Conscious and healthy living – 1

Hello friends,

I have discovered many things due to my way of living consciously.

And one of the most important things I have discovered is Conscious and healthy ways of living is the key to greatest happiness and overall growth for all of us.

Its process includes questioning and inquiring about everything, contemplating, experimenting and learning from everyone and everything.

Our life is a continuous process of exploring and learning new things.

Only alive things are growing, changing and expanding, it never happens to dead. Find out how much dead or alive you are?

The method I use for this is inquiring, researching, experimenting and learning new things. I did it by accepting, and applying the necessary changes in my life, in the most beneficial and scientific way.

This is the proper way I have discovered for me to grow and expand upon all the possible dimensions of life. Since my very early age, it has practiced by me and worked well and it will work for everyone.

I am not any guru, teacher or master, am a simple human being as anybody else. The difference is only a degree of awareness we have.

I am a seeker and entrepreneur of abundance. It is my need to discover it in everything belongs to our life, for a sustainable, fulfilled, grateful and growing life.

My purpose is to heal and help myself and to overcome all the complications, and hurdles in the growth and fulfillment of life. The goal is to live abundantly, consciously and joyously.

I do things differently and do not follow anybody, I see, experiment and learn from every genuine and trustworthy source, and always follow my intuitions.

It’s necessary to do everything in its totality to get best and outstanding results from everything come across our way.

I am here to share my experience and insights, earned in a long journey of my life.

It will be possible that these things may prepare readers/visitors of my blog, more curious and responsible towards their own life.

If they understand it properly, it will lead them to make ready, to ask, to know and discover themselves.

This will help them to meet, their goals of holistic living and fulfilled life and a uniform harmonious growth of every walk of life.

I have lots of stories of hurts and failures of mine, and a lot of tragic and unfortunate events and losses, due to my unconscious and unhealthy ways of living and the people, thoughts, habits, interests, influences, and circumstances I was associated with in past.

But after going through all these disasters, I was recovered and rejuvenated myself by freeing myself from all the bullshit, I was carrying with me in the past.

It happened due to my acceptance of all my mistakes, activities, associations which made my life miserable, I have freed myself from the grip of all of it, and totally changed my way of living, thinking and doing. Now alive and smiling, that’s the best thing about all of us.

It is great to be lived, survived and grown in so many difficult environments and with a variety of people in your surroundings. It’s also great to have to smile, still on our face and trust in life and all gifts it has given to us and greatness and divinity of human spirits.

The best thing about us all is our undefeated human spirit.

This gives us unbreakable trust, confidence and hopes that we can make changes at any point in our life.

We must prepare ourselves for greater endeavors and to create outstanding results for us and our environment. Our life is a continuous experimentation and trial and errors to attain and deliver the best from ourselves.

We all dream about it, for a better, greater & fulfilled life. But there are always only a few in millions can make it a reality.

Why is it so?  the answer is as simple as the question is; it needs a total change in ways of seeing and doing things in the first place.

And only those who are ready to transform will be capable of making it a reality in their own life.

It starts and depends on us totally. What is our attitude to our own life and being? What are we doing to our body-mind-spirit 24X7/365?

Our life is what we put in it, knowingly / unknowingly, intentionally / unintentionally, consciously / unconsciously.

It creates the final outcome of it. The input decides and creates the output.

We always feel strange that what is happening to us, when things go wrong or we are finding ourselves in unending miseries and feel trapped in the most complicated situations.

Maybe we feel unfortunate, lost or cursed, but we never look ourselves inside-outside. What we are feeding ourselves 24X7/365 (in the form of food, thoughts, beliefs, activities, associations).

If we look honestly and cautiously, we will find that we are abusing ourselves all the time.

(in the form of habits/associations/liking/activities/prejudices/narrowness / stupid beliefs imposed on us by birth by family, religion, society environment we have grown up with /unaware/unconsciousness way of living).

This is the story of all of us. We are not aware of that we are continuously making harm to our mind-body-spirit in so many ways.

These are the factors, responsible for all the problems and losses we have in the course of our life, and unconscious and unhealthy way of living is the main cause of it.

We are one whole organism the body-mind-spirit, if any wrong happened/done with any of them others are also affected at the same moment and lose their essence and strength and get sick and degraded.

Our all layers are deeply connected in our total being and into the existence, we are not separate from anything in this whole universe.

If we want better things to happen to our life, we must make space for good and healthy things/habits/practices.

And must adopt and accept a healthy and conscious way of living and get rid of all non-essentials in our life.

This includes all the things – change in attitudes, thoughts, habits, activities, routines, desires, associations (physical, mental spiritual).

We should free ourselves of everything deceased, outdated and destructive, by throwing it out and replacing with life positive, healthy and nourishing activities and associations.

It is a necessity, without freeing ourselves from ugly, suffocating and degrading garbage, we are carrying with us, will never get healthy, fulfilled and blissful life.

We have filled ourselves with all kinds of bullshit for a long time in the name of stupid fancy things. This all will be wiped out or replaced with healthy, rejuvenating and conscious thoughts/activities /habits /routines first.

Right things are right, even nobody is caring about it, and wrong things are wrong, even everybody is doing it. We need to check this out in ourselves and must do the necessary actions to free from all of it.

If we do not apply these necessary changes, we cannot uplift and grow in higher planes of our existence and will never be able to grow in developed and more peaceful and pleasant space of our being.

If we still want to live as earthly crawling creatures or as wild animals, or as gutter worms, or as blind, stupid and victim of our own diseased body and ignorant and unconscious mind. There is no need of anything to change, it’s good to live as we are, celebrate you will always live in hell.

But if we want to live as best in all species as human beings, we must be ready to learn and practice the essentials of life and to make compulsory changes in us without any exception and excuses.

So, Dear friends, be ready for a total makeover and transformation of our life in body, mind, and spirit by changing our attitudes to life and all the physical and mental habits/activities.

If we want to grow and acquire higher state of conscious and healthy living before we die, we must think and do in the right direction, at the right time before things get more complicated and incurable.

We must care about it, if we do not hear the call of our life, will suffer from unrecoverable losses.

We all think that we are living healthy and better life, but we are mistaking most of the times. How ignorant and unaware we are about our physical, mental and spiritual status? We know nothing about its healthy or diseased state. Do we know what life is?

Actually, we only know the traditional, superficial and retarded way of living, which is full of conflicts, anguish, frustration, degradation, and slavery.

The reality is that we are bearers of stupidity, unscientific methods and rotten traditions of unconscious and insane living. Our life and its condition and our physical, mental states are proof of it.

We have known nothing about the higher level of living. The righteous way of living, which may bring fulfillment, sanity, harmony, and satisfaction to our life and our environment.

We didn’t learn and perhaps forget that life is a constant search for excellence and a necessity to upgrade, advance and learn new things and ways for better living and fulfillment.

Hope we will get, what is really good for us. By thinking, searching, experimenting, and learning from all exercises. And doing the right things, in the right directions, consciously, honestly, lovingly and regularly.

Our life will be better as much consciously and carefully, lovingly we behave and treat it.

Always remember it’s our life, We should value it. And be always ready to give it the best we can. It will return to a thousand fold back to us.

Stay connected and read the posts about the valuable life-changing activities and methods. I have applied for a long course of my life.

You may get benefit by thinking, researching and applying them as per your requirements and a need for a change.

So, be ready for a good, conscious living, it leads us towards the road to excellence and ultimate bliss.

Wish you a Happy & Healthy and Conscious living 😀

Lovingly yours


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