Can we live peacefully without following any religion?

Can we live peacefully without following any religion?

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Can we live peacefully without following any religion?

One of the readers of my posts on My Blog and on Quora asked me this question. 

Yes, anyone definitely can, actually religions are the need of people who are not much wise, courageous and do not trust themselves.

Only fools, idiots and spiritually, mentally handicapped people need organized religions and any kind of belief system.

Real people inquire, doubt and trust only their own experience and experiments they have carried out to know the truth and reality about everything and everyone concerned about their growth and well being inside and outside both.

Real religious people are inner scientists, not the stupid, dumb believer of dead and ugly faiths and rotten outdated obsolete ugly scriptures.

Can we live peacefully without following any religion?

People who are conscious and able to doubt and question about everyone and everything ever exited here. They do not need any religion to live lovingly, generously and peacefully with themselves and with others,  with the help of their own consciousness & self-guided spirit.

People who discovered their own self, did deep research and inquiry about their own being and existence and realized who they are and what is the purpose of their existence and living here on this planet, do not need a clutch of religion to live here.

Religion is a blind man’s stick, it is for blind believers, who do not want to search, inquire and discover anything about themselves and everything concerned in their life.

Organized Religions has created havoc on this planet, it caused brutal killings of millions of innocent, children, woman and man of all age, it has been proven most disastrous to humanity particularly in the history of last 2000 years, from the rise of Christianity and Islam. 

These are most bloodthirsty religions on the surface of the earth, to just increase the number of their stupid and ugly followers they have killed and destroyed most developed civilizations, scriptures, wisdom preserved for thousands of years.

They killed greatest scholars, destroyed most profound and developed universities and most precious scriptures concerned to esoteric wisdom and deep knowledge of ancient masters of every walk of life, art, science, literature, philosophy, esoteric practices. 

Can we live peacefully without following any religion?

Organized religions created more destruction and hatred among people of the world than any other thing has caused ever. People killed and hate others for no reasons, they are killing, raping and destroying others who do not believe or ready to follow their shitty religions and ugliest beliefs. 

A truth seeker and explorer of life do not need it. I did not follow any religion since my very early age, I respect and trust my intuition and consciousness all my life and still following my own light. I never felt that I need any commandments to lead my life, my awareness and conscious way of living are quite enough to live lovingly, peacefully and enhance the lives of people in and around me. 

I am questioning about everyone and everything connected to my life and to this world we are living in. I never accepted and did anything which I do not find good for me and for any other human beings growth, evolution, and betterment.

I discarded everyone and everything which is against human growth and its spirits expansion and upliftment to the higher level of blissfulness and consciousness.

It has been possible for thousands of truth seekers in the past and present and will be ever to who do not want to fall into the trap of pseudo established organized sick and ugly religions. They are the greatest trap and mental/social asylum for lunatics and sick people around the globe.

Real people always live as rebellions, they do not accept and follow anything against their discovery and experience. They do experiments and discover and live in their own light and light of most profound mystics and masters the world ever had. They do not follow and trust anyone and anything blindly.

They trust their own intuition and gut feelings and live a conscious, loving and generous life to help themselves to grow to the highest level of consciousness and blissfulness and others who feel comfortable with their vision and wisdom.

Be wise and free from all kinds of physical, psychological and so-called religions trap, stay free, stay doubtful, this is the real religion, discover your own light, go deeper inside, learn the art of inner exploration, this is the real religiousness, not any religion. 
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