Gems of Wisdom

Gems of Wisdom

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Gems of Wisdom

“Thinking, contemplating and experimenting gives us, the deep understanding of what we are looking for inside-outside.”

“Trust yourself that you have given all you need, to make your best output and performance in this world, and you need just to unleash it in yourself.”

“The beauty resides in our true nature, inside, outside both.”

Gems of Wisdom

“Life is a gift, an opportunity to develop and grow, infinitely in all the possible dimensions of our life, we just need to open to receive it.”

“Life is sharing of what we have, and we have enough to share.”

“Life is a constant change if we resist positive changes, we ignore life, we must be ready always to make necessary changes, in everything as per our evolutionary requirements.”

Gems of Wisdom

“Nature is abundance, its glory and grace are infinite it has everything needed to make us alive and become true to our real self.”

“Everything having worth comes from inside out and it’s essential for a blissful living I have heard that we are the source of everything we need, am investigating about it.”

“If we are not happy with ourselves, nothing can make us happy, its inside job, it has nothing to do with outside.”

“Being happy is our true nature, uncover it and feel blessed always, this is the authentic and real state of our being.”?



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