How can you control your mind from distraction?

How can you control your mind from distraction?

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How can you control your mind from distraction?

First of all, why are you attracting them (distractions)?

Only those who are not focused on something interesting and worthy of attention are find anything distracting for them, check what is the case with you.

Check what are the reasons of your distractions, answer these questions you may find the solution to get rid of this problem.

It may be of two kinds it may be coming from your outer environment or your own body/ mind/brain / emotional health or stress, worries, just check who is causing it and then do the treatment by tracing and checking them, here are some known and great influencers mentioned below – 

1. How do you spend your day and doing what? Do you have any set routine?

A set routine from waking up to sleep, help you to do specific tasks in the desired manner and to produce the desired output, it keeps you regular, unburdened and free from worries and clogged mind and tired body. Set your routine and all the tasks and do it in that specified time and period by all means. 

2. What are your priorities in your work/life?

Set your priorities/goals in everyday life and for a long time as a week, month and a year. Schedule all the actionable tasks and do it regularly and go to the next level of it, check your growth and what you have done periodically. Self-evaluation and monitoring are good to check the direction and results are good or not. 

3. Do you have any work/job/occupation to focus and work upon them by all means?

If you are already involved in any job/occupation/studies make them your priority and keep away and avoid everything that is shifting your focus from these things. It’s primarily your job, nobody else will do it for you. You need to do it, by all means, you need determination and a strong will to do your tasks attentively, regularly. 

How can you control your mind from distraction?

4. What and why anything distracts you from doing what you are doing or want to do?

Check what are the things, thoughts, people in your life and your environment creating distractions from what you’re doing or want to do, closely observe and remove them forcefully or keep yourself away from their access and presence in your life, environment, and mind.

Also, check why are you attracting to them if they are not making any positive result or impact on your life. Why are you allowing things and people to disturb you and snatch your attention from the things important in your life. 

5. Are you sincere to your work/task/job given to you or you are involved in?

Most of the people facing this problem due to lack of focus and poor will towards tasks are given/ targets they have given or chosen to accomplish in their life. Poor will and lack of sincerity is the cause of it too. So do things with conviction and strong will, every little task must be done with that spirit and attention. 

6. What kind of environment are you living/working in?

Check what kind of people/co-workers, and participants living in and around you, do not allow anyone to put nose unnecessarily in your work or activities, be straight in telling and communication it to all others who are creating disturbances and do not let them create distractions for you. 

How can you control your mind from distraction?

7. What is your level of involvement in your work/task/job?

If you are deeply involved in your work/job/activity nothing is capable to create a distraction for you. Don’t do anything halfheartedly, always do things when you are totally prepared for it and do it totality. When you love what you do, nothing can distract from it, you put yourself deeper into it. Check what is your status in this regard? 

8. Are you multitasking (doing many things at a time) at once?

People have a habit of doing multitasking at once, it is a big reason for distraction, check are you doing it? When you are doing many tasks at once your focus and attention get disturbed and distributed, it will cause distraction and poor quality of results at whatever you are doing. Try to do one thing at a time with total attention and involvement, and shut off all other things and activities off. 

9. Are you committed to your work/job/occupation/tasks you have to do?

As I have mentioned before do not do anything unwillingly, halfheartedly, if you do not want to something just don’t do it. Touch that task only when you are prepared and made up your mind to do it happily, willingly. Your attitude towards work/tasks/jobs you have given or chosen is a major reason for it. 

10. Are you eating a lot of junk food and chemical filled beverages round the day?

What are you eating all day, if you are not taking the correct nutritional diet, or eating junk food it will make you dull, easily lethargic and tired? Keep your diet natural and with healthy food ingredient, eat fruits, nuts, sprouts and drink lemon juice, coconut water, juices, they will keep you fit, energetic and fresh. 

How can you control your mind from distraction?

11. Do you have any physical/mental ailments, worries?

What is your physical/mental/psychological/emotional health status? If you are suffering from any kind of sickness, disturbances, an unhealthy state, it will not let you focus on anything you need to do regularly, consistently. Rest well and settle any disturbances you have in the first place, fix them as soon as possible. 

12. Are you really focused on your work and goals you have?

I have mentioned all the possible factors making distractions to anyone to do their work/tasks they have given or want to do in their life. If you are determined and focused on your aim, nothing can distract you from your aim and goals. Always remember one thing if you are dedicated to your work and anything can distract you and stop you to make it done. 

If you have answers to all these questions you can sort out easily what is the root cause of your distractions and how can you free yourself and focus on what is more important for you at your work and in your life.

If you are a normal, fit and healthy person, focussed and doing everything with dedication and total involvement, you will find least things/peoples/activities around you to distract you from doing what you want to do.

How can you control your mind from distraction?

Final Words

Check what they are, are you inviting them, can you do anything to keep them, away from you, do it first before starting your work/job/tasks.

Eat light and enough healthy food to maintain the level of energy you need to stay focused on your work, drink a lot of water, stay in the calm, comfortable and peaceful environment, as it is needed for work you need to do.

Avoid unnecessary appointments and people during your work/task you are doing. Cut down and avoid people and things who take away your attention and waste your time unnecessarily, get rid of them first.

Set priorities, filter, unnecessary, unwanted, things, activities, people from your life, who suck your money, energy, time and attention.

You need to manage this all, nobody else will do it for you. Allow only those, things, activity, people in your life who support, help you to boost your productivity and keep you focused on the most necessary and important tasks and issues of your life.

Nothing can interrupt, distract or trouble you without your acceptance, permission or ignorance and mismanagement of things and people in your life.

Hope this will help you to manage the mess created around you and distracting you and preventing you to do what is needed.

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