A great day in my Life

A great day in my Life

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A great day in my Life

Top 100 Holistic Blog AwardA great day in my Life

It is A great day in my Life, it is wonderful to hear and see that your hard work and sincere efforts to start getting attention and appreciation from the best people in your niche.

I have just submitted my blog link a few days ago in some random post of submitting my blog link. But it’s returned in a surprise and joy.

My blog is so new in respect of viewership, age, members or visitors, the amount of content it has, but I thank everyone who conducted this survey and test to recognize and select top 100 holistic blogs among thousands of blogs and site in this niche. 

I have no idea of receiving this award, I just checked my least opened email account today, and I have seen a mail regarding that my blog amazingsubahu.com has been received 37 positions among selected top 100 blogs, the selection was done from hundreds of great and reputed blog around the world. 

I was feeling very strange and joyful to know it, I have worked a whole year to make insightful articles related to our lifestyle, health, body and mind,  psychology, our world, and society. 

I never did any effort to promote or market my blog, but I have got appreciation and applaud for the depth and insight my posts have from the very beginning. I always tried to make authentic original content. I never copied or outsourced any article from anywhere.

One of my Facebook friend who congratulated on my success asked me that, did I write all the articles on my blog or outsourced them from anyone? I answered him, I have started writing to share myself, not to fill my blog with tons of borrowed or purchased content. 

I am sharing my own insight, experience, and observation in the long course of my journey of life   I always write authentic original content. I never copied or outsourced any article from anywhere, if I need to do so, I will stop writing,  my ingenuity and authenticity are my strength.  

I have written truth about our life and environment, the experiment I have done with my body and mind to achieve a better level of healthy body-mind.

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A great day in my LifeThanks for the love and appreciation everyone given to me, I am committed to creating qualitative and brilliant content as much, and as long and as better as I can. thank you.

Dear friends, one request to all of you, keep reading, commenting and sharing my posts with your friends and loved ones, ask questions about conscious and healthy living, how to live better, and happier. Take care, stay happy, and Healthy. 

lovingly yours 


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