creativity and love

creativity and love

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Creativity and love

Love is the most creative of all,

it has inbuilt intelligence to create,

and do things in the most beautiful way.

creativity and love

Let love guide us through our journey,

and to express and develop everything in us.

Let it become our light and inspiration,

to live a blissful and great life.

creativity and love

Only a person filled with love may be creative,

find the ways and people who inspire and,

fill you with joy and happiness,

so you can blossom at most.


Love is contagious, rebellion and transformer,

when you caught it, you will not be the same,

as you were before, it touches your heart and soul.

creativity and love

Let spread your wings, fly high,

dive deep in yourself, dream big,

and come out with the hidden treasure,

we all have, but didn’t aware of.

Have a blissful life.





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