The True Masters

We never loved, accepted and appreciated those people who told us truth, or shown us that how much diseased and ignorant we are.

They tried to free us from all kind of shit and ignorance we are filled and surrounded with.

We never respected and recognized them, when they were among us and alive. They devoted their whole life for the sake of our development and growth due to their compassion towards our sick and blind state of living.

They came to pour all their essence and light in our soul and tried to uplift and transform us. But we never trusted them and failed to receive and acknowledge them.


The world is always full of followers appeasing, so-called saints and gurus, they didn’t change/transform humanity and its direction and level of living a bit in hundreds of years.

The real master never does things to appease to their audiences and followers, they do everything to destroy all the fallacy, stupidity and ignorance they have and the world is filled and surrounded with.

They prepare us towards freedom from all the nonessential and to connect and recognize all the essential and worthy things and give perspectives about everything in this world or of beyond.

We are living in all kind of misery in spite of we have so many enlightened masters and gurus down the centuries and still, have many around us.

A lot of them are still living, practicing, advocating and preaching old traditional, rotten, outdated, impractical and unscientific ways of living.

That changed nothing in us in thousands of years and still not capable of doing anything in current environment and time.

These people know it very well if they are going to tell only the truth, they will not get any audience and followers, and the possibility of being killed or condemned or rejected by their audiences is more confirmed.

They will lose all the luxury and benefits they are enjoying being appeasers of stupidity and ignorance and preacher of outdated tradition and obsolete methods and values.


It is the worst thing done to this world; masters should not be the feeder of egos and appeasers of their followers.

If they don’t dare to say the truth to their followers or listeners, they don’t deserve to be as Masters.

They proved to be good for nothing as our politicians and all kind of leaders. What will we do with their enlightenment and phony advice and teachings?


Masters should be the way they are, a truth seeker, a fierce teacher and destroyer of all kind of shit and ignorance, they shouldn’t be according to their stupid and ignorant audience or followers.

We always had people worth listening and trustworthy, we still have many around us but we didn’t care much about them and still not doing it as much they deserve.

It seems that we are destined to be blind, deaf and dumb towards the real people of the world, all the time.

And it will be continued now and will be ahead due to our cowardice and fear towards listening, applying the truth and changing ourselves totally.

We must think about it and must search and see who are really worthy to listen and to be followed.

They may be nobody, have nothing to show superficial or flashy, or anything the people of the world accustomed to thinking or recognized as holy or great or descended from beyond for helping and curing humanity.


I am talking about people who are pure spirits, highly intelligent and genius creative people in any discipline of life or life itself.

They do not have any supernatural powers or never boasting of any holier than thou kind things, they are ordinary people with extraordinary courage and insight, and they are the essence of earth and sky.

They discovered something deeper, alchemic in nature and capable of transforming the lives of people in certain significant ways.

They found it in themselves in their long course of doing research, inquiry, experiments and learning through the deep study of things and life itself.

They are appearing and telling us about what they have discovered and to share it with us in simple and sane ways.

They are ready to deliver it to the people who dare to listen, receive and apply that alchemy to transform themselves into superior human beings and as uplifted spirits.

This is the only hope for us to be better than before, and to be capable of getting best out of us in every possible way.

We must search, listen and learn from these people around and among us and apply things they are teaching about and appreciate and absorb the wisdom they are sharing with us.

This is the only way and hope for us to receive real masters of life and learn from them and to transform our lives and become greatest versions of ourselves in every discipline of life.

Be open; be sincere and capable of inquiry and acquisition of what is necessary to transform yourself in that we are born here for.

Be a creator of your own destiny. 





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