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How did the idea of meditation come into existence?

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How did the idea of meditation come into existence?

As human consciousness evolved to the level of inquiry and questioning of his own mystery and reality and of the universe, they have explored, discovered and invented it.

All the development of human civilizations and mind is due to the development and enhancement of the level of consciousness in some of our ancestors.

They have discovered the key to decode the greatest mysteries of human existence and of the universe. They knew the deepest truth about our existence and of the universe.

It was all started 15000 to 50000 years ago in India, Lord Shiva known as adiyogi invented 112 meditations techniques for everyone on this planet.

They are suitable for all type of people existed before and existing now and will be ahead in the future.

He has taught these 112 meditation techniques to his main disciples, known as Saptarishi. Stillness is the ultimate goal for meditators and Yogis from ancient times. People who attained supreme consciousness and samadhi through deep meditations and attaining the state of nomind.

All the mental, physical disturbances caused by the restless chaos of the mind, it’s continuous chattering, it does not allow you to enter into the deepest core of your being, inside you.

By sitting silently, doing nothing (physically, mentally) take you towards the state of stillness, where one can discover the ultimate silence.

They may capable to listen to the soundless sound, it is existential sound, beyond all and everything. The sound of AUM, known as anhad naad.

How did the idea of meditation come into existence?

Adiyogi has given it to the world

It was discovered by Lord Shiva primarily and taught to the world through Yoga and Meditation techniques. It is all about knowing your true self, and it needs stillness, to achieve the state of nomind.

If one attains it, he/she will enter into the highest realm of the universe the supreme consciousness. It liberates you from all the chains and cycle of rebirths and all worldly pleasures and pains, it takes you beyond duality.

Then you will become a liberated soul or an enlightened one, one who discovered his/her own light.

How did the idea of meditation come into existence?

It is the key to enter into our own mystery

This is the ultimate goal of every creature in this universe, and humans are most evolved and capable to achieve it, but they need to attain a state of no mind to enter into their own mystery. So meditation is the device to enter into it.

India has received the greatest enlightened masters and mystics in its thousands of years rich and magnificent cultural and spiritual heritage and development.

So, it was invented as deep desire to know the mystery of universe inside us, it was the thirst of every human being, we came here to know and discover it, it is an existential need, without knowing and achieving it, we cannot attain the eternal peace and harmony with existence.

We are part of it and we need to merge into it, it is our destiny and we need to find the ways and light to reach there, to our source.

This is the basic need to enter into it, to attain a state of no mind when we are capable of dissolving our mind, we are allowed and enabled to enter into our own reality. It is a gate pass to enter into your own mystery and to become light of supreme.

Read, listen and watch the most profound and deep mystics and greatest spiritual masters of our time OSHO and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

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