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Hello Friends,subahu jain -blogger, web designer, digiprenure

I am Subahu, from Raipur (C.G.) India,  a Freelance Blogger, writing here at amazingsubahu.com about Conscious and Healthy Living. 

My articles are about living longer, healthier and happy without medicines and doctors, by living naturally, consciously. Your body is your best asset and tool to get everything in this life, care about it. 

My focus is on to live a blissful life and help people to live healthy and happy, I share my insights and experiences, experiments I  have done in past years and still doing to improve the status of my body mind spirit’s health at level best.

I have started this blog in May 2016 to share my experience, insights, and opinions about life and it’s all possible dimensions. It includes our activities, interests, habits, dreams, thoughts; everything belongs to us for a happy, healthy and growing life.


Now my blog Amazingsubahu.com has awarded an honor badge of Top 100 Holistic Blog around the world, in a survey and quality test run by a panel of bloggers in this niche

I thank everyone who conducted this survey and test to recognize, select and awarded as 37 ranks in TOP 100 HOLISTIC BLOGS AND SITES  among thousands of blogs and sites in this niche, now my blog has upgraded its position and it is on 28th position on the Top 100 Lists. 

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Along with this, I am a Web Designer, consultant and solution provider by profession, providing services and solutions in the area of Web Designing,  Digital Marketing Web and Tech SolutionsContent Development. We also help our clients with Tools & Techniques for evaluating business activity online for growth and expansion.

36web.in is the place for the people who need efficient,  qualitative and friendly, Web and Technology solution enterprise., it helps established and new businesses/organizations/professionals to make their presence online to stay and grow in the technology-dominated business environment. 

We enable and help you to maximize your reach and business and to connect with the existing and new clients, audience and to the world. 


My Journey from Then to Now 

I am a Commerce Postgraduate, Certified Tally Instructor, Computer Hardware Engineer. I participated in a Technology – Media Journalism program launched by India’s largest tech publisher Jasubhai group

It was a cross-platform skill development Institute and program launched as Media-One in 2002 by India’s most reputed and largest tech publisher (Publisher of Computer and Technology magazine CHIP and later Digit under Jasubhai Digital Media banner, by Jasubhai Group, Mumbai. 

I was selected there among thousands of people contested through a couple of online exams and personal interviews. 

I have been there and was one of among 24 people selected from across India for their 10 months Multi-Discipline Technology – media program. We have attended world expo and taught by industry experts in the field of technology-media-art-photography and web and designing. 

I have run various business and worked at many organizations at distinct positions and played different roles –

Bharatiya Bhandar – My family owned Educational Books shop, the leader in the region for 30 years.  

Sulekh Printers – The Best Printing and Publishing Enterprise in the District.

SS Media Services – Top DTP services provider in the District. 

Raipur Infotech – The renowned Computer Hardware Solution Enterprise in State. (Run first Computer Hardware training center – Technology and Media Centre in the capital city of state) 

Tally Academy – Most renowned Accounting Software, Tally, Authorised Training Centre

Media One – Participant at Institute Launched by Publisher of Computer magazine CHIP and Digit

Gaps CA Coaching Classes – The oldest and most reputed CA coaching institute in State.

CA Anoop Shrivastava – Reputed Chartered Accountancy firm in Region. 

Combined Academy of Technical Education – A society run Most reputed Pharmacy colleges in Region Royal College of Pharmacy

Now I am working as a freelance Blogger at amazingsubahu.com, Content writer and Web Designer at my own enterprise 36web.in a growing reasonable and quality web designing enterprise in the region. 

I have worked as Business Owner, DTP Designer, Certified Tally Instructor, and Computer Hardware Instructor, Instructor at CA coaching institute, Accounting & Taxation Professional, Manager, and Administrator in the last 30 years. I have always worked with the leaders of their respective fields and made my mark.

I do things differently, my customers, clients, associates and everyone who ever worked with me loved and appreciated my unique way of working and producing results for the organizations and for them.

My customers, colleagues, associates, and employers always trusted and loved my way of working, I produced the desired results for everyone concerned in these business and jobs in the last 30 years. I believe in quality and delivering what is required in the most wonderful and unique ways.

I have worked in the field of education, IT, Media, accounting and finance and Publishing for more than 3 decades and now serving as a Freelance Blogger and Web Designer, Consultant, and solution provider.


I am here to learn, share, and develop more by experimenting with various aspects and dimensions of our life. To expand, to grow in body, mind, & spirit, by inquiring, researching, experimenting,  learning and sharing to everyone looking for it.

The aim of this exercise is to develop and expand my life and of other fellow beings, if they allow, cooperate, digest, accept and think about it positively, intelligently, open-heartedly.

So it is wonderful to express myself in the form of my posts, articles, discussions, questionnaire, reviews, photos, by everything we can express ourselves in a most communicative and efficient way.

So join me to ignite your mind and spirits and to transform your whole being in the body, mind, and spirit, as much possible and in all our capacity and will. So it’s a new phase of life, a new beginning for a New Man.


Enjoy and love yourself and your life. It’s your life and the goal is to make it rich, abundant and fulfilled in every possible way and means.

My goal is to live consciously, joyously and healthy.

I am here to spread awareness about conscious and healthy ways of living and to share the joy and insight I have earned in the long course of my life.

Read my insightful blog posts on my blog amazingsubahu.com and comment and share and tell me on what topic you want to read here, I am suggesting and recommending many products and services I have used and still using in process of my body, mind, spirit transformation and uplifting. 

Apply and use after researching, exploring and understanding about them, and get the benefit. 

I am sharing my insight and experience, which I have earned through various life-changing experiments and activities am doing for a long time.

It may be helpful to the readers of my posts or visitors to my blog read them carefully to get benefited by them as and when you need it.

thanks …love yourself…..stay blessed.

lovingly yours


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