Do Yoga teachers ask to remember God while meditating?

Do Yoga teachers ask to remember God while meditating?

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Do Yoga teachers ask to remember God while meditating?

It is idiotic to understand that any real yoga master forces you or compelling you to remember or recite any god. It has no concern with any man-made entity or deities.

Yoga as it’s very nature concerned with inner exploration and transformation, it has nothing to do with any outer influence or deities. It is a science of discovering and connecting to your true self.

But as per our tradition and teachings of enlightened masters, they suggested all of us to bow and surrender to the supreme inside you and its essence is seen in the visible world in many forms and shapes in nature and in cosmos. 

It is actually remembering the supreme inside us, they discovered it in themselves. In India and abroad some people of other community and faith are misinformed and have prejudices about the teachings and process of yogic life.

Do Yoga teachers ask to remember God while meditating?

Yoga does not belong to any religion or belief system, it is a science free of all bullshit and hypothesis, it is truly practical and has a systematic approach to go inside and discover your true nature.  

They are just known and familiar with the very surficial part of yoga as a physical workout routine, that is the lowest expression and interpretation of yoga and yogic sciences. 

Yoga is much deeper and vast than what people in the world have to think and feel about it, they never met any real yogi in their life, they only knew the so-called yoga teachers found in every nook and corner these days. Most of them are just good physical trainers, who learned to perform yoga postures smoothly.

But they do not know anything deeper associated with this physical training and performing postures and twisting and bending their body, yoga is not just that, it is a very basic part of it.

Yoga is concerned with your inner exploration, discovery, and transformation to know your real self. So you must find a real yogi to learn and practice what it is it actually and what you can do with it. 

It is a tool for existential discovery and transformation, please do not restrict it to the stupid meanings and interpretations of it.  

They knew it that we have a universe inside, so everything known to humankind exists inside us, so any name they have called exist in us.

Nothing is beyond us, we have the supreme in us, but we do not aware and connect to it, and yoga is a science to discover and connect to it.

Do Yoga teachers ask to remember God while meditating?

Due to their attainment of supreme self inside them, they taught us to remind and remember our true self before entering into it. Yoga has nothing to do with any external power or god, it is salutation and remembering your true self.

If anybody misinterpreted and misunderstand it, it is purely their fault and it is happening due to their ignorance and prejudice.

Look for the right teacher regarding correct initiation and practicing yoga for inner discovery and transformation. Connect and learn from the living enlightened master and true yogi like Sadhguru Jaggi VasudevaYoga is a greatest ancient science of inner transformation, invented and practiced and taught by Adiyogi Lord Shiva.

He has given it primarily to his main seven disciples and greatest sages of all time known to us as Saptarishi.

After thousands of years of Lord Shiva, Maharishi Patanjali has rediscovered and reinvented and given this ultimate science of Inner Engineering to the world, as most evolved and advanced science of inner transformation and technology to connect to the supreme inside us.

Yoga has nothing to do with anything outside, it is solely concerned with inner transformation, and as a by-product, you will get the total transformation of your being, physically, psychologically and ultimately spiritually.

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