How can you stop comparing you to others and getting jealous?

How can you stop comparing you to others and getting jealous?

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How can you stop comparing you to others and getting jealous?

Have you ever seen that sunflower is jealous of any rose flower or of a tulip? Have you seen a cat is jealous of any rat or a dog? do you have seen any chair to jealous with any sofa set?

It is a disease of mind and form of insecurity, just understand the game mind played with you. 

If these things, flowers, and animals are not doing this silly mistake why are you indulged in this most poisonous trap of a sick mind, it is the sickest disease of your mind?

Just remember one most important thing about your existence, it made everyone and everything so unique, that no one like you ever born in the past and never in the future again.

The biggest problems of humans that they are not live happily with themselves, they think that other is good, not they are, and this is the biggest sickness, everyone and everything is good at its own.

How can you stop comparing you to others and getting jealous?

Remember it is an illusion the grass always looks greener at another side, but you don’t know what it takes to be the other side.

Existence never made anyone superior or inferior to anyone or anything, they made it just unique and unmatchable to anything else, it’s all trap of your sick mind, be aware of it all the time, or you will suffer unrecoverable losses if not awake timely, or quit from this trap of the mind.

Jealousy created the biggest disasters in the life of individuals of every category and class of the human race, from ancient times to today and will create in the future who trapped in its vicious influence.

Jealousy and superiority complexes are the different sides of the same coin. Jealousy arises when you think of someone or something is superior to you, in terms of money, health, body structure, skin color, social status, belongings, richness, social recognition and so on, it is an endless mess.

Why in the first place do you need to compare yourself than anyone else? It is utterly sick to think like this, it is degrading yourself, don’t ever do it with yourself or anyone.

If you keep indulging in it, you will lose everything you have that is superbly, beautiful, natural and sometimes divine and better than anyone else, but you are in a trap of your sickness of the mind, so you cannot see and value it.

A grass is equally needed for our existence as Himalaya does, and the beauty is that any one of us can touch, sleepover or set aside the grass but cannot with the Himalaya.

How can you stop comparing you to others and getting jealous?

At the level of grass, even an ant can live wonderfully but on the Himalaya, only few can stay for very little time even with the best gadgets. Don’t fool yourself, just see the real picture, how awesome and great you’re in your simplicity or humble existence.

Trust existence you are the greatest creation of it, you are incomparable to anyone and anything, don’t insult and devalue yourself by doing it.

Love yourself more than anything else, respect yourself as you are, you came with the special abilities and qualities nobody ever has.

Just look into yourself and learn about yourself, dig deeper into your being, do not compare yourself with anyone ever again. Don’t fall into this ego trap, do not make that silly mistake which has not done by even roadside grass and insects in your house.

How can you stop comparing you to others and getting jealous?

Everything and every one is unique and utterly magnificent and special on this planet and in the whole universe, every dust particle. You just need to learn and discover how much wonderful and special you are?

The problem arises from doing the wrong things and we can stop doing and overcome them by accepting reality and doing the right things.

You don’t know what other people thinking about themselves, you are jealous of, they have their own fears, and insecurities, competition and dark sides even they do not know and you definitely not know anything about their personal and internal flaws.

You need to overcome it and prove your mettle, you can do better than anyone in your field of interest.

So trust yourself, love yourself and keep busy yourself to find out the good in you and to make it in the best form and create the best version of you, so everyone around you can appreciate your guts and what you have done to yourself. Nurture your qualities and let them see the sun and rain, cool breeze.

Don’t be a victim of human weaknesses, be a powerful human being always master your mind, never let mind to be your master, keep yourself doing creative and positive things, and remember not every glitter is gold, and if it is even gold, it cannot heal, feed and clench your thirst.

You need to have herbs to heal, food and water to live and enjoy your life not plenty of gold can fulfill you, in fact it makes you more worried and insecure, all your attention was taken by it to keep it safe and secure and you will doubt everyone around you that no one can take it from you.

Understand what is good and beautiful in life, don’t chase anything which takes you into futility, if you think or finds anyone good and better than you, just learn from them how to do that, in place of being jealous to them.

How can you stop comparing you to others and getting jealous?

Always draw a big line to be better and bigger than anyone and anything, do not let their influence crush or belittle you by your weaknesses or by anybody else.

Love and Trust your ability and what you have received from life and existence and make best out of it.

We can grow and make things better than anyone, don’t imitate others if Messi is a good footballer, what is the sense to envy him. It is great and good that he is a fantastic player, just try to learn how he made it, and do it with the things you are better than others, everyone is good in something than others, and that must be a positive trait of humans.

Check at what you can create that Messi did in soccer, find your own passion, find your gut feel, and find what is extraordinary in you, make it your leading force and turn it into the best possible thing you can make out of it.

Cheers, you have got the hero in you, so from this point forward, you need not to compare, to anyone, feel insecure and jealous to anyone for anything, you are a masterpiece of existence.

If you do not trust and value yourself, never expect it from anyone else, even from your shadow. So be positive and use all your energy and potential to boost the best in you, not the sick and rusty in you.

Life is good to everyone if you have the ability to see what it has offered to you, and what you have come inbuilt inside you, unleash and discover it and shine like a sun and moon on the sky of your life.

Stay, blessed, inspired and motivated by your own light and spirit, you are here to share yourself, do not jealous or imitate anyone. Be good to yourself.

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