Gandhi Revisited – The other side of coin

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Gandhi Revisited – The other side of the coin

The truth about Gandhi – Endorser of appeasement politics and dynasty rule in India after Independence, this is the truth about the most abused leader of India, by his followers and so-called Gandhi dynasty. So here are some facts about the great man of India, read and learn more about the Mahatma in this profound article Gandhi Revisited – the other side of the coin.

So this article is about revisiting and rediscovering the untold story and truth about Gandhi. We have been so much intoxicated with the propaganda of his mahatma hood and his sacrifices and image of a man of principle and truth etcetera by Congress and other mediums in the last 85 years.

Congress leaders and other dynast politicians have made fortunes and enjoyed the power and all the fruits of being a ruler of this great nation criminally and in most corrupt ways. They used the name of Gandhi and his aura in most cunning ways and they have fooled the whole nation and the world for the last 75 years.

gandhi - nehru - curse on Independent India

And it has started and happened due to the lust of Gandhi to make Nehru the first Prime Minister of Independent India, he did it by all means, by destroying all the norms and he sidelined everyone and everything to fulfill his will and wish.

He always forced people to accept and admit his will and do according to what he wanted to do. He was the ugliest cunning politician and greatest blackmailer of all times in disguise of a Mahatma.

But it is not all about him, he has a dark side and that was more important and influential on our life and nation than the propaganda and belief about him among the citizens of India and of the whole world.

In our country people have the tendency of hero worshipping and following and trusting upon them blindly, it leads to unfortunate situations and conditions and it had happened here many times in thousands of years of our history.

When you have been lead by the impractical and unscientific idea and leader you bound to suffer immensely, and it has happened to us. Gandhi was a most unscientific thinker and policymaker, he was proven a disaster for our nation during and after independence. 

People of this nation and of the world believed him as a great leader and freedom fighter for Indian independence, who fought with British rulers and compelled them to leave India and liberated India to exist as a free, a sovereign state, a free democratic country, yes he has played a big role to happen this. 

The other side of Gandhi – 

It is true that Gandhi was a great man, there is no doubt about it, what was utterly wrong with him that he insanely, cunningly blackmailed and imposed his impractical and sick, outdated ideologies, ideas and thinking upon poor masses of this country in the name of Satyagraha and Non-Violence and other hopeless, impractical and highly unscientific ideologies he prescribed for the people of this nation. 

the cause of partition Gandhi and Jinnah

People unnecessarily suffered immensely, millions of people died in brutal riots and agitations conducted by him against the British; it was observed and calculated that if we were really fought with British, we would not suffer that much loss of honor, dignity, lives of people and everything valuable for us as a nation. 

Osho told once if we had fought with British in an open battle, all the anguish, hatred,  frustration and pain we accumulated in us under British rule, may be released by fighting with them and they would be left our nation earlier. 

One of the British diplomats told that when we came to India and started our work here, we were only 3000 if people over there, took a stone and thrown at us we have left India at that moment, but they didn’t oppose and fought with us. 

If Gandhi did not force and stopped people not to fight with British, Hindu and Muslims would be fought unitedly with British and compelled them to leave the country.

But it has not happened,  due to his appeasement of British Rulers and the sick imposition of nonviolence on troubled, helpless citizens of this nation.

This has given the chance to rise of Jinnah, Nehru and it resulted in ugliest partition and genocide of thousands of innocent people and families.

Hindus and Muslims compelled and moved to fight with each other by igniting the hatred between them in name of Hindustan and Pakistan by British, Gandhi, Jinnah, and Nehru, they turned them in biggest enemies who lived with each other in harmony and peace for hundreds of years.  

They all were succeeded in their ambitions and conspiracy against this great nation and its innocent highly troubled people, they all caused the ugliest partition in the history of mankind, but they have achieved what they want on the cost of the division of an integrated nation.

The unfortunate partition

It has happened on the cost of the suffering of its innocent citizens by being brutally raped, murdered, and killed thousands of innocent women, children, and people of all ages in riots and unrest generated during partition.   

The sick theory of nonviolence imposed by Gandhi, crippled Indian peoples soul, and character, they lived with that pain and anguish and hatred for British. And due to the conspiracy of British, as they intended to divide our motherland into pieces, they have succeeded in that, they have done it brilliantly with the help and support of Gandhi, Jinnah, and Nehru.

The pain and anguish and hatred people accumulated in more than last100 years of British rule have been exploded in the form of riots, rapes and murders happened during partition among its own inhabitants.

They didn’t get the chance to fight with their suppressor, due to Gandhi’s nonviolence imposition on them,  so it burst out and exploded on their own fellow citizens, with whom they have shared everything in this lifetime and for generations. 

This was the reason for hatred and differences increased among people of integrated India into divided India, Our ancestors were fought for our freedom, nobody identified anyone there as Hindu, Muslim or any other thing before independence, its seeds were sown by cunning British diplomats and nourished and supported by Gandhi, Jinnah, and Nehru before and after independence. 

They have cultivated and spread it for their own sick interests, ambitions and ugly motives, they cursed our nation and played an instrumental role in making the British conspiracy successful, to tear off this country in pieces and divide its people in an ugly way and ignite never-ending hatred among them.

Conspiracy of priests and politicians

Now our nation is burning with that communal fire and divisive sickness,  before and after independence and Gandhi and Nehru played the key role to happened this to our nation and to our people minds. 

We have seen and suffered partition, it has to lead our nation to become broke in three parts, he was very selective in his decisions and choices, he was biggest appeasers of Muslims, he started the appeasement politics in India, we are suffering immensely due to this.

His ideologies and experiments may be good for himself at a personal level, he has every right to conduct his life the way he wanted, but he has imposed it criminally on the innocent and poor people of this nation, who have given him the utmost respect and trusted him blindly.

What he has given to them, partition, riots, and undue promotion of a greedy, sick and unjust community in name of minority and underprivileged, they are sucking our lives in innumerable ways from that time to now, we have a great load of illegal parasites on our resources, economy, and land.

They were converted by the invaders of this nation, they have done great damages to our cultural and spiritual heritage, and he tried to glorify and appease them on cost of poor Hindu community and the majority of this nation who has been butchered, raped and tortured for hundreds of years by so-called ancestors of these ugly monsters and bastards.

Gandhi  – An utterly The self-centered man 

I am against the ideology of Gandhi that was criminally imposed on the greater population of this nation; he marginalized their existence to appease breed of monsters and invaders of this land.

If you want to know the real face of this so-called Mahatma, and what impact his influence and policies have done to our nation, read and listen all the discourses of the most profound and wonderful mystic and enlightened master Osho, related to Gandhi.

He openly opposed and condemned the policies and conducts of Gandhi from his childhood, Gandhi cursed India with his partial policies, by imposing his impractical ideologies and experiments on masses.

He crippled and handicapped India by forcing our people by his nonviolence and gratification of highly impractical, obsolete and unscientific charkha based system to rule, establish and govern our nation.

As per one most profound spiritual master of all times, Gandhi was the most cunning politician in the history of India; he sacrificed millions of innocent’s life for the sake of his Mahatma Hood and impractical and ugly ideologies.

Gandhiwaad Ek Aur Sameeksha – I

Gandhiwaad Ek Aur Sameeksha – II

Gandhiwaad Ek Aur Sameeksha – III

Listen carefully the most justified and to the point criticism and valuation of Gandhian thought and its disastrous impact on our nation before and after independence. Learn how obsolete, impractical and hopeless his way of working was, and he imposed it on 33 crores Indian. Listen to the true evaluation of Gandhi from the worlds most profound and intelligent enlightened master Osho.

He was responsible for death and murder of millions of freedom fighters and innocent citizens of this land to establish his pseudo and pathetic theory of non-violence, he was the reason of partition, and he sanctioned it with all his will and efforts. He was solely responsible for mass migration, murders, and rapes of innocent women, child, and people of all ages.

Millions of people suffered during partitions, its wounds not healed till date, and people and family disturbed and parted at that time not settled even after more than 7 decades of it. It was the ugliest planned genocide in the name of making nations and getting independence.

Gandhi appeased British and Muslims on the cost of life and honor of Hindus and our brave freedom fighters and nationalist and true patriots of this nation. He will be praised always for his leadership and ability to collect and move people in one direction to create a lasting impact on suppressors.
On the other hand, he will be hated and disliked and condemned for centuries for his impractical and ugly impositions on innocent citizens of this nation to satisfy his ego and nasty ideas and experiments.

He used the people of this nation for his experiments and activity to save and establish his mahatma hood, he treated them as laboratory animals, and he was a most brutal and ugly dictator and self-centered man in the history of mankind.

He wanted to take back our nation towards Stone Age by depriving it of modern technology and disallowing and applying science and technology in our lives and practices and to build the economy and infrastructure of the nation with help and support of science and technology and modern inventions in every walk of life.

His love and ambition for Nehru have cursed this nation, he opposed and sidelined all the great politicians and leaders and freedom fighters of India, like Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel, Bhagat Singh, Azad and many more just to support and appoint Nehru as his political successor, to rule India.

He has worked as a dictator and humiliated and blackmailed all great people around him, who supported and obeyed him unconditionally. He was a sick man, highly self-centered, and cunning.

He was the reason for partition and promotion of dynasty politics in India, he cursed India by the stubborn imposition of his will and desires on the whole country, he was not a foresighted man; he did not see the reality of the world and what our country really needed at that time to grow and develop from its rotten, tired and troubled state.

He worked as an agent of the British government, he was biased in his own principles and ideologies, he was the greatest failure in his own ideology, he has taken advantage of the wave of 100 years old movement for independence, where millions of people of all age and genders sacrificed their life to free our nation from grip of British rule.

Why Godse assassinated Gandhi?

Godse definitely freed him to stop making more nonsense and ugly crimes, he saved him to betray and destroy the trust of the whole population of this nation who has given him unconditional support and love and suffered immensely by following and worshiping him.

Gandhi was very disappointed with Congress and its conduct during and after the independence, he was in grief due to indiscipline and cheap and corrupt attitude of Congress party and its workers. He prayed and wished to put an end to the Congress because the purpose of creating it has accomplished.

People closed to him said that he prayed to God that he did not want to live more, in independent India, he didn’t want to see what was started happening there, his lust for appeasing Muslims and empowering and establishing Nehru as first Prime Minister of India cost India a very heavy price.

He told and desired deeply to shut down Congress party, he has seen the downfall and corruption started in Congress, he told that Congress party has completed its job, for it has been formed earlier.

But nobody in Congress wanted to listen and obey him, he was an undesirable thing for Congress workers and leaders, they were busy in using and tapping opportunities to become in power and enjoy the goodies of being in power in independent India.

Honestly, he was very disappointed and frustrated after India got independence, Godse fulfilled his last wish and prevented this so-called Mahatma to made more disasters to our great nation.

After independence Gandhi lost his mind, he utterly confused and biased in his last days, he did not figure out what he was going to do. His ugly and disastrous intentions to support and fulfill every ugly and unjustified demand by Muslim league and Pakistan, taking him to be killed by a real and honest nationalist and true patriot Mr. Nathuram Godse.

He freed Gandhi from all bullshit and saved us also from his sick and pathetic ideologies and its forceful unjustified imposition on this nation innocent and troubled people.

So Gandhi was a great man, undoubtedly, but in his individual strength and character, as an imposition and a leader to follow was the biggest disaster. And I definitely thank Nathuram to speak his truth, and blunders Gandhi created by his appeasement policy of Muslims and what he was planning to do in coming days at that time.

Nathuram surrendered after shooting him, he never defended and escaped, he never hurt anybody before and after, he may sound strange and criminal to most of the people, but what he had done was absolutely important for our nation and to save Gandhi too from his own blunders.

So no regret for it, it was needed and Nathuram accepted this curse for him to be hated for centuries by people of the world and penalized his own family to suffer for many generations with a blot on their forehead as the murderer of Mahatma, it is not easy to hold that for generations.

He has made a great sacrifice for all of us, he must not be dishonored and we never forget what he has done to save all of us and our great nation if he did not kill Gandhi, India has seen more partition and we were not a majority in our own country.

We are still a victim of being and become the majority in our own country, by the slaves, converts, and outcome of invasions, we are not allowed to say and do what is valuable for us, we are left on mercy and will of our suppressors and bloody criminals of highest grades. 

Bharat mata

What we should do now? 

We must change this scenario and we must dare to see behind the greatness of so-called Mahatma and all leaders before and after independence, we must free ourselves to see things with others point of views and their undue sick influence on our mind and our lives.

We need to see and face the ugliest reality of our national leaders and so-called patriots who sunk our nation in unending problems and conflicts and sown the seed of hatred and division among its own inhabitants.

We never forgive them for this and never forget what happened to us due to their prejudice, blindness, partiality and the unjust imposition of their impractical ideas, ideologies and utterly wrong decisions on all of us, it’s time to free ourselves and our nation from the filth and dust they have poured on us.

It’s time to get freedom again from the ugly dynast rule and slave mentality of British and corrupt congress, ugly communists, we had enough of it for a very long time.

Everyone can see, read and watch videos online, a ton of content is there on what had happened to India by Nehru dynasty and Great Gandhi, and why Nathuram killed and freed us from his ugly influence.

Now we need to restructure and reconstruct our nation, free from Congress and ugly, obsolete Gandhian philosophy and influence. 

Vande Matram                                              Jai Maa Bharti                                                 Jai Bharatvarsh 





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