6 Health Benefits of fermented Foods

6 Health Benefits of fermented Foods

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6 Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

The great Benefits of Fermented Foods for healthy Body and strong Immunity

Fermented foods are the part of our traditional food in all parts of the world, our ancestors and Modern Science know this wonderful fact that how fermented food help us live a more healthy and happy life. 

There are so many benefits to consuming Fermented Foods in our daily diet, some of them are mentioned below.

  1. They help us to maintain and increase good bacteria in our body, which is the protector of our body from infections and bad bacteria.
  2. It helps and enables our intestine and gut to absorb all the nutrients in the food we eat to our bloodstreams.
  3. It helps to remove toxins and fight against other unhealthy bacteria in our body. 
  4. It helps to keep our digestive system strong and regular for healthy living.
  5. It helps to produce more Vitamin B12 naturally in our gut (my personal experience).
  6. It helps to control blood sugar level and obesity in people. 

6 Health Benefits of fermented Foods

Fermented Food In India

There are many types of fermented foods consumed by the people around the Globe, In India, there are many wonderful and tasty fermented Indian foods are part of the daily diet for centuries. 

I am consuming Organic Brown Rice DOSA-IDLI batter regularly. Fermented foods have wonderful health benefits for your digestive system and I used all organic ingredients in it. I use brown rice, it has a great 3 to 4 % of the fiber in it, which is very good for your gut health and for the better digestive system.

The Dosa-Idli is South Indian traditional staple food, it has wonderful health benefits, I have started consuming regularly and increased my Vitamin B12 level from 187 to 212 within a couple of months.

I prepare it with organic unprocessed grains as Brown Rice, Red Rice, Black Gram, Gram, Fenugreek Seed, and a little salt. Fermented foods made with unprocessed cereals and grains have more fiber content and bio-absorbability of nutrients in our gut and intestine. 

There are so many Fermented foods are consumed by Indians most popular are Dosa, IDli, Dhokla, Basi-Bhat(Fermented Rice), Kadhi, Curd and more.

Precautions with consuming Fermented Foods

Above mentioned Fermented foods and all other consumed around the world must be consumed fresh and before they degrade and farm mold and perish. Here in India, the batter used for making Dosa-Idli and Dhokla must be consumed within 2 to three days after its preparation.

Fermented foods are prone to contamination and lose its quality and healthy state faster due to its ability to produce more bacteria as much it is stored for longer duration and not kept under proper temperature and clean environment. 

So always consume it fresh and don’t store it’s Batter and prepared raw material for a longer time and in do not store them in open and unfavorable temperature and unhygienic conditions. 

6 Health Benefits of fermented Foods

Fermented food is must for Vegetarians and Vegans

Fermented food is great for vegetarians and vegans because they are found more Vitamin B12 deficient than others nowadays due to unhealthy and improper eating habits, polluted water, highly processed and pesticides filled food and grains. Also, it helps to absorb all the nutrients in foods we are consuming. 

Vitamin B12 is responsible for strong immunity and most important functions of our body and mind. You must know what role Vitamin B12 playing in your better health and what problems created by its deficiency. 

I had taken a health checkup from THYROCARE two years ago and my diagnostic test report has shown I was deficient in vitamin B12 and D3.

These two vitamins along with other minerals and nutrients required for our body for optimal health and are essential for our healthy and happy living.

Deficiency of any kind of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins required by our body and our organs to function properly causes a lot of physical and mental problems for all of us.

The Role of Vitamins and Minerals for our healthy Body and Mind 

All our emotions, actions, physical and mental activities are determined, maintained and regulated by chemical reactions and hormones, fluids and juices produced inside our body. 

These vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, are the force behind overall health and vitality of your life. They regulate and maintain all the physical, emotional and mental health quotient in a proper and efficient manner.

Imbalance of any of them or many of them create problems, diseases, and troubles on physical and psychological levels. You need to check it regularly if find any physical or psychological disorders or symptoms with you. 

I have spent INR 70,000 in the last two years on many physical tests including all minerals, vitamins and nutrient tests, multiple times. Simply to know and ensure that what is going inside me and what is responsible for that I am facing on the physical and psychological level.  

And I have detected with deficiencies as I mentioned above. Imbalance of any of them or many of them create problems, diseases, and troubles on physical, and psychological levels. 

6 Health Benefits of fermented Foods

Get a Health check up to know the status of Nutrients in your body to stay healthy

Your body is the most complex biochemical laboratory, where millions of operations running round the clock to keep us alive and functional and healthy.

You must check that what is going inside of your body, you can not know it from outside. We are witnessing that a good healthy looking person die with a heart attack or found with critical health problems when diagnosed. Read my article here

To know the status of your health and the level of these elements whether they are in a balanced state or deficient state in your body or not.

You must get checkups for your body, these different health check-ups are available in your city in India, one of them is from Thyrocare, most economical and great test available for most of us.

you just need to book a test of your budget and requirement and they will send a technician to your doorstep or you have to give blood, Urine, Stool, as per requirement of the test you want to take from them. 

You can also submit a sample to your nearby Lab or franchise of the Diagnostic lab, and get deliver your report in 72 hours online and you can opt for a hard copy of it too with additional 30 to 50 INR.

My readers from the USA, there are many good diagnostic labs are available at Personalabs,  Quest Diagnostics, Genova Diagnostics and more, you can search what available in your region. 

Their efficiency and deficiency create different symptoms and diseases to alarm us about the condition of our internal systems, organs and its functional state.

After getting report my friend and I searched a lot of resources regarding this and found it that Vitamin Vitamin B12 have been formed in our gut area during some chemical processes occurring in our stomach.

How I have improved the level of Vitamin B in my body by consuming regularly fermented food

We experimented and found that consumption of fermented dosa Idli batter increased the vitamin B12, in my body in a few months from 187 to 212. Anyone can do this and check before and after it for at least 90 days, but it is required to keep all the unhealthy eating habits stopped and free your body from toxins. 

It’s purely natural, and must for vegetarians/Vegans because it was told that vitamin B12, is available mostly in meat products and dairy products.

People who do not eat fermented food and are vegetarian suffer from vitamin B12 Deficiency and it causes a lot of health problem.

Eat Fermented food in place of other Junk and deep-fried snacks to live healthily

So eat fermented food like DOSA-IDLI, Dhokla, and Basi BHAT or (Fermented Rice), or anything which is available in your country or region you are living. These are the traditional staple food in the diet of people of our Chhattisgarh state, and many other states of India.

There are so many fermented foods are consumed by the people of different countries and location around the world. It must be consumed carefully, prepared and preserve safely, to prevent any contamination and other health threats and disorders. 

Eat good, stay healthy, dosa idli, dhokla, curd, buttermilk is hundred times better for health than samosa, kachori, pakode, pyazivada, and other deep-fried snacks, and Junk foods from multinational like McDonald, Dominos pizza, Cola, Pepsi, and others.  these are highly toxic for human consumption and create so many health problems if anyone consuming them regularly.

These are highly toxic for human consumption and create so many health problems if anyone consuming them regularly, just search the google and you will find how disastrous they are for your body and mind. 

Our country has a rich heritage of healthy and nutritious foods. Prepare tasty and superbly healthy DOSA-IDLI at home, it’s easy to cook and tasty to eat. 

6 Health Benefits of fermented Foods

know your body, know your food – make intelligent and healthy choices

Always eat according to your body condition and digestive ability and type of food suitable for you to maintain a healthy body and mind and away from diseases and medicines. 

Always do research and search for food and ingredient you are eating or planning or desiring to consume ahead. A  lot of information about all kinds of foods, brands, their nutritional value, benefit and harm they can make to your body is available on different forums and health-related sites. 

This is recommended to research well, learn and then consume anything, don’t be a slave of your taste buds. Keep yourself away from the addiction to dangerous junk foods and drinks which are highly toxic and make a lot of troubles to you at physical and psychological levels. 

Live consciously and love your body don’t mistreat it and make it garbage or dustbin, give it the best for your healthy body and sound mind, expense on good food and habits, not doctors and medicines. 

Stay healthy, happy and Blessed, Ask Questions, Comment, and Share. 


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  1. I am vegan n eat idli dosa regularly As m in South india,so do I need to take nurokind od vit b12 after every 2 months?

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding, I am vegan too and have a B12 deficiency, I have seen that eating fermented food increases Vitamin B12 level. I have regularly eaten Dosas made at home, consumption of curd and Clarified Butter (Deshi Cow Ghee) in your daily diet also increases naturally B12 level in your body. So it is my advice do not consume any tablets or medicines for increasing B12 level.

      Regular consumption of fermented foods and curd and Ghee helps you increase B12 level, if you do not want to consume dairy at all, fermented foods do well, slowly but it is increasing B12 levels, it is a self-discovered and tested experiment. Studies showing that if your gut is healthy and capable of absorbing nutrients and vitamins properly, our system develops B12 during the process of digesting and absorbing nutrients from the foods we ate.

      Stay healthy and happy, thanks

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