Are we all travelers here?

Are we all travelers here?

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Are we all travelers here?

We all are travelers here to the same destination,

looking for the same things,

just we have different perspectives,

and the way of expressing ourselves.

Are we all travelers here?

We have similarities and beautiful differences,

this makes all of us unique individual,

we are one inside, and it is true,

differences are only on surface and periphery,

actually deep down we all rooted, 

in the same source called life.

Are we all travelers here?

In my long journey of life,

I have seen different shades, 

and colors of people and things,

some are clear, some are vague and blurred

and very few are transparent and bright. 

 Are we all travelers here?

I have witnessed a lot of things in, 

different environments and living styles,

what I have found is that we are one inside,

in spite of the tremendous range of differences,

we are one, our soul, our heart, singing the same song.


We have the same dreams, pain, and pleasure,

we are looking for some things,

love, friendship, care, and trust.

Are we all travelers here?

we have same fears, lust, and greed,

we have same faults, strength, and weaknesses,

we all have the same wounds, and struggles,

we live with love, hatred, and complexities,

we all want to live in harmony and peace, 

Are we all travelers here?

Life and this world is a rainbow of different colors,

it enhances its grace and beauty,

It doesn’t matter what,

the color of skin we have,

what language we speak,

what food and culture we have,

what religion or belief we follow,

how long, short, tall, slim fit or fat we are,

how rich, poor or influential we are,

we need love, care, and togetherness,

we are searching for it in everything we deal with.


Humans are searching for it everywhere,

but the real gems and treasures always found,

inside us, that is the place, we are one.

Are we all travelers here?

In the journey of life, we pass through many stages,

we don’t know most of the time where we want to go,

what we are actually looking for,

we wander whole life here and there,

chasing whole life this and that,

but finally, one day we discovered that,

we have to go nowhere, we can find peace and love,

here and now, inside us.


This is the story of all of us,

we are all travelers here,

and one day we will be leaving this platform of life,

so before we leave or lost,

we must find our real self and live life at it best.





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