How do you lose belly fat?

How do you lose belly fat?

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How do you lose belly fat?

When you are finding a solution to any problem you have you must ask a simple question to yourself that how you created it in the first place. Every problem has a solution to it, you need to check how you accumulated that extra weight in your body. 
Fat in the body concerned with the quantity, quality, and manner we eat all our food and drinks. You need to get rid of all the things created that fat in your body, like sugar/fat-containing foods and drinks totally, for a very long time, you need to do daily regular physical exercises.

You need to take care of eating choices and ingredients in your diet. Your body is made of what you eat, chose better things which have less fat and calories.

Eat vegetables and fruits, eat nuts, use olive oil, if possible consume only organic and fresh fruit, vegetables, oils, and grains, drink at least 2 liters of purified water daily. Exercise one to 2 hours daily, at least walk one to 2 hour daily.

Do not eat meats, dairy and alcohol and carbonated beverages and junk food at all. Your body and health is primarily your concern so do the necessary things, change your habits and routine, then you will get rid of your belly fat.

How do you lose belly fat?

I have reduced my weight 10kgs from 78 to 68 in 5 months just by changing my diet and walking 1 hour daily. Belly fat is the most stubborn kind of fat, without consistently working on it, you cannot get rid of it. Do the needful and get rid of it, it is easily possible with regular workout and clean diet.

Do not eat junk, processed food/can foods and beverages, and do not drink alcohol and other sweetened beverages, stop eating refined white sugar, use jaggery or honey as a sweetener, start consuming organic foods and green tea.

Here is the link to my blog post read it carefully and apply what is shared there, you will get results in 3 months if you apply and did regularly what suggested there, it is proven and tested.

I have shared my experience of losing fat in these articles and what I have done to achieve that, happy weight loss and fat loss, read my series of 4 articles on how to live healthy and disease free life.

I have shared all the experiments I have done to achieve better body and shape in recent years, it is real, authentic and doable for everyone.

If you apply you will certainly get results in a few days. Read the following articles and learn how you can get better healthy body and mind.

How do you lose belly fat?
Read the following articles to learn what is the better way to do it, you need to take care of your routines and diet in the very first place. 

One of the readers of my post on my blog and on Quora asked me this question. 

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