How to Build yourself as an Enduring Brand? - I

How to Build yourself as an Enduring Brand?-I

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How to Build yourself as an Enduring Brand?

Ask yourself the following questions; you will get an answer to the above-written question.

What are you doing in your life, now? What is the purpose of it? Where is it leading to you?

What do you want to achieve in your life, and how can it be possible with the way you are living now?

What are the core values and strength, learning and experience you have in a way to achieve your goals?

If you don’t have an answer to all these questions and didn’t care about it till now, you must think about your attitude towards your life, it will not take you at any good status and situations.

You need to structure, plan and prioritize different area and component of your life and way of doing things. Only you can help yourself by taking the right decisions at the right time in the right direction.

How to Build yourself as an Enduring Brand? - I

The most important quest of your life – How to build yourself as an Enduring Brand? 

If you are honest and sincere to yourself, you must have asked these questions to yourself. If you have done so, then here you entered into the most influential and important part of your life.

That is self-marketing, i.e. communicating, influencing and expressing you, to the people exist in your life, i.e family and the people who are part of your personal and professional environment.

Don’t feel strange with the word “Marketing”, it is an inherent part of your life and existence, it is inevitable and you are living it all the time on the level of personal and professional communication with the world, knowingly, unknowingly from the time of your birth and it will continue until you die.

We can’t live without it a single moment, we are expressing ourselves in so many ways all the time, it is our inherent capability and nature. We are performing different actions, round the clock through our body and mind, this is the way we exist and evolve here.

How can you make it possible – Building yourself as an enduring brand

It’s better to learn to do it in the most influential ways, let it help you to build a life of your dream, to achieve your goals at all level. You need to learn the art and science of creating yourself, an enduring and trusted brand, you need to learn skills to promote and nurture it, in the most profitable and joyous way.

Just look at a Rose flower in the garden, it naturally expressing/marketing itself by its aroma, color, beauty, and softness. Its presence in your environment arise gratitude in you, towards existence, and you feel awesome with its beauty and grace, you offer it to your loved ones and to your deities for love and blessings.

It’s about Rose, fulfilling its purpose to be here, it is glorifying your environment and enhancing your life with its beauty and presence, quality and grace.  What about you?

What are you doing to express, quantify and qualify as what Rose has achieved with its inbuilt program?

Here is the need to know and evolve yourself, to know about your inbuilt and hidden potentials, and a strong and undefeated will to unleash and manifest it.

How to Build yourself as an Enduring Brand? - I

Rose is blessed with what it is given to it by existence, but it has manifested what hidden inside its seed, it has done it very well in spite of all the threats it has gone through like, rain, heat, dust, animals, threat to be plucked or torn by its own thorns and people passing by that rose-bush.

It is equally true for you, you need to create it for you, and you can do it better than a rose, Rose has no thinking ability, no intelligence, and no one to teach what to do and not to do, and learning ability as you have. So you need a mentor, a guide, an initiator, a catalytic agent to make it happen in your life and work.

How can a right Mentor change your life, that you have never imagined before? 

Everyone needs it in their life to grow, expand and to achieve their goals, what he /she is born here for. You need it at a phase of your growth, at a certain level of your evolution and, in a specific period in your life when you are clueless and didn’t find any way to make thing happen for you in desired manner, amount and quality.  

How to Build yourself as an Enduring Brand? - I

So here you need A mentor who has achieved great heights and excellence through his innovative and magical way of working. Who has a proven track record of delivered results and quality required by the environment he exists and people involved in it?

They can simplify all the complexities you are going through in the process of building and creating yourself in any field of learning and working in your life. They have skills, ideas, and knowledge about everything in that domain of expertise to deliver and create an excellent example of achievement and success.

They can accelerate your skills and understanding in such a way with their experience, expertise, and wisdom, that you will be amazed by results produced by your refined and corrected actions under their guidance and mentorship.

You will learn that it was not possible before you were doing it on your own, their presence and guidance made things possible, you can witness that you have totally transformed and settled in a perfect way in the perfect time and place.

They are the most profound entities in your world, they are invincible and a must have for everyone. They exist to enrich, enhance and evolve yourselves in the most efficient way possible, selflessly charismatically. 

They will help you to create your best version in a much better way and form, from what you are now. They help you to unleash all your hidden potential and transform you into that you are born to achieve in your life.

Learn How I have Transformed my blogging Journey which has been started with the acceptance of an invitation of joining A free Digital Marketing learning Program, from The most profound and qualified Digital Marketing Expert and Blogger, Educator and Entrepreneur in India now,  Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju 

How to Build yourself as an Enduring Brand? - I

I have learned a lot from him and refined a lot of things in my approach towards Blogging and Building my brand, I have received an appreciation, just last week, from an online panel who has selected my blog as top 100 Holistic Blogs, from hundreds of existing health, fitness and holistic living blogs on cyberspace.

My blog has achieved 37 ranks among the Top 100 Holistic blogs worldwide chosen from hundreds of blogs and sites in my niche. It is strange but true that I have only a few posts and negligible traffic on my site, a very few people have visited my blog in the last year.

I am nothing in comparison to the all others participated in it, they have hundreds of posts, subscribers, followers and years of blogging experience, mine is only one year old, and evolved only in last few months.

My core strength is, that I have written very profound articles in my blog, in last one year, they are excellent in quality and caliber of its content. My way of writing is unique and binding. Ha ha ha 

The quality of my work has given me this honor and appreciation and capacity to stand among all those as one of the Top 100 holistic blog award winners.

It is a great achievement for an absolute beginner like me, who has known nothing about blogging and content creation and digital marketing previously.

All the credit goes to my magnificent writing and mind-blowing articles, along with my hard work, patience, learning and correcting my self and communicating skills I have gained in the last 35 years.

And above all Mr. Deepak Kanakraju. Now I have got 2600 visits alone in the last 4 days on my blog.  This is something great for me to achieve in a very short time. 

How to Build yourself as an Enduring Brand? - II have received 37 ranks among Top 100 Holistic Blogs on cyberspace now.  I had learned a lot under the mentorship of Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju through his latest Program 100 days Blogging Course for budding bloggers and entrepreneurs in digital space. 

My transformational journey in the field of Blogging and Digital Marketing, in association with our Mentor, is told in the continue part of this post, you can go to that post from here


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