How to build yourself as an enduring Brand? – 2

How to build yourself as an enduring Brand? – 2

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How to build yourself as an enduring Brand? – 2

My Blogging Journey under mentor-ship of Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju

As I have expressed that in my last post – How to Build yourself as an Enduring Brand? – 1. The guidance of our mentor Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju has given me success in my blogging journey and to get the recent honor to my blog as one of Top 100 Holistic Blog award in health, fitness, and holistic living niche.

I am showing how it has happened; I am sharing my initiation in blogging and digital marketing with accepting the invitation of joining The Free Digital Marketing Course from Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju one year ago.

How to build yourself as an enduring Brand? – 2

Ask yourself what do you want to do in your life, and learn how it will be achieved.

First of all, you need to ask few questions to yourself. How to get that light which helps you to find your own? How to get that direction and support system to explore and make your mark? How to enter and work well in the unchartered road of your chosen field of work? How to achieve your goal, in the field of your working?

You cannot make it alone by yourself,  if you could, you may not need to read this now, I show you my example, I have left my very good paying 9 to 5 job at a reputed Institute In May 2015 due to my personal reasons.

I wanted to do something challenging, which can bring me freedom and liberty to express my self in a most efficient and profound way, it was the call of my being at that time, and I have always listened to my intuition.

I have sat one year doing nothing until March 2016, just searching and researching what could be the next career option for me, that can provide me with what I want. It was clear to me after that one year of search and research I have done, that I want to do something in online space.

I need the freedom to work at my ease, sufficient earning to look after me, and overall a sense of satisfaction of doing something credible and according to my core values and strengths.

I want to express and expand what I have built-in my 47 years on this planet earth, as a sensible, rebellion spirit and as a taskmaster in the field of my work. I want to do it through online activity and creative business. I have gained wonderful communication skills and the ability to create masterpiece content.

How has been it started? 

From May 2015 to March 2016 I was searching on the internet for something my soul is thirsty for, I have seen an advertisement for an Online Free Digital Marketing Course offered by Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju, he was inviting technology and online working enthusiasts and creative people to learn Digital Marketing to excel in their field of working online and offline.

It has been started with the connection I have made with Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju, founder, and CEO of and initiator of 100 days blogging course. This is one of the most wonderful self-learning and sustainable development program of its own kind under his guidance and mentoring.

 How to build yourself as an enduring Brand? – 2

What is Digital Marketing, how it is influencing our lives in current times?

Digital Marketing is the science and art of Self Marketing and Brand empowering/creating, a system with Digital Tools and techniques available to individuals and businesses to grow and shine in their respective fields of work. 

This is one of the most powerful ways to express and communicate yourself/your business/product or services in a most profound and proficient way to make your mark and achieve what you want in your field of work.

First, you need to learn all the essential digital and personal skills to take part in this revolutionary new system of learning and transformation, it will enable you to grow and earn the best level possible. It is a way to support our inherent need to exist, grow and achieve anything in this modern world.

To learn how to do your work in a great way, learn all the tools of the trade, learn and evolve gradually, get mastery in them, and enable you to deliver your best to the people involved in your life and field of work.

you are living in the technology-dominated environment, our life is engrossed by gadgets, communication systems, digital social communication mediums and activities.

you can’t imagine your existence without them, you are bound to choose them for your personal and professional communications with the world.

you need to flourish your ideas and ambitions here in the best possible way. you need to learn how can you make it work for you, to produce what you want. 

Deepak Sir with students of 100  days blogging course at Bangalore live sessionHow to build yourself as an enduring Brand? – 2

About Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju – A True Mentor, a man of merit and excellence.

You need to learn how to effectively use all the tools and techniques available to you to achieve your purpose of self-marketing and creating your brand.

So you need  A master to help you and enable you in this field and he is one and only Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju in my opinion in India.

I have not seen a man like him in recent years, he is so loving, caring and friendly and selflessly sharing his inner treasure of professional expertise and wisdom.

He is sharing the innermost secrets of his professional excellence and methodologies and processes he used to create what he is now.

What I have learned in the last 45 days in 100 days blogging course with him is phenomenal. If I do compare it with what I have not learned in the last 12 months with the mighty Google and millions of resource on the Internet.

He has totally changed my status through his wisdom and approach towards learning and doing things.

One thing you need to understand first, you are human, for learning and growth you need a human touch, it’s our tradition for 20000 years, it is your inherent need, an old saying about it “you cannot get salvation without a True master” and it is utterly true.

Trust me and you can see it on your own, he has 59K+ followers on his LDM Facebook group, The largest group in his niche in India, he has 1800+ students in 100 days blogging course around the globe.

He has worked with the most successful start-up in India in this decade and was instrumental in their professional success and market presence.

I have not seen an as simple, intelligent, profound and kind teacher in this space ever before and will not ahead soon. He is a self-made man.

What has he done to make us comfortable and encouraged in 100 Days Blogging Course?

100 Days Blogging course is a boon in a disguise, for all the people who want to grow and work online. it has given the opportunity to learn from the best in the field. It has enabled the people to do something very fascinating they have never dreamed about before. 

People here started remarkable blogs and written outstanding posts, they have evolved and grown many folds in a few days of learning and practicing here, under the mentorship and direction of Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju.

It has enabled people participating in this wonderful program to unleash and show their hidden potentials through their activities and creative gestures. It’s a transformation exercise and event for all of us.  

it has opened many doors of creativity and communication for all of us, people intensely interacting and sharing their thoughts, experience, and problem and helping and enriching each other.

How to build yourself as an enduring Brand? – 2

it’s a brilliant experiment and program developed so far. It’s a great experiment of collective and collaborative learning, live, with a master of a most demanding and promising field. 

And Mr. Kanakaraju giving more and more surprises by offering so many support and benefits to the students enrolled in this program. 

He is asking and preparing most outstanding new courses and program to serve and support us better, and help to develop us to the next level in our professional endeavors. 

 He has promised and provided free hosting to his student on his own expenses. Along with it, he has availed a lot of offers and services on a discounted price from different technology vendors, to support his students, he has done every possible thing to make us comfortable and confident.

He has also provided his special courses on a highly discounted price to all the participants, we have to pay thousands of rupees to avail them if we bought it from other sources and even after that, we cannot assure us about the quality of content in them.

He has started live Q. &  A. sessions to keep us more in touch with him, and to interact with him directly, he encouraged group members to create city-wide groups and to call meetings of members residing in those particular cities to share their experience and ideas with each other. 

He has welcomed every good suggestion and question to improve, enhance and expand the scope and quality of our program, this program is an organic alive growing system.

It is not any dumb dead fixed program, it is breathing, expanding, growing and absorbing what is good to make it a most wonderful learning system of our time. 

How to build yourself as an enduring Brand? – 2

What do I feel about him and his contribution to our growth and empowerment?

What he is teaching is not restricted to blogging or digital marketing, he is teaching how to create yourself as an enduring and Trusted brand, with quality and uniqueness.

He is teaching value sharing and building a bond with people who want to connect with you. He has taught it by his own example. 

He has started it by sharing his treasure of expertise and experience with all of us, so we can trust him, and become a long-lasting fan for quality and value he is delivering to us in a very easy and affordable manner.

In my opinion, it is the most difficult thing in this world to simplify the most complex and complicated skills in the easiest form and format, he has done it superbly.   

Look at his lectures, see his videos, read his posts, I challenge people who have any doubt in his capabilities if they can make some of it with the quality, accuracy, efficiency, and efficacy he is delivering in the most profound way.  

How to build yourself as an enduring Brand? – 2

How has it changed my approach towards Blogging and Online Activities?

It is unparalleled to anything, I have transformed a lot during last 45 days of learning, I have made so many changes in my approach towards doing things for my blog and my online presence and working.

I have changed a lot of things I was doing since last year in the area of my online activities, I have started a blog, with the help of his primary free Digital Marketing Course Video’s he is providing to everyone free of charge for more than a year.

Since then, I have written posts on my blog, I did not know anything about digital marketing, SEO, optimization, email marketing, Ad campaigns, Content marketing, nothing at all.

I have searched a lot of resources whole year but I didn’t find a single source that can provide me, to the point, simple and convenient way of learning blogging and digital marketing.

But now it is available to thousands of us with the kind support and capability of him to deliver the best.

I have received significant results in just the last 30 days, in my blogging and digital marketing learning process. I have received only 1100 visits on my blog in the last 12 months before joining this program, and out of 1100 visits, more than half of visits was mine.

Holistic-transparent_630.pngNow I have won last week a great award of honor for my blog, a panel of bloggers who have surveyed, researched and collected data and statistics of the existing top world-class blog in my niche Health and Fitness, Healthy and Happy Living. I have received the Top 100 Holistic Blog Award for my blog

Now my blog has honored as the winner of one of Top 100 Holistic Blog in the world award,  it has ranked 37 among Top 100 Holistic blogs in the world.  Now I have received 2600 visits in only 4 days on my blog. 

Why I recommend him for learning Digital Marketing and Building yourself as an Enduring Brand?

I highly recommend him to all the people who are looking for a great and highly qualified person in this domain of digital learning and performance.

People must join his most profound and affordable program and enable themselves as successful professionals or entrepreneurs, as I have achieved in a very short span of my working.

He is the best Teacher for people who want to learn communication and brand building. He is teaching you an excellent way of marketing and establishing you/products/business/services as trusted and profit-making brands.

Thank you Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju for everything you have done for us and still doing with all the zeal and enthusiasm, I am so grateful for everything I have achieved in a very short time under your mentor-ship and wonderful program.

How to build yourself as an enduring Brand? – 2

A bird’s-eye view of what you can achieve here with 100 Days Blogging Course under Mentor-ship of one of the finest Digital Marketing Expert, Educator, and Entrepreneur in Digital Space –

  • you have a chance to meet some of the most talented budding bloggers and excellent communicators in your group of fellow learners from around the globe.
  • A collaborative and collective learning environment, which is not available anywhere else, with the freedom and joy you can create for yourself and for others. 
  • You will have a chance to interact with all your group members, they are sharing their experience and expertise in their own field of work, people here sharing problems and solutions with each other.
  • It is the best learning platform with a chance to grow with thousands of great participants in different niches.
  • Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju is operating this program in the most efficient way, with all the love and joy and he is sharing his wisdom, hard-earned experience, and professional secrets.
  • These are a just glimpse of what you can earn and learn from here and him, so think and decide, you will not get an opportunity like this ever again. 

Word of Caution: – before you enter and enroll yourself in his great program or any other available in this world, you must remember one thing in your mind. 

Any master can give you direction, may show you path and process, make things easy and understandable for you by his own examples of success and achievements. He may show you, how he has done, your task is to discover, how it will work for you?

So be honest and responsible, he has done his job, you have to do yours, as dedicated, sincerely he did.

But if you really want to learn and get any benefit out of it, you have to do your job, you need to do a lot of studies, research, experiment, and exercises to make thing happen for you.

You cannot bypass your responsibility towards you to anyone else at any level of learning and performance. Do your part, honestly, intelligently and things will happen for you too. You can witness it by yourself. 

Final Words 

So one thing to you all folks, if you want to learn anything in Digital marketing and Conscious and Healthy Living you need to connect to us The Grand Master Deepak Kanakaraju and His humble disciple Subahu Jain, ha ha ha.

Visit and join 100 Days Blogging course and to enlighten and enhance your body-mind, your life and your experience in this world.

We are free as air, water, and sunlight, and available here to enrich, expand and enlighten your mind and core abilities in a most wonderful way. Thank You.

Sorry for my long post but I cannot end it in a few words when it is about Respected Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju,  and your humble friend Subahu Jain.

it cannot be possible in a few words, stay connected and join the best digital learning platform of our time in India in the most affordable and comfortable way. Stay curious, stay Digital.


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