Happy Women's Day - Really?

Happy Women’s Day – Really?

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Happy Women’s Day – Really?

Do we really qualify to say that?

I heard that today is Happy Women’s Day, but I cannot say this. We are not capable of saving our daughters from abuse and sick treatments of retarded and ugliest beasts at home and in our society.

How can we celebrate and say Happy Women’s Day?

I feel sorry and ashamed to all our women because we are not capable of protecting them from attacks on their dignity, rights of living freely and respectfully in most of the countries and societies globally.

Must we say sorry to all our ladies that we are failed to make this world a safe, sane and beautiful place where our daughters and women can live peacefully, unharmed, loved and cared as they deserve?

I do not say them, happy women’s day, when most of our women and baby girls are suffering from worst situations and crime against themselves.

We are evidence of that every day inhumane and ugly acts of beasts and criminal people in the family and outside towards them.

They are making every kind of harm to their mind, body, and spirit and using and abusing in the very inhumane way.

And women are silently accepting this for their life, dignity, safety, kids, and respect of family they live and for the sake of pseudo egos of males in their family, they are so helpless that they have nowhere to go.

Their own family does not support them, and they don’t have much education or capability to live and nurture their innocent kids alone.

it is the case in most of the Asian and underdeveloped and developed countries too.

Happy Women's Day - Really?

The reality is different from what it looks like

The worst thing in this case that women are maligned, tortured and deprived of their rights and free-living by other sick, power hungry and dirty women’s in families and outside the home.

I have seen that women are the biggest enemies and destroyer of other women in home and society.

if they do not help and support each other, they will never be saved from any misshapen and misdeed are thrown to them from anyone.

We are failed to bring their rights to them to live in freedom and grace, and they are also most responsible for happening this to them.

They are serving and supporting to sick people, families, in name of ugly traditions, religions, so-called sacred books, ugliest leaders and sacrificing everything they have.

Women are compromising their life, mind, body spirit to sustain all and everything sick in our family and society.

They do not oppose and revolt against sick traditions of family, and society imposed upon them for centuries.

They do not uncover the ugly faces of their family members, people in their lives, male or female who is responsible for their degraded and sick and helpless conditions.

If women of the world never speak out these injustice and inhumane crimes and activities done to them by their own relatives, family members, outsiders, society members.

The ugly faces of these monsters will never be unmasked, and they will never get the chance to free themselves from the grip of these monsters.

And remain bound to live in the slavery of these beasts in human skin.

I feel utterly broken and helpless by seeing this all.

When will be we capable of stopping this all with them inside our homes and outside? Certainly not without active participation and awareness of our women around the globe.

Happy Women's Day - Really?

How can this scene be changed?

I want to say them only one thing that, never allow anyone and anything to put you down, abuse, and disrespect and to stop to live your life with dignity and grace on your own terms.

They must do it for the sake of their own lives, dignity, health, and future of their own kids, they must revolt against all ugly and inhumane acts done or continued to them.

This is my request and the only way to bring their freedom and right to live respectfully, healthy and happy in their own way. If you are not helping yourselves, nothing can help you in any way.

So love and care about your life and rights first and everything else, after it.

Don’t give your life in hands of thankless, ugly and inhumane bastards, to play and destroy it, at home or anywhere, which don’t care about your life, feelings, rights, and happiness.

Leave them and uncover their ugly face in front of everyone, never feel alone and helpless, you are so powerful and capable to make anything in your life and everyone around you.

Trust yourself and be courageous and create the life of your dream you ever dreamed about, love and blessings to all of you. Stay Happy, Healthy and Self Contented.

Always remember, you are the creator of everything good in this world, you are a changemaker, mother to all, you can move everything with your power and integrity.

Arise awake and show your power to the world, the future belongs to you, it’s a wake-up call for all courageous, creative and inspiring women of the world, shake it and make it the way you want it.

Lots of love and Salute you all, for your courage, dedication, love, and support you gives to everyone comes across your way of living.


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