Dare to stand and walk alone

Dare to stand and walk alone

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Dare to stand and walk alone

We are destined to walk alone

We came here alone, we live and die alone,

yes, we made associations with a lot of things and people,

but, truth is that we are always alone,

we cannot hide or escape from this truth, 

this is our true nature and, 

this is the ultimate reality of our life.

Dare to stand and walk alone

It serves our purpose to live together better with others

Life’s purpose is to evolve and grow,

in every possible way, so we are here,

we have given lots of things and people, 

to learn, to give and take from others,

to share whatever we have, 

it makes our life easy and joyous, 

because humans are the social animal, 

they can’t live and grow in isolation. 

Dare to stand and walk alone

All Inventions, creations Happen Alone

We need others to fulfill us,

we need them to share and learn from them, 

but we have to fight all battles alone, 

we have to make all the discoveries alone, 

we have to invent and struggle alone,

we have to put ourselves in testing alone, 

we have to face all difficulties alone,

we have to create the life we dream alone.

Dare to stand and walk alone

All our solutions get solved when we dare to lead us Alone 

We have to solve all the problems alone,

we have to contemplate alone,

we have to meditate alone,

we have to lead our lives alone, 

we have to create best versions of us alone,

we have to do the most important things in life alone, 

we have to learn and bear the pain alone, 

we have to sacrifice and lift ourselves alone,

if we love and support us, others do,

if we do not, nobody cares and take the pain for us. 

Dare to stand and walk alone

Most of the time we have to handle everything Alone

We have to do all and everything alone,

people may take little part in our journey,

but we have to be ready to walk alone, 

this gives us strength and courage,

 to explore, experiment, exercise, the new things, 

and to walk and to enter towards,

unknown destinations and dimensions of our life.

Dare to stand and walk alone

Being alone and walking alone, 

towards the unknown,

is the best thing in life than,

to stuck in a crowd which takes you nowhere.

Dare to stand and walk alone

Nothing wrong with learning and living Alone

So be ready and dare to live alone and discover and create yourself.

Our job is to know and express our real self to its full potential.

It’s our destiny, and we are bound to meet it. 

Being alone and happy is the biggest gift you can have.


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