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The BLOG is about conscious and healthy living. It deals about, How to live longer, happier and free of Diseases and medicines? How to create our best versions? How to live blissfully, joyously and consciously.

If we love ourselves and our life, the most important concern in our life is to live healthy, happy and growing. To meet this goal we need to learn and live consciously. It is a necessity and most important task we have given, we need to do it in everyday living.

Our body is the tool for every virtue and achievement we cultivate in every dimension of our life. Unfortunately it is most abused and ignored today by majority of the people on this planet.

The mistreatment and negligence towards our own body leads us to critical and deadly diseases, never-ending vicious cycles of Treatments and Drugs, Doctors and Hospitals.

It affects terribly to our financial resources, quality of life and everything precious to us.

And this all happened to us due to our unconscious ways of living, unhealthy routines and habits we formed in long course of living.

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To meet this goal of good health and happy living, we need to take care of what we are eating and ingesting all the time, from waking up to going to sleep.

Our body and whole being is made of what we eat or consume all the time, physically, mentally, psychologically, as food, thoughts, information, interests, activities, habits, so on.

We need to check our choices, habits, routines, occupations, engagements and everything which leads us towards holistic living, sane or insane status of our being.

It starts, primarily, what we are doing with our precious body. Our body is the most important thing we need to care about. it is a door to divine and every height we can ever perceive will only possible through it.The body is the tool to meet everything in our life, whether it is material or spiritual

All the growth and development starts with active, healthy body and happy, open mindset. How can we get these two is our main concern here.

I am sharing here my experiences, insights and experiments i have done in long course of my living consciously, open-minded.
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We are the creator of our own destiny, we can shape our whole life in best possible form, shape and design we ever wanted to live. It needs consciousness, courage, patience, researching, experimenting, learning and applying.

Nothing can stop us to live life of our dream except ourselves. We are here to live in abundance, fulfilled, healthy, and full of life and vitality.

What we are doing with ourselves, all the time, shows how conscious, loving and best friend to ourselves or how much unconscious, ignorant, careless and worst enemy of ourselves.

Choice is always ours what we want to put in our life, we can upgrade, advance, uplift it to the highest extent possible and enable us to live blissfully or we can put it in to vein and sufferings and bound to live miserably.

Hope you all will enjoy reading my articles posted here, if you find them useful and can learn something from it, do it wholeheartedly.

Comment and share if you like it, ask anything you want to know about me or my articles. Your valuable comments and questions help me to do better.

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Thanks for visiting my BLOG, STAY HEALTHY, HAPPY and BLESSED all the time, all the way.

Lovingly Yours







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