How to live a healthy and disease free life-I

How to live a healthy and disease free life-I

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How to live a healthy and disease free life – I

Many readers/visitors of my blog asked me to write something that is helpful to detect and remove existing and potential threats related to their health and well-being naturally and to enable them to live a healthy and happy and disease free life.

This post is very long, so I have made a series of multiple posts to tell you all about the experiment and experience I want to share with all of you.

So you can learn and understand, how important is this? And how can it be beneficial to you and your loved ones instantly and in the long run?

Read this first part of my insightful post with real-life experiment and information from my own search for a better and healthy living.

I am sharing my experiments and experience in the process of better and healthy living. I am sharing the actions, events and things involved and responsible for the potential health problems I have found due to my search and experimentation.

And how I have changed my health status and reduced all the risks in my quest to be free from all of them to achieve the goal of maintaining a healthy body and happy mind.

And this self-exploration/examination and inquiry starts by asking a few questions to yourself and following the few steps to discover and know about your body-mind.

Check all your healthy and unhealthy habits of past and present and their impact on your life and where they will lead to you in the future.

How to live a healthy and disease free life-I
eat healthy to live healthily

Dear friends, ask following questions to you and do few necessary things to know about your current health status and impact of habits, associations, activities you are involved and doing now or doing for a long time in recent years.

  • Are you healthy? How can you determine that you are healthy?
  • Have you taken any physical health check-up recently?
  • Do you aware of what is good and bad happening inside your body and mind?
  • Do you know what is responsible for your miserable state?
  • What is your plan to get free from all existing and potential health problems?

Read the following information, cautiously, attentively to discover the answer to all these questions and many more important facts about your body mind and spirit.

The reality of today’s generation and the health status of people of all age group

The Quest for Healthy Life

I have seen that a 24 years old, a young man died due to cancer, a few months ago, he was just married to a charming girl, 3 months before his death. A few days ago I have read news on FB that one of my friend’s friend died of a heart attack, he was under 35 and he was the only person in the family who was earning.

More real stories

One of my friends is under 40, caught by a heart attack, and had bypass surgery, a few months ago, due to his increased blood sugar level he paid two lakh for his treatment and took one month leave from his growing business.

If he had taken regular check-ups of his sugar level and controlled his diet as per his health requirement, he may be prevented from that heavy loss of money and a constant danger hanging over his head for rest of his life.

If he has taken care of it, regularly, sincerely, by monitoring his blood sugar level, he was saved from the surgery and a great amount he has paid for curing it. It would cost him only a few hundreds, and no life threat hanging over his head all the time, if he was aware of his body condition and lived according to it.

My brother-in-law at 50 had a bypass surgery, he was so unconscious and negligent towards his increased weight, he belongs to 70-75 weight category as per BMI, but he has reached to 100 kg in last one year, and one day he found himself at operation theatre and had a bypass, if he cared about it when his weight was increasing, he would not get surgery.

15 years ago, one of my friends was a patient of chronic diabetes at just 22. This is the reality of our current day generations of health conditions.

All these people were found that they had something very wrong with their body and health, some are fortunate that they have got treatment and some died due to ignorance and negligence towards their own body and its sick health status.

How to live a healthy and disease free life-ITHINGS TO BE CHECKED, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS

What about most of us?

95% of us are not aware of what is happening inside us, we only able to know about it when we are diagnosed and found that we are in serious trouble, and many times we didn’t get time to get worried because it was already late to do anything in this regard.

We are witnessing a lot of youngsters,  even teenagers and kids up to 12 years are diagnosed with the most horrible and critical disease nowadays.

Ask yourself, and check it out, you may be the next, but unaware of it, prevention is always better than cure. But how would you know, if you do not care about your life and health? And it can only be done by knowing what is the health status of your body and mind now, how nourished or malnourished it is? How much healthy or diseased it is or prone to it?

How to live a healthy and disease free life-I

What have I done in this regard?

I have taken health check-up of 70000 INR (around $1100) in the last 2 years from India’s top Pathology and health diagnostics lab, like Thyrocare, Dr. Lal Pathlabs, and Metropolis.

For readers of USA, there are also many reputed diagnostic labs are there as Personal Labs, Quest Diagnostics and Genova Diagnostics and much more. Every part of the world has great diagnostic labs network at the national and regional level. 

All these and dozens of national level and regional diagnostic chains around the world running to help you to get diagnosed with a variety of existing and potential health problems and threats.

Many of them provide a facility to collect a sample of your Blood, Stool, and Urine from your home or you have to go to your nearby local lab of them or their franchise, who are working as their authorized collection center.

You need to register and book a test online and follow the instruction, they are providing for various tests chosen by you, most of the comprehensive health checkups require only 5 to 10 ml of your blood sample. (Always follow the instruction and procedure prescribed for the test for accuracy of diagnostic and your health status reports.) 

It will be done by their representative who came with a sterilized special kit to collect samples, for chosen tests. You may pay it online or if they have an option you can pay them at the time of sample collection from your home or at their franchise or local collection center. They will give you a receipt of the amount collected for the test. 

They will give you a receipt of the amount collected for the test or you will get a message of acknowledgment of it on your email or phone. 

You will get reports within 3 to 7 days, you can receive online, soft copy of reports and also get a hard copy of them from collection center or you can opt-in your order online for hard copies of your report.

How to live a healthy and disease free life-I

What have I found in my first diagnosis report?

In my case, I have not diagnosed with any critical diseases, my diagnosis reports told a lot about my internal body organs health status, most of them in a very  good state and functioning properly, but I have found some potential threats, they are as following

  1. I have seen that my report has shown a raised level of LDL (Bad Cholesterol), Lipoprotein and Homocysteine if continued, may lead to choking of arteries and cause me a stroke in coming months/years if I have not taken this test and did the corrective actions to reduce these all. 
  2. I have found with Vitamin B12 Deficiency, one of the most important vitamins for our immunity, mental and nervous system health and many most crucial functions of our organs.
  3. I have found with Vitamin D3 deficiency, which leads to bone disease and other important health issues.
  4. I have found with Folic Acid deficiency, which is also a very important factor in the function of the body and its health.
  5. I have found low red blood cells count; it is not a good thing at all.
  6. I have found my Eosinophils count raised it creates many health problems.
  7. I have raised the level of Uric Acid, which causes inflammatory diseases and joint problems.
  8. I have found with low Testosterone, which is not good for Male sexual health and if reduced more leads towards many health issues, low immunity, hormonal imbalances, and ED.

This is the list of most of the issues found in my first diagnostic report received on 15 October 2015; I have taken Thyrocare’s most compressive test, which includes 84 tests of our whole body’s vital organs, key vitamins, and other important factors.

How to live a healthy and disease free life-I

Reality is always different from what we pretend or assume

This was very shocking and very informative and awakening, that I have learned a lot about my internal health. 

But assumption and reality are totally different things, you need to live with the truth and real facts about you and your body-mind. It will help you to solve issues, if there is any, in time and in the most beneficial and comfortable way.

It has opened my eyes and enables me to check and notice all the symptoms I am not aware of and my body is signaling and showing to me, and maybe I am not aware of it.

Ignorance is not bliss in most important matters of life, it will cost you so much if not learned and taken care at the right time in the right way.

If I had not taken this test, I would never be able to know all these irregularities are growing inside me and would lead me towards serious health problems in the future.

I have done the corrective actions immediately to decrease and remove the threats shown in my test report. I was thinking that I am totally fit n fine before this test has done.

It is true with 95% of us living, thinking and assuming about our body and health status like as I was before my reports. We are living in such a blind and careless way about our life, body, and mind. 

I didn’t have any serious physical or mental problems, but it was clear that I am not feeling perfectly well at that time. I was too much crushed with pressure and the stress my last job has created on my body and mind.

So I left my well-paying job 4 months before taking this test because the job and environment I found highly unfriendly and toxic to my life and my body and mind. 

Later I have found that  I was unknowingly busy in doing some harmful activities due to my unconscious way of living and ignorance towards those activities that caused problems to my body-mind. 

I have checked a lot of things about my routine, diet, associations, activities, likes, dislikes, everything in my life, and found that they are responsible for these potential threats shown in my diagnostic reports. 

How to live a healthy and disease free life-I

How can these tests help you to sort out the existing and potential health threats?

These tests give you at a glance general view of what happening inside you. It cost me 2500 INR first time, after it, I have got a 20% discount on all my tests taken from them.

I have bought this test for many of my friends and loved ones to make them aware of their body and its health status.

You can search on the internet what every term and readings of different parameters related to the health and function of your organs printed on your test report say about you.

It is better to consult your physician or any good health expert and know what exactly it is telling about your health conditions, threats and potential danger you may have.

I didn’t diagnose any disease or critical health problem, but did just to know about what is happening inside my body, real facts not any assumptions? Research and experimentation are the only way to learn about anything, and your body and life are the most important things you must care about.

How to live a healthy and disease free life-I

Pretending that you’re healthy will not help you in any way; take a Comprehensive Health Checkup annually at least, from the age of 18 until you die (it is recommended that it must be taken for below 18 years kids and youngsters too, if they are suffering/showing specific physical-mental disorders or symptoms).

It will cost you only a cinema hall visit with 2-3 friends or a light dinner on any fine day with your family or friends. Remember, nothing is more valuable than your healthy body and life. If you do not take care of important things in life, it will cost you so much later.

You must know that what is the status of your internal organs? What is the level of all the essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and unhealthy toxins in your body? (I will publish the list of tests I have taken from them and maybe the sample of test reports in my upcoming posts).

We are living in a very toxic and polluted environment, our air, water, food all are highly toxic and chemical and pesticides filled. Our thoughts, lifestyle, routines, eating and sleeping habits, are irregular, insufficient, unhealthy and causing a lot of physical and mental stress.

These all factors are damaging our body and mind slowly inside and outside, if not taken care timely, will arise in the form of serious physical mental disorder or life threat.

Aware and awake before it gets too late. Have a healthy and Happy Life.


Continue ….. How to live a healthy and disease free life – II

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