Happiness is an inside job

Happiness is an inside job

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Happiness is an inside job

At the level of animals, there is no chance of happiness, happiness appears when we grow as humans from the levels of animals.

We born as animals with the ability to think and grow in human skin.

Only those who discovered the way of conscious living and who lifted themselves and expanded their level of consciousness deserves to know as humans.

Only they have a chance to discover happiness in even very simple and little things.

Happiness is an inside job

The world is full of animals on human skin if they stay animals in this skin they can never discover happiness in themselves or anything in this world.

They are destroying themselves and everything beautiful in this world.

Become human is a possibility we all have, but it’s not happened to all of us, happiness is a human virtue, that’s not available to animals.

We have a chance to discover happiness in us or in anything around us, only if we qualify as humans by overcoming and lifting ourselves from our unconscious, ignorant animal state.

Happiness is an inside job

It’s unfortunate and strange that we are clear of human-like great sensitive entities in animals skin and most brutal and ugly animal-like beasts in human skins.


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