Misery to Blissfulness

Misery to Blissfulness

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Misery to Blissfulness

Our life is what we think and do about it all the time. I have experienced the significant changes in it, as I changed my perceptions, associations, and choices I have made in my recent past.

I have made in the last year at every level of my being, physical, mental and level of consciousness.

This is all started with the scanning of my body, mind, and unconscious habits and patterns, all the fact and figures I have collected about my life and its current status at that time by physical, medical tests.

I have done a deep analysis about everything concerned with my life in terms of mind, body and habits, associations, likes, dislikes, interests, thinking pattern, diet, eating habits, all other routines, things I used, my job, my earnings, everything about me.

It is in terms of mind, body, and living consciously. I have a good experience out of all the exercises and application of suggestions from my highly conscious friend has given to me, as he directed, in the form, measure and way he prescribed and instructed.

It was incredible and I have produced significant positive changes in my life, I am so happy that I have agreed to transform myself and improved everything in my life in the span of one year.

I have produced significant results even, I have not done 100%.

First of all, I have accepted all my mistakes and faults I have done in recent years and doing at that time. I have deeply diagnosed and traced all the flaws of mine, at all the level of my being of physical, mental and level of conscious living.

I asked and checked what are the things sucking my life unnecessarily and made me lethargic, frustrated and put me in low self-esteem and indulged in wrong activities, likes, desires, and associations.

Misery to Blissfulness

This exercise gave me a true picture of my current reality, a lot of facts and information about my current existence, activities, their impact on my mind, body, spirit, time, money, energy, relationships, and everything concerned to live a fulfilled energetic, positive and joyous life.

I found a disastrous amount of facts about my physical, mental and unconscious states and shocked to see them and their sick and sucking influence on my total being.

It was the time to take the right decision and it was a big turning point in my life, so, I am writing about it. I feel it’s better to share it with all the fellow beings on this planet.

If it will give them a reminder or a clue about inquiring and knowing about the current status of their mind, body, and level of consciousness they have.

The positive and negative impact of their habits, associations, mentality, a way they are living, and doing everything.

It’s a must do for each of us, we must know what we are doing and what it is creating for ourselves? How fulfilling or sucking it is all? Does it upgrade or degrading us?

Does it helping us to make better versions of ourselves? How much time, money, energy, and efforts we are putting in what, and why?

What are we getting out of it? Where it leads to us? Does it give any growth and quality to our life?

Are we living that life we are born here for?

Do we utilizing all our resources and strength in life-enriching and expanding activities? Do we know ourselves?

Do we know what is our real potential? Are we living in a creative way? We should know about everything around us. How intelligent and stupid we are? Do we know why we are doing anything? How sane and insane we are in our thinking, doing and living?

It is a self-assessment and synthesis of our own life and our attitude towards its growth and development.

It’s our responsibility to look after ourselves and give it all, which best serve our purpose of living here and to make us enable for highest possible growth in all the possible dimensions of our life.

We are born here to make it happen, and we must check that how justified and productive and creative it is?

Does it lift our mind, body spirit at higher levels or it makes us sicker, drained and degraded human beings?

If we are not true to ourselves, we will not get what we really deserve, thanks to our sincere efforts that we have fixed almost all of them and discovered new dimensions and avenues of my creative potentials and abilities.

Now I am so full of energy and charged with enthusiasm and positive vibes, now I am doing what I want to do and love most. I am busy making best out of me and growing towards greater levels of my being.

I have seen the futility and uselessness of many of my activities, the job I was doing and the environment over there, people I have associated with, activities I was involved.

I have changed all of them and get rid of most of them completely within no time, that’s the great thing about me.

Misery to Blissfulness

ha ha ha ha, it’s good to give credit to yourself? about all the good things happened in your life as well as by taking responsibility and doing necessary actions to end the worst things, we have done to ourselves, to our environment in a short or long period of our living on this planet.

If you are not ready to do this now, no one else will ever do it for you.

I have found one more thing that if we really love ourselves and wants to live the life of our dreams.

We have to make the necessary changes at any point in our life, and one thing I have discovered that we can change almost everything at any point in our life.

It doesn’t matter how old we are, How rich or poor, healthy or sick, promoted or dominated we are? It’s all about our will and effort to change and ready to receive all that life is offering and preserved for us.

I am much different being within a year from the day I was on this day last year, and it’s happened due to I have decided to change the total course of my life, and succeeded much in it.

It’s just a beginning of a Newman resides in me.

I am carving it, every moment by sculpting and uncovering it by removing all the waste and nonessential attached and embodied to it.

I have made radical changes in my lifestyle, my food habits, my thought patterns, my association, my vibes, my interests, my goals, my health, my routines, my preferences and priorities, related to my body, mind, and spirit individually and collectively.

I have learned many new things and lessons and developed deeper insights towards life and its creative aspects.

I have access to my own treasures of being unaware of before this transformation.

it’s a blissful experience and I am going deeper every passing moment, the total credit goes to my will to live and explore more of me and everything around me consciously, lovingly, carefully.

I have found that it’s given to me abundantly, as I opened to myself for all that is existing and available to me.

misery to blissfullness

I am so grateful to everyone and everything comes across my way of living, they gave me enriching experiences and insights, a good or bad way.

I have now, the joy, the health the free mind and boost in spirit.

Dear friends, at last, I want to say only one thing, do Love and care about yourself, love your body and do care most about it.

A healthy body-mind is the most efficient tool to open the door to infinite possibility only we humans are given by existence, we need to unfold and unlock our true potential, we born here for to make it happen in this life. 

It’s the indispensable tool to live righteously and get everything in this world in the most beneficial and great way.




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