How can patience kill ego?

How can patience kill ego?

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How can patience kill ego?

Patience is one of the greatest virtue mankind ever have. It is so powerful and capable to totally transform everyone and anything in its best form, shape, and ability if practice properly, consciously.

The great achievements in life need continuous and right efforts to achieve your goals or overcome from any obstacles in your life.

Patience and right actions have the capacity to turn a small seed into a big flowering and fruit-bearing tree. So it was said that “patience pays. “

Ego is one of the most turbulent and destroying mental attitude for most of the people, which causes a lot of trouble in the life of individuals. The tendency of ego is just the opposite of patience, so if you have patience ego will not stand there.

Ego wants attention, quick fulfillment of desires, acceptance of its demands and point of view forcefully over everyone and everything, whether it is correct or not, justified or qualify for its fulfillment or not.

How can patience kill ego?

So if you have the patience to see, watch observe and learn, let things go, to let things happen, grow and expand, you can easily overcome ego.

Ego, do not like patience, it is in hurry always, it is dominating and demanding always. It does not have the ability to have patience, if it forced, caused to wait for something to fulfill or happen, it agitates and gets angry and disturb everyone and everything.

So it is inevitable that if anyone has patience as a prime virtue in his/her life, they can never be an egoist, destructive and jealous to anyone or anything.

They have more power, strength, and courage to accomplish difficult tasks, to accept the hardest challenges. They will be more kind, supportive and wise than an egoist.

So finally you can say that patience is the best recipe/tool/medicine to kill ego if you bear patience you can not find any place to hold ego anymore in any form and way.

Patience makes you humble, to accept failures, to let thing happen on its own accord and in their natural course, it cannot impose anything on anyone. It helps everyone and everything to nourish, stimulate and grow faster and better.

It supports natural growth and gives equal opportunity to others to grow, nourish and flower, these are totally opposite traits of ego.

You have heard about great discoveries, inventions or achievement humans had for themselves concerned to inside or outside world. Patience can make impossible things possible for everyone, it is so magical and powerful.

Our sages and seekers meditated hundreds and thousands of years to achieve salvation, heroes and achievers of every walk of life made innumerable attempts to get succeeded in their field of activity.

How can patience kill ego?

Every human achievement made possible with the virtue of patience and hard and sincere workmanship, patience make you profound and invincible, you have more authority, experience, and exposure to things and facts.

Ego exists the totally opposite way it demands instant and selfish fulfillment of desires, it gives priority to itself over everyone and everything.

So it is definitely the best thing to have patience, the ego cannot rule your life, mind, and actions. So have patience and see melting and disappearing your ego.

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