conspiracy of making people addicted to their products. They are selling the worst things to the ignorant blind people who are slaves of their taste buds and ignoring the truth about these companies, sick and criminal agenda. 

These foods and drinks are responsible for so many horrible and most critical physical and mental disorders to the kids, youngsters, and people of all age group. They are playing with innocent people lives to make more profits.

They are using chemical, colors, pesticides, preservatives and other additives to make it more attractive, tasty and to increase their shelf life. And people are so idiot and blind, they are going these food chains and consuming most harmful things sold in fancy names. 

 All your Junk foods, cold drinks, (Pizza, Burger, Hot dogs, fries, shakes, pies, cakes etc. most of the packaged and processed foods, juices, carbonated beverages, and so-called healthy drinks) are highly toxic and have nothing good in them from the nutritional and health point of view.

How to live a healthy and disease free life - II

What you need to Do in this regard and what I am doing?

You must prefer to eat organic, natural, unprocessed healthy and nutritional foods, as nuts, dry fruits, and fruits, sprouts, unpacked fresh juices, and homemade dishes prepared by you, or your mothers, sisters, and wives. Eat fermented foods like Dosa-Idli, Dhokla, and healthy foods like Upma, oatmeal.

And it is normal for your ladies at homes, they cook very healthy and tasty traditional food at home, with taste and health. Now I have learned a lot and making my meals full of nutrients and nourishing.

I have taken care as much I can of myself, I avoided eating outside, as much I can, I never liked eating deep fried foods, snacks, and any kind of junk and stupid unhealthy cold drinks(Cola, Pepsi and other popular among stupid youngsters and all age people).

I have eaten veg pizza 2 times, veg burger 3 times, and cold drinks a few more times in the last 37 years. I always preferred to eat at home, even when I went to any party, I went there after eating food at home. Ha ha ha ha, my mother always feels very strange and laughed louder due to my habits and activities. 

I am cooking for myself for the last 7 years. And try to get all nutrients and essential elements I can include in my daily diet, I am vegan for the last 4 years and vegetarian throughout my life.

I am not consuming white sugar for last 4 years, replaced it with organic jaggery(Gud), I was eating it only with my green teas, organic coffee, I do not eat sweets of any kind excluding jaggery and organic honey with my hot drinks.

I have not eaten anything outside in the last three and a half years and even before I ate rarely outside., I always preferred to eat at home and good food.

I drink only RO/purified water, I increased the intake of green vegetables, fruits, and nuts in my daily diet. For the last 42 months, my daily food costs me around 15000-20000/PM, I will tell you in detail in my other post.

It is always better to spend on good food and healthy habits than hospital bills, expensive medicines, and health treatments. I never want to live on medicines and visit hospitals. Do good to yourself. 

How to live a healthy and disease free life - II

How can you prevent you from these threats?

Diseases and sickness not formed in one day in your body and mind, they took a long course as per immunity and strength and resistance your body and mind have against all the diseases. But their symptoms and indications may be visible and you get hints from time to time from your body and organs.

If you are aware and conscious of these signals and symptoms appearing and surfacing on your body and mind. You can do something to prevent and cure and save yourselves from deadly diseases and potential physical, mental financial damages or loss of life in a very unfortunate way.

From the last 3 and half years, I have changed my total eating, living habits, associations and job I was doing. I eat only certified organic foods (grains, oils, nuts, spices) as much as possible as per availability in my city, or I am buying them online.

Fruits and vegetables are not available organic in my city, but I prefer to buy them from local farmers who do not use much chemicals and pesticides to produce them. Do exercises, eat only as you need to live healthy and energetic. Eat only nutritious and healthy food, fresh and light. 

How to live a healthy and disease free life - II

How do you know about your Healthy or Disease status?

First, this is to take routine health checkups half-yearly, monthly, annually as per your health status and requirement. I have taken health check-up of 70000 INR in the last 3 years from India’s top Pathology and health diagnostics lab, like Thyrocare, Dr. Lal Pathlabs, and Metropolis, look what is available near you.

You can book tests online; most of the good Diagnostic Labs have their collections centers and franchise in all 2 and 3 tier cities also. You can get information about them from their website or can know it by calling them to their toll-free numbers.  

What can the right food bring to your life and health status?

We are made of what we are eating all the time, from cradle to grave. Our food constructs and constitutes all our emotions, thoughts, activities and intentions. So it is the most important thing in our life that what we are eating all the time.

Our wisest ancestors, Sages and Enlightened masters taught us to eat better and pure to live and attain a higher level of consciousness and blissful experience of higher planes of our existence. There is one oldest saying in this regard “JAISA KHAVE ANNA, WAISA HOVE MAN” (It includes everything you consume in form of food, thoughts, and information) it means, WHAT YOU FED TO YOURSELF, CREATES YOUR REALITY.

They have segmented it into the three categories as SATVIK, RAJASIK, and TAMASIK, and highly insisted that the quality and quantity of food create your reality and level of experiences you can have in your life. Whatever you eat and consume in the form of food, thought and information creates your reality.

Your body and mind, are the output of what you fed to yourselves all the time. So be aware and conscious about it, if you consume junk and rubbish, you will be that as a result of it. All your junk comes in the category of TAMASIK, it creates, addiction, lethargy, laziness, obesity, and sickness.

How to live healthy and disease free life - II

I prefer to eat 75% SATVIK and 25% RAJASIK foods to keep me alert, wise, active and free from the impact of TAMASIK foods,  mindsets and activities.

I purchased all the food, grains, spices online from many online stores and other organic foods manufacturers and suppliers. One of my friend from Bhilai has opened an organic food store at Raipur and Bhilai, if you live here in these two cities, you can buy it from them, The Need Organic Store.

And this has changed my perception and living pattern, way to see things and I have started working in a totally new area of Blogging about conscious and healthy living and Web Designing.

Food has a magical contribution to your physical and mental health and growing consciously, spiritually. Our sages and spiritual masters highly recommended different kinds of foods to create a different level of consciousness and life experiences.

They have recommended and prescribed a different variety of foods for the people of different level of mental and physical and spiritual activities and it has a very developed science in ancient times.

You can also see its implications by applying and eating a different kind of foods and their impact on your body-mind and spiritual growth and level of consciousness. 

Maybe you are looking and showing from outside good, without knowing what you are doing to yourselves and your precious body-mind by pouring all kind of shit on it round the clock, check this out. 

Live consciously and stay Healthy, Happy and Blessed.


For more information and the concluding part of my experiments and results I have produced in the last 36 years please read the How to live a healthy and disease free life – III

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