How to get rid of bad thoughts and make life better?

How to get rid of bad thoughts and make life better?

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How to get rid of bad thoughts and make life better?

Everyone on this planet influenced by its social, personal environment, habits, thoughts, upbringing, family, customs/traditions, life values he/she follows.

Look at yourself, and just look around you, watch and find out what kind of people, activities, interests, and habits you are in, you are the product of your environment, habits, thoughts, actions and desires and dreams.

Our mind is a repetition of what we are surrounded, habituate of doing all the time, if you find that you are not with right thoughts and experience, look to yourself and your associations, physical, mental and psychological.

Look at yourself, at your body, mind, and psyche what is filled there, who is ruling over you, what is running your life, i.e. thoughts and everything you are doing from waking up to going to bed at night.

you are what you have accumulated till now, check it honestly, cautiously, you will definitely discover and find out, what is making a mess in your life.

How to get rid of bad thoughts and make life better?

Get rid of everything creating that mess, it is your job, nobody can do it for you. you have to recognize what are you feeding yourself round the clock.

What are the influencers in your life, friends, family, co-workers, religion, faith, check them all? Keep only which make you feel and do good.

You need to clean all the garbage from your home, life, mind clung to you. if you have done this you will find peace with you and everything around you. we are the creator of heaven or hell in and around us others are just responding to it.

Live in good peoples company, keep busy yourself doing creative work, reading good books, listening good music, and most preferably stop eating all kind of unhealthy and processed junk, beverages of all kind which are toxic and harmful to your body and mind.

Get rid of every association of things, people, habits, thoughts which do not serve the purpose of living peacefully in better human and kind way.

If you are doing good things to yourself, nothing bad is coming to disturb you, you will feel always charged and capable to deal all kind of shit inside out.

Be kind to yourself and don’t abuse yourself and do not let anyone do it to you. Every good thing starts with you and comes to you eventually.

How to get rid of bad thoughts and make life better?

Set your priorities and align yourself only with good things, people, choices, and association, physical, mental and spiritual.

Do enough exercise, eat well and only healthy food prefer to eat vegetarian or vegan only, add fruits and nuts and more green vegetables in your daily diet.

Sleep well and laugh a lot, play with kids, read jokes, drink a lot of water and stay in green lush nature, visit river or sea, forest and sit under a tree, listen to soft or classical music, read inspirational stories of all the creative people of the world. Do meditation and yoga if you can, it will help you a lot. 

I think you will not find a space for any bad thing, people, activity or thought if you apply what I have mentioned here.

Have a wonderful time, stay healthy, happy and blessed. We are the creator of everything belongs to us, be a creator, not a victim or possessed with the sickness of any kind.

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